Quick note, LG Viper owners: If you're getting an update request this afternoon, don't get too excited. The newest software addition isn't any flavor of Jelly Bean. It's just a small update that addresses "LTE network acquisition improvements", which probably means it'll help you when transitioning from Sprint's old and busted 3G network to the new LTE hotness.

LS840ZVK 2/7/2013

- LTE network acquisition improvements

Check your Settings menu, then System Update to get the latest download. If you aren't seeing it right away, remember that carriers tend to deploy these things in waves. You might want to sit this one out if you're rooted, especially if you're not one of the lucky few within Sprint's LTE service area.

Sprint Community: LG Viper 4G LTE Software Updates

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Scott

    I've never even seen one of these phones. Does anybody on here know anybody that has one?

    • Hawk

      It's a great phone, but the battery life and the LTE sucks. Get an
      extended battery if you are thinking about getting this phone. Other
      than that I cant complain. I hope this update improves reception.

  • Rolo P

    My son has one & well....its a phone

  • Brian

    Hahahahahaha LTE? What's that???