If you're waiting your turn for a chance to buy the Nexus 4 off the Google Play Store in the UK, France, Spain, or Australia, then listen up. The elusive Nexus 4 stock should be replenished in the aforementioned countries come January 30th (January 31st for Australia).

According to our tipster who was spot-on this morning about the 9am U.S. launch (Germany and Canada are already live as well), "Temporarily Out Of Stock" will finally switch to "In Stock" at the following times:

There's no word on whether the bumper cases will go on sale, so be sure to check once the Nexus 4 is live.

Set your alarms, though just to be safe I have to warn you that while we trust the tipster, anything and everything can delay the sale, and we cannot be responsible for loss of sleep, job, girlfriend, or time spent on Reddit as a result.


Nexus 4 8GB, Nexus 4 16GB, Bumper Case

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  • Stas

    You can also add Canada to the list

  • David Overton

    Australian time zones: 9am in New South Wales, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania, 8:30am in South Australia, 8am in Queensland, 7:30am in Northern Territory, 6am in Western Australia. What's complicated about that? :)

    • Kit Y

      Agree, different than US != complicated.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Yeah, that was clearly not complicated for someone who doesn't live there :-]

        • Danny Holyoake

          Not if you put some actual thought behind it. You do this for a living, right? ;)

          In this scenario, it's MUCH simpler to just give times in GMT. Let us work it out instead of confusing matters even more (I have no idea what PST is either).

  • peter

    Just give times in GMT and we can work it out.

  • bhislop

    Hmmm, Australian EST? Most of the east coast is currently on EDST (Eastern Daylight Savings Time) ... I wonder if they meant EST or EDST?

    Screw it, I will wake up an hour earlier just to be sure! (I'm in WA ... WST!)

    P.S. Thanks for the heads up ... but I will probably hit F5 100+ times between now and then anyways ... you know, just to be sure ;)

  • Sam Horn

    FWIW the Australian timezone is normally referred to as AEST, or AEDT if in daylight savings.

  • bmaz

    Nexus 4 becoming 'available' almost globally as well as a white Nexus 4 being teased on the eve of Rim's big day, pretty ruthless Google.

    • Aleksey_US

      It would have been ruthless if there were no stock issues and thousands more handsets would have been in the hands of people who chose other phones instead of waiting... Major FAIL in my opinion... although nothing compared to the fact that no one except Nexus owners can't even get an out of the box Google experience which they put so much effort into to watch it bastardized by OEMs...

      • BLADESMAN1889

        patience is a virtue.

  • brian -

    $475 in europe.

  • Coza

    Tick tock tick tock almost time. F5 at the ready

  • Matt1892

    Tip was good! Nexus for me at last

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Congrats on the new Nexus!

  • peather

    N4 well ordered in france !

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii


  • Pickles

    WOOT just got one after many months of waiting here in Australia!!! Nexus 4 16GB YAY!!!

  • bhislop

    Got one! Woo hoo! In fact I got two! No bumpers in the Aussie Play Store though :(

    Big thanks to Android Police for the early heads up :)