We originally covered the kind-of-ridiculously-awesome MyScript Calculator last year back in July, but it's received a significant update today that should have you checking out this amazing app if you haven't already.


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The premise is simple: write out your math equations just like you would on paper, and presto-amazo, MyScript converts them to text and solves them. Now, though, it does even more. Like portrait mode, which is sort of a weird thing to just now get around to adding (eh, eh?), but at least it's there. Undo and redo actions are now included, as well.

But one of the big additions is, you guessed it: more math. MyScript now supports trig, inverse trig, logarithms, and constants. Percentage, factorial, and absolute value symbols are now recognized, too. Hit up the Play Store to get the new version now.

David Ruddock
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  • Kenny O

    I love this calculator.

  • McLean Riley

    Does it show your work?

    • OmarioAmriky

      Now now...

  • JoeDirt2217

    Wish the would release MyScript Notes to the PlayStore already!

  • The_Chlero

    any Big Bang Theory references are welcome!!!!!

  • denbo68

    Neat... wonder when it can solve ∭f(x,y,z)dV

    • Herli Joaquim de Menezes

      This will be the next leap...

  • Raphaël Briand

    As a maths student, I'm kind of ashamed at how excited I am by this

  • Chris

    Very cool idea, but when I use it it seems a bit inaccurate. Might be my atrocious on-screen handwriting though. :P

  • darw

    I immediately go to playstore and install after reading this article ^^
    great apps!

    thanks AP

  • deepesh soni

    great app ....very intuitive

  • William Ellery Bailey

    I'm frustrated. I installed MyScript with high hopes (both my kids are math jocks) but whenever I launch the app I get a youtube video and can't figure out how to get to "enter an equation" mode. what am I doing wrong?

  • Muhammad javedd

    I want to develop this kind of calculator any one is here to help it is my final year project