Mojang may have a mortal fear of giving releases full version numbers, but that hasn't stopped the company from cranking out new features like mad. Today's update brings a slew of new blocks (including Nether Brick, Block of Quartz, and Sandstone), as well as the ability to build staircases in corners. Oh, and one other thing: the sky finally has clouds now.

minecraft-pe-new-blocks minecraft-pe-new-sky

The new goodies don't stop there, though. Gravity is also finally in full swing, so now things like sand will fall when the foundations beneath them are removed. Finally, no Minecraft update would be complete without new creatures, would it? Last time it was zombie pigmen. This time? Baby animals! Because what's cuter than a little pink block-pig? A smaller pink block-pig!


There are a lot of smaller features, too. Including functional signs (useful for guiding people through your labyrinth), armor (to battle zombie pigmen, of course), and much more. Here's the full changelog:

New features:

  • Signs
  • Armor
  • Baby animals
  • Fancy clouds
  • Improved D-pad
  • Stonecutter for crafting stone blocks
  • Sheep can be colored with dyes
  • New block types: Netherrack, Nether Brick, Block of Quartz with 2 variants (pillar and chiseled), mossy/cracked Smooth Stone Brick variants (creative only), chiseled/smooth Sandstone variants
  • New stairs: Nether Brick, Sandstone, Smooth Stone Brick, Quartz
  • New slabs: Sandstone
  • New item: Nether Brick (smelted from netherrack and crafted into nether brick tile)
  • Upside-down stairs, corner stairs
  • Slabs can be placed in up position (needs testing on small screens)
  • Sand and Gravel are affected by gravity


  • Recipes for crafting slabs give 6 slabs instead of 3 (as in PC version)
  • Nether Reactor spawns Netherrack blocks instead of Obsidian
  • The fog and sky color have changed
  • The Nether Reactor now spawns more items
  • Cows drop Leather

Bug fixes:

  • Melons had several bugs where they would spawn too fast and where they shouldn’t

The update is available on the Play Store via the widget below.

Source: Mojang

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  • GazaIan

    Baby animals? Really? What an awkward moment it will be when you need to kill an animal, and all you see is the baby. How does once kill a baby :(

    • RitishOemraw

      Toss it a sword, utter the phrase:"When next we meet, one of us will die" then walk off, only t come back when it grows into a mature animal.


  • kay

    Are there any plans to extend the world size? Or possibly give the user the option of what size they want?

  • Thomas

    Could you tell me a place to update minecraft pe 6.0

    • Jadenbs

      You con go to the App Store and click on updates then update it.

  • http://www.basatne.com/ Basatne Electronics

    Mojang is a great example of a company that listens to its community.

  • lingo

    but the world is still limited right ?

    last time played I still encounter end of world. that's why I switched to other minecraft clones (survivalcraft, minebuilder, etc).

    • Jongjungbu

      I switched back to the limited because it still takes a while to run from one end of the world to the other without rails or sprinting in Pocket Edition; but it's far worse in Survivalcraft without rails as it's just like Minecraft PC when it comes to traveling long distances repeatedly. I'll start playing Survivalcraft again if they add some travel mode, now that they have malachite (i.e. redstone equivalent) powering its circuits.

  • Xavier Spruill

    Still missing animal husbandry, which is the one feature I'm missing from completing my doomsday prepper complex.

    • Jongjungbu

      Yeah, at least give us the wheat lure for sheep if they're not going to add full-on breeding for the rest of the animals.

  • http://twitter.com/Zanzar Zanza

    we need a sale for this app already....

  • http://profiles.google.com/deepmenace nick bowers

    still no caves :-(

    • Jongjungbu

      Nope. Try SurvivalCraft for caves until MCPE has em (granted these caves are not the full-on dungeons of Minecraft PC, but they got em).

  • Lalalala

    How do I get nether bricks

  • Sylihra

    where the heck is the bucket update?? ugh...i want a bucket... :p

  • vontae

    How do u get the download

  • Jadenbs

    When will the next update be after this one

  • hotshot101

    Momentary pocket edition is better but still not they fun in the next update that should make it where in creative mode their should be cow wolves and all the animals and lava buckets and water and you breed them yourself and every thing in minecraft for xbox 360 and you got to do every thing that in creative on minecraft for the xbox 360 so it still is boring

  • hotshot101

    And there should be where you can change it to survival and creative if you don't want to dog and all of that stuff

  • Michael skowfoe

    How do you get netherrack

  • Arcia2012

    Minecraft pocket edition v0.6.1 here http://adf.ly/OqUc2

  • Aiden

    I have no updates at a I don't because I have played min craft in 10 days