If you've got a hundred dollars to burn and love awesome technological toys, J&R has a deal for you. The self-described "gadget wonderland" is offering the Sphero ball for $99.99, a $30 drop from its normal price of $129.99.

For those unaware, the Sphero is a robotic sphere than can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet. The concept sounds simplistic, but all it takes is a bit of imagination to make Sphero an awesome gadget. Readers may remember Sphero's holiday display in New York last year:


What's more, Sphero has an open API, allowing developers to make their own Sphero apps. If making your own app doesn't sound like fun, there are already plenty to choose from, including Orbotix's Sphero controller, Sphero Draw N' Drive, Pet, ColorGrab, and lots more.

There's no denying Sphero as one of the more unique, fun gadgets we've seen that are compatible with Android. If you've been eyeing the robotic orb, or just want something new to play with, hit the link below to take advantage of the deal.

Source: J&R.com

Liam Spradlin
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  • heat361

    That's friggen awesome!!!

  • wilks

    "4 smartphones" ... and not one of them had a hardware home button :)

  • JirafaBo

    hope these keep dropping in price. I'd impulse buy the heck out of these at a little lower price point.

    • Rae

      gosphero.com now has refurbished ones for half price.

  • A User

    So these are only really cool if you have $2000+ to buy multiple.
    I can't imagine too much fun with one.

  • dylan84

    So, its a ball that lights up, and moves?

  • Evan

    I got to play with these at the Big Android BBQ. They run well and are pretty easy to control, but the price is just too high for a ball that lights up and rolls around, especially since you'd want a few of them to make them roll in formation.

    If the price was $150 for 5 or 6, I'd jump on it like Tonto. But even $100 for one is about 4X what I would be willing to pay.

  • http://twitter.com/vandelay_art Marc R.

    I've had a Sphero since April. I won one as part of their http://www.gosphero.com/weekly-sphero-giveaway/ For a remote controlled robot in a ball, the price is about right, and some of the apps they have come out with so far are pretty fun, and using the Sphero as a controller is pretty fun in the Exile game. I just wish they would release the Augmented reality apps already on Android http://www.gosphero.com/sphero-debuts-groundbreaking-augmented-reality-app/