If you ever spent hours on the Etch-a-Sketch and thought that what it could really use was a dual-core processor, check out the video below. It's The Sandbox, an iOS hit game that's headed for Android soon. Well, "game" may not be the right word - it's more of a simplistic art/animation/music engine that happens to be played like a game. You take on the role of "apprentice deity" and get to play with the classical elements, completing simple missions or moving freestyle on the face of the waters.

The art style is decidedly pixelated, with some of the mix-and-match creation elements inspired by games like Alchemy. While you can color inside the lines with the assigned tasks or play nice with the environmental tools, you can also embrace your godliness Old Testament-style and generally wreck the place. Creations can be saved for tinkering later, and posted to the online gallery to show off to your all-powerful peeps.

According to developer Pixowl, The Sandbox will be available on Android by the end of February. If it follows the iOS version, it should be a free download.

Pixowl - The Sandbox

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Marco Lazzarotto

    I can't find it on Google Play Store! Is it available only for iOS?

    • BenMock

      "According to developer Pixowl, The Sandbox will be available on Android by the end of February."

      • Marco Lazzarotto


      • Atila Janosi

        That's like literally opposite of now!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Shinakuma George Millhouse

      Try reading

      • Kree Terry


  • Matti

    Lol. I saw part of the header (I was scrolling), "The Sandbox is Blasphemous", and I thought it was going to be an article discussing security. :(

  • jojo

    this game is just like Scribblenauts, or interactive Microsoft Paint canvas.
    You start with a blank canvas, you add different elements and then you watch them all interact.

    beware of IAP though, the game itself is free, but you have to buy Mana sooner or later

    • mattrition

      It reminds me more of this Falling Sand Game I used to play years ago http://fallingsandgame.com/sand/pyro.html

    • Xavier Spruill

      Scribblenauts would be awesome on tabs... But the freemium model kills it for me with this one.

    • xjakeyy

      I'd rather pay than have it choc-filled with IAP. Doesn't sound too great, nice looking game though.

  • nNa

    This is like Powder Toy. Amazing!