Nexus owners may have a reason to stay up tonight, as a couple of Reddit users report that Android 4.2.2 has begun rolling out to the GSM Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus 7.

There's not much word regarding what the update (which carries build JDQ39) includes just yet, but readers may remember that Google promised a Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming fix in the "next release" of 4.2 after 4.2.1.

Update: Here's The Android 4.2.2 JDQ39 Update For The GSM Galaxy Nexus [Manual Installation Instructions]

SoGKPYA wm_BC4TBzCCAAAkqMk.jpg large 

Left: Galaxy Nexus; Right: Nexus 7 (thanks, @dcblackpa)

At the moment it would seem that Reddit users in the thread linked below are the only ones reporting success at grabbing the update, so it's hard to judge the thread's veracity. If 4.2.2 has hit your device, though, let us know in the comments below.

Update: It looks like the update is rolling out after all. We've received confirmation from a number of users on Google+, including Marco Duran, who kindly provided some shots of the 47.6MB download from the Nexus 10.

wm_nexusae0_13-1 wm_nexusae0_13-2

Nexus 10

Source: Reddit, @dcblackpa, Marco Duran

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  • Olivia


    Please help battery life.

    • Tori

      I'm with you on the battery life!!

    • dave

      this might be old news, but turning wifi off when in sleep mode. helped
      battery life for me.

  • Brenden

    This Update better improve my Nexus 4 Battery Life!

    • John

      You're going to be disappointed then.

      • QwietStorm

        How do you know?

        • John

          because it's a minor update to only fix little bugs.

          • Gary

            Little bugs can have a huge effect on battery life.

          • Tomi Golob

            no,it just doesn't improve battery life. My SGS3 doesn't suffer this issue :P (international version , quad core)

          • Ivan Myring

            Why does your s3 matter? Its still on 4.1.
            Little bugs can have a huge battery life effect.
            I mean look at the iPhone 5 WiFi problems affect on battery life.

          • PhillipCun

            THIS made me LOL

          • Tomi Golob

            was your husband too rough with you in bed, sweetie? SGS3 doesn't matter? lmao...tell that to 50 million people who bought it... also if you weren't so analy retentive, you would have noticed I said it in a tongue in cheek way... boy I guess that battery life thing is really serious if my comment generated so much rage :)
            also you need your eyes examined if you think SGS3 looks like iPhone 5 (even though it came out first)

          • QwietStorm

            Was this just " friendly trolling" too, or do you get off on acting like a child on the net? No offense, of course. Just asking.

          • Ivan Myring

            Hey shitbag. I'm a bloke. Now go home and fuck yourself up your arse with an iron rod

          • QwietStorm

            So then what's your point?

          • Tomi Golob

            ?? :D I dunno, what I just said maybe... was just a friendly bit of trolling, Jesus wtf

    • Elias

      Better also fix the N4 keyboard. Sometimes when I try to backspace through things it will skip the first letter. Also, when commenting here on AP or writing something on facebook mobile, the letters appearing on screen will lag behind what you've already typed, sometimes more than 10 letters. Speaking of AP, Chrome mobile is unbearably slow to load the comments section here on AP. Hope they fix it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Philip.John.Cervero Philip John Tuates Cervero


  • Joao

    I received right now this update.

  • http://twitter.com/DroidRC1 Brian Howard

    Why does it say MTV.corp. in the kernel version??

    • joser116

      mountain view?

      • http://twitter.com/DroidRC1 Brian Howard

        make sense

    • Still not Logging in

      My stock, unrooted Nexus 4 says that too

      • http://twitter.com/DroidRC1 Brian Howard

        Guess I've been running ROMs too long in forgot what stock info looks like

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      It says that frequently, it's a legit server location.

  • Benjamin Medina

    Anyone else's market update? I am now seeing the whole market (movies/music/books/magazined) in Venezuela. Only had apps before. Im con stock n4 market version 3.10.10

    • http://twitter.com/edgarluzardo Edgar Luzardo

      Interesting! Can you see the same market options from the web?

      • Benjamin Medina

        Yep, just went to the play store on my phone using chrome and it shows the same. Might be a bug or the full Google play is rolling out for other countries.

        Edit: devices are also available. Everything is still priced in $

        • http://twitter.com/edgarluzardo Edgar Luzardo

          Awesome! Waiting for impatiently for it! XD

        • http://www.facebook.com/babywarez Gerardo Sarabia Molina

          I think is just a bug. Maybe for Nexus 4 owners... I usually used to check the play store with some US proxy's, maybe that caused the bug.

