Do you like physics games? I sure do. Puddle THD happens to be a great game in this category if you happen to have a Tegra 3 device. The puzzle-centric fluid simulator is typically available on the Play Store for $5, but today the app has gone on sale for a measly $0.99 to celebrate its first whole year on the market. Not bad!

To get an idea of what this game is like you can either watch the video above or rely on my words. Here they are: have you ever wondered what Sonic the Hedgehog would be like if Sonic were a glob of semi-viscous goo? What's that? You'll just watch the video? Oh, okay sure. Go ahead.

puddlethd1 puddlethd2 puddlethd3

The company isn't saying how long the deal is going on, but if you're interested you may as well grab it while you can. Check the list of compatible devices before you do, though. Or just ensure you have or will soon own hardware with a Tegra 3 processor inside. You can also grab the free version below if you want to try it out first.