Update 2: The Nexus 4 8GB model appears to be back in stock once again on the US Play Store, with a shipping estimate of 2-3 weeks.

Update: Apparently, some people are still seeing the 8GB version as still shipping in 2-3 weeks. However, if you actually attempt to place an order, you'll get the "An error occurred while processing your purchase. Please try again later" message. So, it's probably out of stock everywhere in the US, the change may just not have propagated across the internet quite yet.

Well, it took a whole nine days this time, but after returning to availability in the US Play Store on January 29th, late last night the Nexus 4 8GB edition went out of stock yet again. Black bumper cases remain unavailable as well.


Unlike the previous supply calamity, Google didn't allow shipping dates to reach into the stratosphere before pulling the plug on orders: the estimate ship time slipped to 2-3 weeks, and thereafter the "Temporarily Out Of Stock" message appeared. The 16GB model has also reached the 2-3 week mark, so it's possibly that it may become unavailable again shortly, as well. While mid-February is supposed to mark the end of 'supply constraints,' if you're on the fence about ordering that 16GB Nexus 4, now may be the time to do it.

Nexus 4 (8GB)

David Ruddock
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  • moelsen8

    kind of unrelated, but not - do you guys have any updates on the straight talk at&t stuff going on? i saw some stuff this morning about people buying out the remaining sim cards at walmart.com etc because ST won't have at&t service (or sims/devices for sale at least) going forward.

    • Scott

      I think they were just out of stock.

      • moelsen8

        there's a lot of chatter going on. and all references have been removed on the tracfone websites.

        • Scott

          Well it's still available on Walmart's website.

          If you plan on getting it I'd get it in case it's gone later.

          • moelsen8

            already have an extra one or two. i just want to know if there's any more info out there on what's happening

  • Scott Miller

    the nexus 4 is still in stock

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

      Can you actually buy it, though? It showed in-stock on my machine, but when I added it to the cart and tried to check out, I got this error when clicking Proceed: http://i.imgur.com/UF0lLhf.png

  • aatifsumar

    Bought an 8GB just last week. It *said* 2-3 weeks to shipping. Have already received it.

    • sergiu

      same here. it took less than a week to arrive, same as the one I ordered just 9 days ago (when it first became available again, and estimate was 1-2 weeks)

  • smeddy

    8gb? WOW

    The Nexus 4 is my favourite phone.

    ...But without any external storage (and I don't mean USB OTG), I can never buy it :(

    Galaxy Note YAY!!

    • Tim Gueusquin

      8GB is not as bad if you have a Nexus 7(which has USB OTG). You find yourself keeping all the heavy things on your tablet. Now if you use your phone for everything then yea....16GB isn't even enough

      • Ivan Myring

        I have both in 16 GB. It is easily enough. I have a shitload of games on both (10 3d games (dead trigger shadow gun etc)) and music on both and yet they have quite a bit of space left.

  • RajivSK

    So, they had almost three months to figure out that people actually want to buy this phone and still they can't seem to manufacture enough of them?? This is already a huge fail, I don't even want to know how fast it would have been out of stock if it was available globally on the play store.

  • Mike

    I ordered the 16GB on Wed (2/6) and it's already in my area and out for delivery this evening (2/8). It said "Ships in 2-3 Weeks" when I ordered it then too, so I don't necessarily think those time frames are correct. Which is a good thing!

  • Dreamcasting

    Uhhh....I'm at a loss as to why this sort of information is being posted. The Nexus 4 is a good phone and had a botched launch, and it this point posting information like this seems about as useful as posting shoelaces are in stock at Amazon. Why keep reporting this at this juncture?

  • Elias

    Finally got my hands on the n4 16gb a couple days ago. Beast of device. My main critic: I would loooooooove a midrosd slot. :(

  • Jose Alberto Abreu

    Just got mine Friday. So happy.
    And for the record, I too got the "ships in 1-2 weeks" message, but got it in three days.