          • Benjamin Medina

            Probably , used to do that on my gnex, haven't yet on my n4.....or maybe we are beta testers :p

    • rdeleonp

      Yeap. Full market available since today.

    • PhineasJW

      Is it warm in Venezuela? Just got 2ft of snow here.

      • Benjamin Medina

        According to Google now its 23° c

        • PhineasJW

          9/5 + 32? Sounds warmer than here. :)

      • Benjamin Medina

        Hmm try force stopping the market...... Clear data/cache , reboot the phone.....it might be some sort of bug or its rolling out slowly.

    • Ray

      As soon as I seen this, jumped onto the Market hoping to see Music. Utterly disappointed to find there is no Music... still! :( :( :(

      • Benjamin Medina

        Have you tried going to the web based play store?

        • Ray

          Yep, tried on my N4 and the website - no Music. :(

          Looks like I'll be sticking with Spotify a little while longer.

      • Christopher

        I'm in Ecuador and have the full play store on my Nexus 7, including Music.

        • Christopher

          Oh, I forgot, I also have it on my Defy+ with CM10.

    • babyw

      Same for me... But I am in Mexico.

    • http://www.facebook.com/babywarez Gerardo Sarabia Molina

      Same for me, since 3 or 4 days ago... Also, I immediately checked my girlfriends phone (LG L5) and is still showing just apps. I am in Mexico. Nexus 4 here.

  • Stefan Jon Silverman

    just hit my Sammy Galaxy Nexus in last hr and installing now

  • PhineasJW

    Does it fix the Nexus 7 swipe bounce back? Please say yes.

    • Jacob Mischka

      Frankly, I'm just glad you have that problem and well and it's not just me. Googling didn't reassure me much, but thank you.

      • PhineasJW

        It's unbearable! And, reported here: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=39892

        Star the issue to do what you can to send feedback to Google.

        • andy_o

          I'm assuming this is the same issue with the notification pulldown? Sometimes it doesn't take when pulling down the first time.

          • http://twitter.com/realnudel Meowski Catovitch

            That's where I notice it. Takes several tries to open the notification blind on my Nexus 7 sometimes. I think it started in the update that added the (stupid, confusing) different pulldowns for the left and right halves of the notification bar on the N7. (So glad the N4 didn't adopt that terrible idea.)

          • moelsen8

            I've had the notification bounce back since I got my N7 at launch. Its super annoying.

          • littlenoodles

            My N4 does that.

          • PhineasJW

            Yes, same issue with the notification shade flying back up two or three times until it finally stays down.

          • rap

            I always thought that was my user error. Nice to know its not me.

          • Pat

            LOL. Same here.

        • kh5

          Hmm, there's this entry in the changelog: "6f7654d Reduce false swipe-closed gestures in status bar panels." Maybe that refers to your problem?

          • PhineasJW

            That seems to be the one that at least fixes the issue as seen with the Notification shade. Hopefully it takes care of the homescreen bounceback as well.

          • Amir

            Nope. Its still there!

    • r00t4rd3d

      The pull down menu operates great now.

  • Guest

    I am the N7 user from that thread.

  • JordanMcRae

    No luck...Nexus 4...US

  • Dan

    An update is always welcome!

  • http://twitter.com/Twitteninja Zargh

    ADB logcat. Won't someone please think of the ADB Logcat?

  • http://twitter.com/OmarF82 Omar Feliciano

    OTA Link for Nexus 7 nakasi? Someone?

  • mgamerz

    Hope it fixes bluetooth.

  • SuperAndroid

    yakju or takju?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ksweigert12 Kyle Sweigert

    My Nexus 7 won't update yet.. It will be very nice to have working audio over bluetooth though!

    • http://www.google.com/profiles/MetalMessiah78 José Gómez

      I got the update on my Galaxy Nexus, and A2DP still sounds like $hit. I guess they didn't fix it.

      • vin

        why am i not getting an update on my samsung nexus..gsm version....

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Added Nexus 7 About page.

  • Jason Chuah

    i seriously hope it fixes the msm_hsic_host wakelock issues on the Nexus 4 kernel while preserving data connectivity consistency

  • bwinger79

    Oh Android Police.....I is so disappoint. An entire staff and not a single person qualified to run a diff on an OTA package. Gotta be honest....its a little sad. And almost 50MB is more than a Bluetooth fix.

    • Jason Banich

      Look at the comments, they're trying to get a hold of the OTA update...

      • bwinger79

        Not sure how that changes my original comment......and pulling a source link from an OTA is not rocket surgery.....unless you are still running Cupcake. Just sayin......

