Ah, after CES we were beginning to wonder when we'd get our next flurry of conflicting rumors. Today's comes in the form of what is being called an official render of the HTC M7. Trouble is, it's not. For starters, PocketNow claims that they're not made by anyone within the company, however according to someone who 'has access' to a photo of the handset, the front looks about right. Allow me to reiterate that point: the claim here is someone has allegedly seen an alleged photo that allegedly looks similar to this image, but only the front half:


Of course, this render has some issues just on the face of it as well. For starters, the icons are off. They don't look even remotely similar to past versions of Sense. It's possible that these icons may resemble part of Sense 5.0, but given Pocket Now's claim that these renders don't come from HTC, we're inclined to believe that these are simply fan-made. As you can see below, HTC's design language tends to prefer a much more textured look over the flat, chromeless appearance of these.

2013-01-20_15h41_16 sense3 sense4

Left-to-right: Sense 2, Sense 3, and Sense 4

PocketNow also claims that the rear, as depicted in this photo, was derived from the Windows Phone handset, the HTC 8X. Compare the two and they sure look similar. This doesn't prove much. After all, HTC does use pretty similar designs for its hardware. Still, have a glance.

HTC-M7PL HTC-WP-8X-2V-black

Oddly, the most striking inconsistency is that the navigation buttons have been rearranged in a way that strongly diverges from nearly every other recent handset. Namely, the Home and multitasking buttons have been swapped. However, PocketNow's source claims this is accurate. Which is a baffling choice if true, but not outside the realm of possibility. Unfortunately.  If the M7 comes out with this layout, we can maybe corroborate that some details of this render were accurate, but ultimately there's just too much here that leads us to believe that any similarities between this and the actual handset are coincidental at best. The different icons, the similarities to past phones, and more than anything, the outright claims that this isn't from HTC at all.

Oh and one other thing: in the alleged M7 image, we don't see any buttons, ports, or peripheral features outside the cameras and speaker grills. This thing just screams 'very faithful fan picture'. A trait shared by yet another probably-fake render making its rounds.

Man, we just can't wait for MWC so we can get some real pictures.

Source: PocketNow

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • CordellCollins

    the back looks much more like a desire HD

  • AmeerAftab

    So... you just "smashed" the rumor without giving any substantial facts that prove this rumor is fake. Smashing a rumor with more rumors. Brilliant!

    This is pure click-bait. I thought Android Police was above this nonsense. Well, I stand corrected.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      The source (PocketNow) admitted that it wasn't a real press image themselves. It may look like the real thing (though the back is wrong as it was taken off a Windows phone), but it's not the 100% real thing, as it wasn't made by HTC.

      The 2nd "leak" - the white version - was confirmed fake to me by its author.

      • PINJ

        the white one LOOKS fake though

    • VandrĂ© Brunazo

      Shouldn't you guys save these kind of comments for when it's confirmed to be either one or another? :P

  • Tarek El-Ghazaly

    So you guys are calling this a 'rumor smash'? AP.... why.... Disappointed.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Because it's not real.

  • http://twitter.com/mimrixmike Frettfreak

    Lol. Rumor smashed.. Because android police say so? Lol

    HTC got a lot of praise for the design of the 8x. There's no reason they wouldn't borrow from that for their latest android flag ship.

    U guys just went down a notch in my book

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      That's not the reason @ocentertainment:disqus is saying this is not a real press image. The source itself admitted it's not.

  • JG


  • http://twitter.com/rohanXm Rohan Mathur

    I'm curious as per how this is a "Rumor Smash"

    1) The Icons
    HTC has said so themselves that they are going for a much simpler looking Sense for Sense 5.0... in my opinion, flat icons look better, and even more "simple", just as HTC said. Just because it deviates from the norm doesn't mean that these are fake; HTC could just be switching gears and going to a flatter looking icon set.

    2) The Design
    Many, many, many companies borrow similar looking pieces from other one of their devices. Design elements are CONSTANTLY being borrowed. Take the Note II and the Samsung Galaxy S III. If the Note II's design was first leaked, does that mean that you should have said "ZOMG SOMEONE JUST TOOK A SGSIII AND STRETCHED IT OUT IN PHOTOSHOP"? No, because Samsung wanted to use the design they used on their GSIII on their Note II as well. Similarly, HTC might want to use the design from the 8X on the M7 as well. Its a very nice looking design.

    3) The buttons
    Again, you can't really go off of what they look like here. Sure, its different... but so is Samsung's weird keylayout when compared to HTC's/AOSPs. HTC may just be changing gears, like I states above.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

      1.) "It's possible that these icons may resemble part of Sense 5.0"

      2.) "Compare the two and they sure look similar. This doesn't prove much. After all, HTC does use pretty similar designs for its hardware."

      3.) "However, PocketNow's source claims this is accurate. Which is a baffling choice if true, but not outside the realm of possibility"

      Every single one of these things I very specifically said aren't impossible. They *could* be real. However, as I also said, there are exactly zero ports or buttons on this image and official HTC renders do have them (see the 8X image above). Also, PocketNow's source claims that this isn't real but "close." Given the curious nature of these images, I'd be inclined to believe that over anything else.

      Everything about this image seems to be a hodge-podge of stuff from other sources. We actually just found an alleged leaked Sense 5.0 ROM with icons similar to this one (assuming it's real at all): http://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/news/alleged-screenshots-of-htc-7-running-sense-50-leak-online-314831 But the widgets are identical to the one in the Sense 4.0 screenshot. Also, the date doesn't make sense at all. HTC is known for setting up press shots with the date and location for certain events, but January 15th has come and gone.

      It's suspicious. It looks like a very faithful fan render, but nothing more. After discussing it internally, we removed the [Rumor Smash] tag, but we still stand by the case we made here.

  • http://czujnym-okiem.pl/ Czujny

    Hehehee, how about... no.

  • http://czujnym-okiem.pl/ Czujny

    1. This is new Sense 5.0, saw the screens. You also could saw from the blurry screenshots, that already leaked.
    2. Buttons are just like on the real photo that source has an access - swapped.
    Best regards, source ;)

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000007203733 Anthony Nedumgottil

      Why are the buttons swapped?

      • http://czujnym-okiem.pl/ Czujny

        Don't ask me. I just tell what I can see on the real photo of the device. BTW, it's not the photo that's floating on the Internet, our is much better quality, but still only front of the phone.

        • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

          Where's the device you have? Can we see the real photos of it?

  • 8Charlie

    Kinda hope it's the white one. At least the design is a bit more outspoken on that one. A boring black slab. If you're gonna go for a back slab, go a-la-Nexus. No buttons, interesting curves (GNex) or interesting back (N4). But boring front AND back? Sigh.

    And can they stop putting the ugly logo on the front of the phone? At least put it in a holographic or subtle way, if you're gonna do it. Not in ugly grey letters above or under my screen. My phone is not a physical billboard.

  • LevonTostig


    • LevonTostig

      (wasn't trying to start a flame war - that's the device's entire name)

  • heat361

    Its not real,but the final look will look very close to this. Sense 5 is going to be different and its jot going to be so heavy as it used to.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Do you have access to this info first-hand?

  • lololol

    i guess you are feeling pretty stupid now.. it looks exactly like the leaked pictures