Last Updated: February 8th, 2013

Update: We've heard from US Cellular that the rollout will begin on February 12th - apparently someone jumped the gun on the update page.

After promising to do so in Q1 2013 back in December, Motorola has officially begun rolling out Android 4.1.2 to the Electrify M on US Cellular. The Electrify M is basically a de-Verizoned RAZR M, so it makes sense that the Electrify's update follows after its DROID kin's.


You can find a link to the standard Motorola Jelly Bean upgrade overview on US Cellular's website. The build number is 9.8.2Q-50_SLS-7. The OTA update will probably be rolling out in stages, so keep hitting that 'System Updates' button over the next week or two.

US Cellular

David Ruddock
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  • Scott

    I'm really starting to like Motorola. My Razr Maxx HD is a great phone.

  • AllPurposeRadio

    Oh Jelly Bean....how my Bionic yearns for your sweet buttery touch.

    • Scott

      That phone and its users were screwed from the beginning.

      • AllPurposeRadio

        Felt that way for a loooong time but it's been pretty smooth sailing since the ICS update works like a champ my wife's Razr on the other hand has been a glitchy mess both before & after ICS...poetic justice I think XD

  • Levi Johnston

    motorola totally denies this ever happened. and us cell took it down http://www.uscellular.com/android/software.html#motoElectM see?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock


    • BorNX

      Yep. I'm a USC customer myself, and though I have an s3, this issue blew up on a USC site. Even they doubt its officiality ATM. Y'all jumped the gun on this one.

      • bornx

        It's still in beta for cryin out loud!

  • Demetrius Beasley

    Googlroa is in a very awkward position all moto's pre acusition phones are trough the pipes, now its their show. I don't see a way that they can produce their own hardware and not edge out competition their track record with the nexus is impressive. How are they supposed to make their own phones and not directly compete with the other Android OEMs? They can't purposely produce sub par phones or over price them? The price of the nexus will have to increase or they will be competing with themselves. Yes another OEM manufacturers the phone but the concensus is that the nexus is subsidized so can will they continue to do this just to throw them a bone, if so how long can they afford to do this? So am i to believe that they will continue to sell nexus in the 350 range unlocked but as Googlroa it's carrier bs as usual yes at first they may have to play ball a little but but how long can Sammy maintain a larger market share, and as they grow to Sammy's size they can wield power like Sammy and eventually like apple. This i believe will happen relatively quickly because of the trust they inherent from the nexus program. I can trust i will receive updates in a timely manner I can trust that my phone will be supported for a reasonable amount of time I can trust my flagship will have the latest specs. I personally have faith in Googlroa because of the nexus. The question I'm really asking how can Google differentiate moto phones from nexus phones other than price (of course design but it's a relatively small consideration I think the S3 feels kinda cheap and plasticity to be a flagship phone and it isn't really pleasing to the eye)?

  • M1A1 Tankin

    Us cellular is making the official announcement tomorrow. I heard this from them myself. Here is a link from Motorola http://www.motorola.com/blog/2013/02/07/android-4-1-jelly-bean-arrives-for-motorola-electrify-m-on-u-s-cellular/