Want a behemoth phone on Verizon, but don't feel like shelling out three-hundred dollars for it? Look no further than Amazon Wireless for your solution – it just dropped the price of the Note II on Big Red to $150 for new customers. That's half of what Verizon is asking. For the same phone. Existing customers can snag one for $190, so it's still a savings of over $100.


There's only one catch here: this deal is only for the Titanium Gray version of the massive handset. If you're dead-set on getting the white one, you'll be stock paying $200. Sure, it's still cheaper than at VZW, but c'mon – is it really worth an extra $50 just for a different color? Didn't think so.

Head here to buy.

Cameron Summerson
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  • ddd22

    be aware that amazon's monthly costs are higher than verizons for the same plans. you will pay the amount saved in spades in short order

    • http://www.facebook.com/dave.ciepluch Dave Ciepluch

      I just ordered mine. Started a new plan in a Verizon store yesterday when picking up my girlfriends iPhone. Added my line via Amazon this morning and ordered this. The plan costs the same. You just can't remove the phone from the plan for 181 days, and can't skimp on paying the bill during that time either. Let's face it, this isn't a phone that will date itself anytime soon, so I am not concerned with having a 181 day contract with Amazon.

      The plans cost exactly the same if you are on a Share Everything plan, if you are grandfathered in and don't want the new plans, buy used phones.

      • ddd22

        you are totally wrong.
        data verizon amazon
        2gb 60 100
        4gb 70 110
        6gb 80 120
        on verizon the starting plan is 2gb for 60$
        on amazon the starting plan is 300MB for $80

        you work for amazon?

  • http://profiles.google.com/russell.w.morris Russell Morris