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Endless runners a la Temple Run are fast becoming the default genre for mobile games, and with good reason. Their one-touch play style is perfect for touchscreens, and the short levels work well for bite-sized sessions. That said, it's always nice to see a little innovation, and iOS pilgrim Roller Rally has that in spades. In addition to a competitive racer format, it's got great graphics and tight controls.

If you've ever played the console snowboarding game SSX, you'll be on familiar turf here. You race head-to-head with three other critters, collecting coins and performing stunts throughout the level. The tricks are limited to in-air spins, but be careful - you'll have to land on your skates to avoid a speed penalty. Land perfectly and you get a boost. Winning the race is always the primary goal, but do it with more coins or a faster time and you'll unlock the other characters sooner.

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After a few minutes playing Roller Rally: Snake Pass, what strikes me most is the level design. Despite the simple premise, each level is multi-faceted, with different routes to make up time or grab more coils. Different environmental variables like cannons or grinding rails keep the game interesting. Unfortunately there's no multi-player mode, but you can use the optional Swarm leaderboards (or ignore them entirely in Guest mode). Roller Rally is $1.09, available for all Android devices, and has no in-app purchases.

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Matt Alexander

    Finally, another endless running game... said nobody

  • Loren Cogar

    Looks a lot like Granny Smith which is one of my favorite Android games! Purchasing now!

    • defred34

      Yeah it's got Granny Smith written all over it.

  • wewewi

    How can you even CONSIDER thinking about this game without even mentioning Granny Smith?!