So, Carbon isn't quite the Twitter powerhouse you were hoping for. No worries: the old Android standard Plume is still rolling along. The app gets a major update today, after being tried out by beta testers for a few weeks. Plume 5 adds the standard bug fixes and performance enhancements, plus a much-needed visual refresh of its homescreen widget (something that Carbon lacks, and Falcon can't do without a separate app).

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The widget is a lot more useful in its latest incarnation, thanks to a column system that allows you to embed up to three Twitter feeds. You can choose between different user accounts, replies and mentions, or even a Facebook feed. Columns are delineated and switched from the new split section at the bottom. In fact, it's possible to do nearly every important Plume function from the widget, so long as you don't mind opening links in your browser.

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The app itself has a few visual tweaks, including a revamped profile view. But through its previous incarnations it was already a pretty great Holo app - the developers are the same folks who brought us Beautiful Widgets, so a slick-looking interface is no surprise. Falcon Pro seems to be the Twitter client of choice around the Android Police offices, but I'm still rocking Plume, and I couldn't be happier.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • yahyoh

    still not smooth its stuttering so bad on my note2

    • Sven Enterlein

      Thanks, I was about to give another try after several months with Falcon Pro. I like Plume but for some reasons that I forgot I stopped using it. Might have been the widget...

      • yahyoh

        i still find the official twitter app is the smoothest one , falcon is great too

  • justin

    my favorite feature is the ability to jump to top when viewing your feed, does carbon have that? I couldnt find out how with carbon

    • selonmoi

      Two finger swipe up.

  • David Thoren

    I still can't find a twitter app to replace Tweetdeck / Tweakdeck because of one specific feature... I need to be able to see all of the tweets of a specific user (including @ replies). No twitter client I have seen yet will do that.. including this new Plume.

    • http://www.vinsonimages.com yamaha83

      Falcon will do this. just checked. click on the user to open profile and it shows a list of all the tweets for that user. including the @ replies.

      • David Thoren

        Oh I can get to that in any client... But that's a few steps.. I just want a nice, simple, column next to my main timeline with that so I don't have to do the "Following->Scroll to select the person->Tweets" dance every time. That sucks.

        • mobilephone2003

          8 Month later reply, make a twitter list with just that user, and get your client to just show the list

          • David Thoren

            Tried that way back when I posted this. Doesn't show "@" replies sent to other users that you aren't following. I wanted the full timeline, and the list doesn't show that.

  • http://www.vinsonimages.com yamaha83

    i cant leave Falcon now that i have experienced the internal browser! its so awesome not having to leave the app to look at links!

    • Ibrahim Awwal

      Plume has one too, has had it forever. And it doesn't try to reformat pages either.

      • http://www.vinsonimages.com yamaha83

        ah never knew that! just gave it a try and it works pretty good. dont like that i have to click a tweet, then click links, then click the link to get to it though. On falcon i can click once and go right into the browser and surf that page while still having the option to retweet and replay and all that visible while browsing.

        • Ibrahim Awwal

          You can long press links I guess.

  • Leif Sikorski

    Still prefer Tweetings for Twitter because it is the only non official Twitter App for Android with real Push Notifications and it also supports multiple Accounts which Falcon doesn't.

    • http://twitter.com/TreyK79 Trey

      I agree 100%

  • harleyquinn104

    Plume needs a revamp completely. The app is still jittery when scrolling a bit and when they update plume it seems every other update get bad and unusable(if you do not lag from the app.)

    Revamps are not always a bad thing and plume needs to get off it ego and take a risk so it can compete with upcoming twitter apps. I believe Carbon(twitter client) can be a serious problem once it adds more features(example: like twitlonger/ TMI.)

    So far in succession of other social apps revamps has been much of a sucess and as a big name as plume it should be no excuse. We are now here at JellyBean and IceCream UI is just not doing it anymore especially if it by itself can not even function correctly.(How long have we waited for plume to fix its jittery scrolling?... TOO LONG...) Time for them to announce a new upcoming twitter app and keep this until they make new one or something in my opinion.