        • http://profiles.google.com/atlbaird Evan Anderson

          Dude unless you have the ota link and plan on giving it to them then why would you even say this.... Do you think that they are intentionally not doing this.... Please read the comments artem has asked for it more than once.... They will get it I'm sure just as soon as they can.... Android police is always on top of everything as best they can

          • Jason Banich

            He's either a troll or retarded :P

        • Jason Banich

          They haven't had anyone get the update to pull the source link... Do YOU have the source link?

          • bwinger79

            Based on the screenshots above, stating that they havent had anyone get the update appears to be false. That said, if I had a non rooted device capable of receiving such an update, I would happily post the link rather than the update screenshots in a sad attempt to be "first".

          • Jason Banich

            Those screenshots aren't from AP people, they're from assorted sources. And rooted devices can get OTA updates...

    • QwietStorm

      OK. So post the link.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      I guess you missed the part where none of us have the update, and very few people on the Web do. Way to throw around insults.

      Also nobody said BT fixes are the only changes - we simply don't know yet.

      • bwinger79

        So...as previously stated...."first"?!?! Not trying to insult anyone, but am I missing something here?

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          I'm not sure what you're on about. We're covering reports of Android 4.2.2 rolling out to some folks. When these things break, it's not always possible to tell how widespread the rollout is, as there's very little information available.

          One of the purposes of such a post is actually to poll the public to see if they've gotten the update and can share the link. Crowd sourcing the effort as a community if you will.

  • PhineasJW

    Ok, I'm gonna bitch --

    How does Google roll this out blind, without at least a BLOG POST FIRST?

    Where's the change log??

    Why can't I click on something in my Nexus 4/7 and *guarantee* I'll get the upgrade?

    How is it in any way an acceptable procedure to clear the Google Services Framework and keep re-checking for update??

    So clumsy. So stupidly, impossibly clumsy. Hope some Google engineers are reading this...

    • Joseph Cascio

      Yeah they should provide change logs the second it goes out to the first device. But to your other complaint, it is not an acceptable procedure. It is designed that way so they can successfully release updates without bogging down the server. The last thing anyone needs when updating their phone is a bad download. So calm down and wait patiently.

      • PhineasJW

        I get it. Though they're Google and have access to enough parallel servers such that they'd have enough bandwith to cover it. They're able to support the entire world searching the whole Internet in milliseconds.

        My point is: If they don't have the bandwidth to guarantee everyone gets the upgrade simultaneously (which I doubt), they should at least provide a way for their most devoted customers to get it -- via a single button click.

        Back to point #1: Inform the public what the hell is going on.

        • Joseph Cascio

          But devoted customers should consider themselves lucky. If they released the update to all 1+ million devices and there is something wrong with the update, there is now 1+ million bricks. If they released it to devoted customers first they are essentially using their most loyal customers as guinea pigs before releasing the update to general users. Now I don't know about you, but I don't want to be Google's guinea pig to spot test updates before others.

          • PhineasJW

            Yes, but this isn't Alpha-ware. Google's already SQA'd this and rolled it out to *their* own Nexus 7's. That's the way it works. They call it "dogfooding".

            Apple rolls out their updates to everyone simultaneously.

            We're all fans of Google, but don't make excuses for them.

          • Joseph Cascio

            So god forbid you wait a day or two for an update, while the rest of the elite android phones have to wait 4+ months for an update. Lol some people...

          • PhineasJW

            Don't ever start a company. ;)

            Why do you hate going to see a Doctor? Or waiting for a train? Or wondering when your delayed airplane will board? Because the *duration* of the wait is UNKNOWN.

            This psychology is lost on the KIDS at Google.

            There's a *psychological value* in keeping your most loyal users informed and updated -- that keeps them, well -- loyal and happy and causes them to recommend you to their friends.

            And, all you need to do is keep them informed and remove the uncertainty.

            Simple really.

          • Still Not Logging In

            Your drama is seriously funny.

            It's an update. For a phone. A. Phone. Yet, you feel the need to flaunt your "I know about how companies should run" muscles. :v

            1. It's the middle of the night. Google has never and will never EVER announce an update in the middle of the damn night.

            2. Considering you seem to be someone who knows about Android. You should know what you got yourself into. You should have researched how Google does it's updates and how they're relatively silent unless the problem is incredibly major such as Google UK speaking out about the Nexus 4 launch problems.

            3. Google is not and will never be a company that wants to talk to it's consumers. Why? Because there's no point. They want your information, not to hear your complaints about every little thing like not knowing every little tiny detail about an OS update that launched in the middle of the night automatically. :v I don't blame them. I've worked with customer service type jobs for 10 years. It ain't fun and you tend to hate people after.

