Lego and Android go together like an open-source operating system and an infinitely variable building toy. Lego engineer GLHTurbo agrees, which is why he submitted this 205-piece Bugroid design to the Cuusoo platform, Lego's Kickstarter-like crowdsourced idea farm. Builder submit ideas, participants vote, and the projects that reach enough votes are considered for a retail Lego kit. The Bugdroid model passed the 10,000 vote threshold late Wednesday night.

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The Lego corporation reviews 10,000+ vote submissions four times a year, and according to their Cuusoo video, only selects one project to become a reality. The Android mascot set is up against some stiff competition, so it's far from a done deal. This quarter's review will start in March and last for several months, but we should know by fall whether the little green guy made the cut. Licensed projects are acceptable by the Lego Cuusoo guidelines, but Google would need to sign off on any toys sold. Something tells me they'd be OK with it.

And by the way, if you're a dedicated Lego fan, you won't have to wait for the suits to make a decision. GLHTurbo has promised to post the full build instructions in the near future. 

Lego Cuusoo - Andy/Bugdroid the Android by Google

Jeremiah Rice
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  • diaz

    I'm curious if Apple mascot is one of Bugdroid Lego competitor .... :D

    • HellG

      what mascot? an apple with a worm inside it? /sarcasm

      • Sven Enterlein

        Two options for an Apple mascot:
        a) Dollar sign/bill
        b) a fluffy sheep


        • Kenny O

          c) a lawyer

    • Kenny O

      Probably not as Apple would sue the person who built it, the factory worker who made the Legos, the Legos themselves and most likely even the box the Legos came in. Oh, and each person who voted for it on Cuusoo.

      • diaz

        LOL, best comment of the day ^^

      • Firehawkws7

        Don't forget the poly bags which hold said Lego bricks.

      • Xavier Spruill

        And probably the small children who wanted one for Christmas.

  • Hans

    To be honest, it reminds me a little bit to a Dalek. Frightening...

  • NemaCystX

    I think an Android min-fig would be more awesome

  • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

    this could make a sweet phone/tablet holder!

  • Marc Young

    I'm working on the minifig right now. I know exactly what I want it to look like and dimensions, I'm just struggling with the AutoCAD 123D software to make the model. Once the model is made in 3D, I'll get a 3D printed prototype made just in case Lego decides to reject the minifigure BugDroid.

  • Sorian

    Met its supporter number by the time I saw this at 10 AM CST.