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Psst. There's a new Kairosoft game out. For some of you, that's all the urging you need to make tracks to the Google Play Store. For the rest of you, how about the fact that it's a free game in the seemingly popular "building manager" mold? Dream House Days puts you in control of a high-rise luxury apartment complex. Which might not sound as exciting as running a game studio or colonizing a planet, but Kairosoft tends to get a lot of fun out of even the most mundane premises.

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You're in charge of managing the complex's finance, developing and furnishing individual apartments, and attracting new and desirable tenants. The tenants themselves are basically the focus of the game: the end result of each action will be either happy or dissatisfied tenants. They live their own lives, Sim-style, and more often than not form happy little pixelated families after a few in-game months.

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The compulsive gameplay and SNES-grade graphics from all the previous Kairosoft games are intact, but as with Beastie Bay, they've taken the fremium approach. The game is free with ads... lots of ads. An in-app purchase of $3.99 will remove them permanently and unlock the horizontal view. There's also a pretty integrated social component, but you'll have to use friend codes to take advantage of it.

Jeremiah Rice
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  • Alex Mocaby

    Oh, look, another one of these damn games. And look, here I am, immediately buying it. I need help. :(

  • Matti

    I'm having trouble understanding this new "freemium" moniker. What does it mean, exactly?

    From what I've read here, you download the game for free and than pay $3.99 to remove ads. Isn't that the same as many apps have done (eg: Pro Key) since the dawn of the Play Store? I thought "freemium" meant something more sinister than that, like having to make IAPs just to get to the next level or something.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs


      Sorry, I hate to pull out a wikipedia article on somebody, but it is pretty spot-on.

      You're right, the basic business model has been around for ages (and arguably, you could say it replaces the term 'Shareware'). The minor difference is that the term 'Freemium' has taken on a slightly more negative connotation, implying that the software is more apt to goad the user into making a purchase. Where other apps tend to put the software out there as an open-ended trial and users are free to decide objectively if the free version is enough, freemium apps and services tend to be more aggressive.

      On a related point, people respond REALLY badly to IAP's but seem to be completely on board with the Unlock/Pro Key. It's all a matter of perspective.

      • mimi

        nice explanation.
        personally I still prefer trial or shareware.

  • NewB.


  • shaun

    cant play in my note 10.1...it only show half of the game in my screen.. sad...

  • http://www.facebook.com/maria.isikli Maria Costi

    How do I have a baby?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ken-Okagi/1726061538 Ken Okagi

      When a married couple is ready, you'll receive a research request for it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/maria.isikli Maria Costi

    It's a mystery dnn dnn dnnnnnnn

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ken-Okagi/1726061538 Ken Okagi

    I downloaded the free version, and have been enjoying it, but I've noticed that it causes severe battery drain on my Nexus 7. It's so bad that it even drains while it's on the charger, albeit at a reduced rate. But off the charger, it's brutal. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it just from the ads? Because it doesn't seem to happen on my other Kairosoft games, which are ad free.

    • Vv

      Yes, it happened to me today, which is the first day I start playing. It doesn't happen on my other Kairosoft games too, i think it has to do with data roaming or wifi connection, will try playing DHD with them turned off. If the ads really are the case, I might consider paying for the ad free one...

  • ki.

    How do you remove object, because i want to remove a lamb that i put it by accident

  • asuna

    I have a dog that won't move. He stay in an empty apartment, and won't go with any other family. Should i kick him out? I dony want to but...

    • Miesha_Derena

      How do you get prepared for a pet

  • simaddict

    When I downloaded, it ran smoothly. But now when I reopen each time after 5 minutes or so a box will pop up and say error then close. I need some help with this issue! Ty guys.

  • Laurence

    How long to get a baby?
    I already research the permissionfor having babies and even buy the crib! But, where's the baby? There's no baby. :(

    • Imi

      Same :-)

    • tessa

      me too ):

  • wellsian

    They create such addictive games I wish they create more nice and addictive games:)

  • wellsian

    If the couples are gonna have baby ....see you get there request done quick ....then yoll see the baby a bit quicker

  • Isaac

    Guys is there anyway to get my tenants to go to other schools besides Lugman Tech, even my 140+ intellect kids are going to that stupid school

  • Yasmin

    how to download dream days house games for windows? i need it so much! thx!

  • Cm

    Hey guys I am not currently an android user my android stopped working about a year ago and now I am using an iPod 4g. To conserve my battery I like to turn off the wifi and the connection in my home was working so I was wondering if I could play this game without any wifi connection what so ever