            4. The update clearly was meant to be more of a "Hey, good morning, here's the bugfixes. We're sorry." type deal. Again, Google doesn't always like talking to their customers unless you PERSONALLY call them (Play Store reps are nice...if you're nice to them, but that's just common sense). The simple fact that you're awake means you are in the minority for the most part. If you had been like most others, you'd have noticed the update in the morning.

            5. Lastly, it's a fucking phone update. Your life isn't going to crumble because you weren't told every little detail about it RIGHT THEN. Google is selling you a device (be it a phone or tablet) that YOU own, not the carriers and not even Google, and you STILL choose to bitch? Wow. Some people...ungrateful.

            Am I guilty of some of these things too? Hell yes, I'm not going to deny it. But you're just being an idiot about it.

            Should Google have said something yesterday or last week? No. If you pay attention to the Android developers on Google+ and Twitter, a lot of them mention that why would you promise something if there could be bugs? Then it forces them to commit to something even if there's a last minute issue (JBQ has specifically stated this). They're never going to announce an update ahead of time UNLESS it's almost done and they're sure that it won't break things and murder your family.

            Besides, this is just a repeat of 4.0.0 to 4.0.4. I guess you weren't around then?

            I don't know...maybe you're just a useless iOS troll. If that's the case, bravo sir (you're still useless, but bravo anyway).

            (Disqus loses my cookies too much, I'm not logging in anymore, it's a hassle and it's 5am so no.)

          • Casper

            Its the middle of the night.... In the US. The world is larger than that. Therefore I render your first point invalid. The rest is fine.

          • mldi

            Google HQ is in the US. It's a valid point.

          • Justin Wood

            Google is a company based in the US, so...

          • Casper

            A lot of Android-dev is based in London.

          • PhineasJW


            With 1/20th of the time and energy it took you to write that drama-ridden, excuse-making diatribe, someone at Google could have notified people that an update was in process.

          • Shauna Morgan

            If they had announced that the OS update week(s) ago... wouldn't that have made your wait more excruciating? And if something had gone wrong and the update wasn't pushed to devices as planned... how upset would you be then? I think all-in-all I'd rather have it this way. But I was always the patient type.

          • Daniel Orchard

            I do... pick me pick me, with my Nexus 7, 4 or 10 please. Any one device with an available update would do!

      • krazyfrog

        Apple released iOS updates for every device simultaneously, so I don't know why Google can't do the same for the relatively few Nexus devices.

        • PhineasJW


        • Joseph Cascio

          I guess when you release three updates a year and have your customers pay a premium you can afford to replace a few broken devices. Also, have you ever updated an iOS device the day it is released? It is the most painfully-slow process ever.

          • krazyfrog

            Three updates a year? There have been two in the past month itself. Please crawl out from under your rock. And I'd rather have a slow download than wait weeks to get it on my device.

          • mgamerz

            Then just download it from a mirror and quit complaining.

        • Rudy Belova

          If a huge bug or failure happens due to the new update, it's easier to roll it out slowly and be able to stop it asap before it does much damage, and fix the problem.

  • http://twitter.com/bat0nas Tomas Misevičius

    What is so breaking about those news? 0.0.1 version bump? ;)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Just because it's a 0.0.1 bump doesn't mean it doesn't contain big changes. There are 50MB worth of changes here, and that's potentially a lot.

      • http://twitter.com/bat0nas Tomas Misevičius

        Thanks for reply. Looking forward for a change log.

  • http://www.ronakg.com/ Ronak Gandhi

    Nothing on my Nexus 7 yet. Really waiting for all the reliability fixes that were missing in 4.2.1.

  • siro


  • MiZJ

    I haven't got it yet on my Nexus 7. Hope that it will fix bluetooth stuttering...

  • John Merrit

    Please don't break the Sixaxis app, again, when the update for Bluetooth happens in 4.2.2. Last time I had to go weeks without my PS3 controller, while the author fixed his app. Anyone want to be the guinea pig ?

  • KRSS

    Please tell me this will fix the Samba server problem...and direct SMB with Astro tools please

  • KRSS

    And wow, did not realize the bounce back thing was an issue. I just thought I was trying to swipe too fast. If I swipe more slowly it is fine. Hope they get that straightened out too

  • Matthew Gardner

    Australian Nexus 10, just got the OTA.

  • Nexus10owner
    • Nathanael Glad

      Once you download it, how do you install the update?

  • Amirul Shafiq

    Still not getting update for gnex takju . have you guy got it ?

