While I've never been much of a live wallpaper guy myself, there's little denying that DualBoot Games (I'm guessing the name is a holdover) makes some of the best and prettiest ones out there. At least, that seems to be the general consensus, judging by the number of downloads their seven wallpaper designs have managed to achieve.

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You may say "only seven? how hard can making a live wallpaper be?" Well, DualBoot Games' live wallpapers take it to the next level - the amount of customization and control you can take over one of their creations is mindblowing. If it moves in some way (and even if it doesn't), you can probably change it.

Hit up their Play Store apps page to see all the wallpapers on sale now.

DualBoot Games

David Ruddock
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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1745689461 Hal Motley

    Dualboot are the best, I will consider this offer.

  • sssgadget

    Live wallpapers are cool for few hours but are heavy on my S3 battery.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rmkattan Rami Kattan

      I don't know if they are really that much heavy on the battery, during the 2 weeks before xmas I used the DualBoot 3D Xmas live wallpaper and the battery life was not that much affected as without a Live wallpaper, maybe just a little...

    • JG

      That, but more so I find their usefulness somewhat questionable. I mean, yes... It does sound nice having waves crashing up on some tropical beach (especially as the next few days wind chill will be sub-zero), I frequently have the wallpaper obfuscated & the home screens full of launchers for frequently used apps or useful widgets (weather, calendar, news, etc). And if I have the screen on & am not using an app, I'm almost always either navigating the various home pages trying to find the launcher I need, or checking out the info a widget is telling me - either way I'm not paying too much attention to the wallpaper in the background.

  • popcicle

    How much do these affect battery life?

  • Tarek El-Ghazaly

    Meh. I used to think I won't get enough of LWPs, but the novelty quickly subsided and you can hardly find truly beautiful and subtle HD LWPs anymore... Furthermore the hit on transition frame rates and battery life makes it not worth it.