Almost one year ago to the day, OneLounder released what is still one of my favorite weather apps: 1Weather. It's a fantastic looking app that delivers useful information about the weather conditions in your area, both current and extended. And, as of today, the app has been updated to v2, which brings a handful of new features to this already-fantastic app:

  • Tablet support
  • Refined UI
  • Optimized radar section
  • Added map pin
  • Improved ongoing notifications
  • Lock Screen widgets

Screenshot_2013-01-21-11-31-21 Screenshot_2013-01-21-11-33-12 Screenshot_2013-01-21-11-33-45

The tablet layout is both intuitive and informative, highlighting the most pertinent information on the main screen: current temp, wind speed, humidity, hourly forecast, and more. Along the right side are the different options for extended forecast, outlook graph, and radar.

Screenshot_2013-01-21-12-27-43 Screenshot_2013-01-21-12-26-03 Screenshot_2013-01-21-12-25-54

It also features support for lockscreen widgets in Android 4.2. There are two different widgets to choose from: the "classic" circular widget, or a a more modern "compact" option. Both give basically the same information, so it's really all about which look you prefer.

Otherwise, the update brings more subtle changes/fixes, like improved notifications, a map pin that shows your exact location on the radar screen, and other general refinements.

1Weather is a free app in the Play Store, but if you'd like to get rid of the ads there's a $2 in-app purchase that can do just that. Hit the widget below to grab it.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Kcls

    Those ads...

    • blitz4075

      ...are gone with an adblocker...

  • xriderx66

    "This app is incompatible with your T-Mobile Samsung SGH-T959."

    • http://twitter.com/mobileasumma Aaron Summa

      Are you running OS 2.1? That's the only reason I can think of as to why it won't allow it

      • xriderx66


  • Floris

    Really dislike the background they chose, makes it look like a pentile display..

    • mesmorino

      Pentile displays bother you that much? Or, is your visual acuity so gangsta that you actually see the pentile matrix all the time? I'm genuinely curious.

      It often seems like a lot of the dislikes android users (or maybe just tech users in general) are unnecessarily petty; maybe acquired dislikes from the experts who may have legitimate *technical* reasons for preferring one thing to the other.

      Me, I have an SGS3. The screen looks great and more importantly, lets me see everything I need to, as well as everything I want to. What do I care if it's pentile or amoled or lcd or super lcd?

      But, that's just me.

      • Wam31

        II think it really comes down to what you're used to.

        Personnally, if I listen to a 128kbps sound track and then the 320kbps version, I can't hear the difference, really. Same thing with the flac/lossless version.

        On the other hand, I've only watched Blurays for quite some time now, and going back to watching a DVD quality (or even DivX) on a FullHD screen simply ruins the pleasure. Won't do it.

        Same thing with Pentile, if you're not bothered, well, go for you (like me with audio) but if you can't stand looking at the Pentile subpixels mess, you just don't buy Samsung.
        Not everyone has the same quality expectations...

        My Advice : don't spend too much time with a Super IPS + or SLCD2 (One X for instance), you wouldn't enjoy your GSIII anymore...

        • mesmorino

          I see what you mean with the audio, I can actually hear the difference between 128kbps and 320kbps. These days I make sure it's at least 192kbps, that's where the difference in bit rates isn't so glaring to my ears.

          Either my hearing is much better than my eyesight, or I need better phone displays; I can see (and do appreciate) the difference between hd tv programs on my tv, and that's just 26in

          • Wam31

            tell me about it, our 5" phones and 50" TV have the same definition. How dumb is that ! (Even though we're not at the same distance from it...)

      • Floris

        Well, actually my visuals Are indeed very well. You see, I've got contact lenses, and they're compensating for something like -4.
        When I use my phone in the evening, I clearly can tell subpixels apart. My mother has a GNote 2, and I can clearly prefer the Note even though the pixel density is lower. Of course the Note screen just has this stunning look of the size already, but I looked close and liked it better.

        Please excuse me for my English.

        • mesmorino

          Oh okay, fair enough then :)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      You can change the background in the settings menu. There are a few different options to choose from.

      • floris

        I clearly was too fast in judging then. The rest of the visuals are nice though.

  • Matti

    While I'm not doubting the capabilities of this or any other weather app, I do wonder if most users actually need them. The Google Now weather cards seem to do a decent enough job for me. Sure, it's not 100% accurate all the time (understandable since I live in a tropical island city), but it's no worse than EyeInTheSky, the previous weather app I employed.

    • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

      You can't have the weather cards as widgets though.

    • Sootie

      Plus the hourly weather forcast is awesome if you trying to decide if you can ride the moto today or if cars are like totally underrated

  • mrwho

    They ruined the app. The twitter page is gone on all cities. Best part of the app. Uninstall.

    • billtaft

      I agree. I found a lot of interesting things out about cities across the world when viewing the twitter feeds for those locations.

  • Allen ‘Gramps’ Sandifer

    Tell me why a weather app needs these permissions?

    read phone status and identity
    the app to access the phone features of the device. This permission
    allows the app to determine the phone number and device IDs, whether a
    call is active, and the remote number connected by a call.

    Refuse to use Weatherbug for the same reason.