  • imEgo

    Anyone share a nexus 7 update zip link?

  • r00t4rd3d
    • http://twitter.com/OmarF82 Omar Feliciano

      ha you were stalking XDA huh! lol

  • http://twitter.com/OmarF82 Omar Feliciano

    Here guy OTA link for Nexus 7 WiFi Only "nakasi" took me 12 hours of stalking and clearing google framework services enjoy also posted over XDA Developers. http://android.clients.google.com/packages/ota/google_nakasi/6ece895ecb23.signed-nakasi-JDQ39-from-JOP40D.6ece895e.zip

    • Qin-Root

      thanks! you are my hero of the day :-)

  • Ivan Myring

    Does a nexus 4 version exist

  • Lawrence

    I hope it adds x86 and iOS applications support. *giggles*

  • feres13

    even throught the LG nexus 4 is a NEXUS it doesn't have immediate updates... Because it's an LG! (Just a joke, no thumbs down please)

  • http://twitter.com/pgr3master Asa

    The music controls not showing on lockscreen bug appears to be fixed! :)

  • Anurag

    Anyone tested LEAP WiFi. Its been broken since 4.1.2

  • guywithphone

    I have 4.2 on my nexus and it isn't a huge difference. Much smoother and less glitches. Main thing is "photo sphere".

  • Tori

    What is GSM...I have a sprint galaxy nexus n I just got my 4.2.1 update last week ...but it was an OTA update... So basically I guess my question is will sprint give out this update?

  • jonty dacre
  • http://www.facebook.com/annette.bracchi Annette Bracchi

    I still have 4.1.1 on my Galaxy Nexus.... would love an update

  • http://www.facebook.com/rohan.basu.39 Numan Ali

    When it come.on my device.galxy nexus..4.2.2

  • http://www.facebook.com/Jeveco Jeroen Verkerk

    I'm from the Netherlands. Just got the 4.2.2 update for my gsm Galaxy Nexus and my Nexus 7 16gb wifi only

  • ejsiii

    Just got it and haven't checked it out

  • Ernest Lopez

    My Nexus 7 tablet just got updated to 4.2.2 ten minutes ago. Hungry to see if the battery time boost is Real.

  • urbanimages

    I got it....Toledo Ohio 2 hours ago...

  • http://www.facebook.com/dawnknits Dawn Tindall

    4.2.2 was pushed to my nexus 10 this afternoon. so far, i'm thrilled! i can run xhome and video without all those resets.

  • http://www.facebook.com/preciouspreston Preston Herrington

    My nexus 10 received the update just a moment ago! I'll let you know if I find anything

  • Tony Mrad

    Just received the 4.2.2 ota update 5 hours ago on my nexus7 and i installed it now.

  • wb

    Just got the update to 4.2.2 on my Nexus 10 tonight.

  • ac

    Received the update this evening on our nexus 7 (my Verizon galaxy nexus is still on 4.1.1). I haven't looked at it in depth, but I feel going from screen to screen is less "buttery," more choppy, and much more bounce back just swiping through the screens.

  • sat

    Any idea why a force OTA update using the Google services framework trick might show up an error? during installation?
    tried adb abd sideload command error cannot read encountered on mac as well as win 7. tried to flash with CWM/TWRP with no success as well. On unlocked/GSM/open bootloader/stock 4.2.1 galaxy nexus.

  • emajem666

    Why does my nexus 10 not have the update yet? I'm confused.

  • lerroy

    Got the update for my GNex ..yups just some UI changes

  • http://twitter.com/tropicalgeek Tropical Geek

    i got the update too. no problem so far nor before.

  • Kim h

    Just updated my nexus 7 to 4.2.2. Worst thing ever. Now my nexus is so slow. Downloading apps takes forever whereas it was less than a minute before. The Internet has slowed to comparable to dial up. I tried calling google play and they just said to wait it out. Anyone else having similar issues?

  • a

    most important, that they still didn't resolved bug with laggy phone coz of memory trim bug !!!!


  • Sandeep

    My SG nexus Still didnt recive the update 4.2.2 i dont what is the priblem can any1 help me out its an international version

  • Yash

    I live in india i own a motorola razr maxx when will i get jelly bean update?
    Will motorola Google realize update here....
    Plzzzzz let me know......

  • http://www.facebook.com/tiendaholic Tiendaholic Onlineshoppe

    4.2.2 already hit my nexus 7. I'm not much of a techie so I don't see the difference. =)

  • http://www.facebook.com/miki.gavette Miki Gavette
  • computermagic

    Just got 4.2.2 from Verizon today on my Galaxy nexus