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AWS Console

Android Police coverage: Amazon Releases Official AWS Console App To The Play Store

We still can't get Amazon video on non-Kindle devices, but if you use a lot of Amazon's backend services (like your friendly neighborhood Android Police writers!) you may find a use for the AWS Console. You can manage your cloud systems and set up alarms for the various CloudWatch systems.


The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Management Console for Android, developed by AWS, lets you quickly and easily view and manage your existing EC2 instances and CloudWatch alarms from your phone. It provides mobile-relevant tasks that are a good companion to the full web experience, including the ability to:

• View a summary of your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances, Amazon CloudWatch alarms, total service charges, and AWS Service Health status.
• Filter and search for EC2 instances and CloudWatch alarms.
• View EC2 instance metrics and status checks that show the state of your environment.
• Stop or reboot your EC2 instances.
• List CloudWatch alarms by status and time.

Agenda Calendar

There are a lot of calendar options for Android, not least of which is Google's official app. But Agenda Calendar has achieved quite a bit of success on iOS (where iCal is likewise respected) and is now on the Google Play Store. There's not a lot here that you can't find elsewhere, but there are plenty of differing views - great if you need to see a lot of information right away.


Your calendar's focus is to show what's happening now. Enter Agenda. When you're mobile, your calendar app's main focus is to show you what's happening now. Enter Agenda. Agenda is a beautifully designed calendar for your Android phone that gives you various "at a glance" views. We've stripped away all the stuff you don't need, so you can more quickly manage your day. Agenda support devices running Android 4.0 and above. It uses the calendar settings from your device, so all calendars in the Android calendar will be available in Agenda.


Izik is the mobile component to Blekko, a much-hyped alternative search engine. In addition to getting a little non-Google search action, it has an interface that's specifically designed for tablets... with questionable effectiveness. It's basically a category search with gestures thrown in. I didn't find a lot of use for it, but it's free, so why not give it a spin.


izik (pronounced EYE-zik) is the first search engine that is optimized for the tablet. With izik, the practicality of the web unfolds at your fingertips in a fun and playful manner. Type the name of your favorite band, TV show, sports team, city, recipe - really anything - and izik will produce an image-rich page filled with quality content for you to explore.

Circle - Nearby Friends Chat!

If you want to chat with those around you, you could use Google Latitude, or if you want to be needlessly convoluted, you could try Circle. Only those schoolmates, coworkers or friends who are near you (determined via Facebook) will show up. This app is definitely a contender in the "let's go get a beer" space.


Circle- find your friends, contacts and connections nearby now, anywhere. SOCIAL RADAR- The #1 App to Find your Friends, Contacts and Suggested Contacts that are nearby, anywhere in the world. Circle magically tells you when new people are around. FEATURED by Techcrunch, Huffington Post, FastCompany and more as the FUTURE of social networking. Find and chat with people around you that have similar interests. Join networks today.

GMD Smart Rotate

Android Police coverage: [New App] GMD Smart Rotate Copies Samsung's Camera-Based Orientation Control - Perfect For The Frequently Horizontal

If you've played with Samsung's Smart Rotate feature, which uses the front-facing camera to keep the phone rotated to the user's eyes, you know how this one goes. And if you haven't, you might as well take this chance to try it out. The free version gives pretty much everything you could want from this esoteric feature, while the $2 paid version adds things like app-specific behavior.


Smart screen rotation using front facing camera. Smart keeping screen on using front facing camera. Flat rotation - rotate device while it is laying flat on table or your palm (front facing camera must detect your face). First application detect device rotation using accelerometer, then it uses front facing camera to confirm device rotation and decides to rotate screen or not to rotate depending on your face orientation.


The Share function in the core of Android is pretty powerful, but that's not to say that it can't be improved upon. Ctrl+C will allow you to take the share data from just about any app and convert it into textual information. Mostly, this is used for URL sharing between apps when the first app doesn't support it.


Ctrl+C will copy any shareable textual data to Android clipboard. Most apps like Reader and Browser have Share button which sends information to other apps. But not every app accepts shared information. Ctrl+C accepts any textual data like notes and URLs and copies it to system clipboard. Later you can paste this information to any other app. For example, you might read an article in RSS reader and want to share it with your buddy through chat app. But most of chat apps do not accept shared texts. Now you can share an article URL with Ctrl+C, copy it to clipboard and then paste into chat.

AntTek Dictionary

Dictionary apps are useful. Dictionary apps that don't require you to leave the app you're using? Even more useful AntTek Dictionary includes word entries for English to Russian, French, German, and Spanish, and a few more to boot. You can also get entries from Wikipedia, Google Translate, Yahoo Spelling Checker, and more.


AntTek Dictionary is a free GUI for (offline & online) dictionaries supporting more than 50 language pairs. The most beautiful part of this app is the capacity to look up definition while using other apps (Web Browser, Ebook Reader) thanks for floating windows. We look at the best integration with Android platform.


  • Fast search online and offline dictionary
  • Free dictionary data from Market and Internet repository
  • Look up multiple dictionaries at a time
  • Quick search over floating window to search while using other applications



If you're kind, you can think of Cloudnotion as a message in a bottle. If you're a suspicious jerk like yours truly, you think of it as a dead drop. You can only read messages when you're at a specific GPS location, and others can only read the messages you leave there at the same location. This is the stuff of post-futurist spy novels... but in the future, you'll have to pay for the app.


Free until 13.01.2013. Download now for free. Cloudnotion is a game based on geolocation (GPS). Leave a message at the point where what you are, and read messages that others have left. It's like messages in the bottle. If someone responds to your message, we will let you know. You only have to go to this place and you'll be able to read the message :)

DS video

Android Police coverage: Synology Releases Two Apps For Its NAS Units: DS Video And DS Download

Synology's proprietary Network Attached Storage devices aren't the only ones out there, but now they've got at least one thing above the competition. The official DS Video app will allow you to access any video file on your NAS, plus stream video directly over the web. There's also a DVR function if you're properly equipped. You can log directly into your device, or get in with your Synology account.


DS video allows you to stream your Video Station library on your DiskStation from your Android device. DS video sorts your video contents by Movies, TV shows, Home videos as well as recorded programs to make browsing your library all the more convenient. DS video also displays the movie information retrieved online automatically. If you have plugged in a DTV dongle to your DiskStation, you will also be able to record TV programs, as well as view the TV program to manage the recording schedule remotely.

With DS video you can:

  • Browse and play your video contents stored on your DiskStation
  • Search for video files by keywords
  • Add videos and movies to your collections (“Favourites, “Watchlist” or user-defined)
  • Record TV programs if you have at least one DTV dongle plugged into your DiskStation


DS download

Android Police coverage: Synology Releases Two Apps For Its NAS Units: DS Video And DS Download

This is the same as the DS Video app above, except it's designed more for rudimentary file access. Download any file from your Synology NAS, on any network.


DS download allows you to access Download Station remotely from your Android device: you can view your download task list and the information about an individual task, as well as pause, resume or delete tasks. Whether through Web browsers (the device’s native browser or the one in-built in DS download), or simply by inputting the url, you can create download tasks on-the-go. DS download also allows to manage key settings of Download Station: maximum upload and/or download speeds can be set for different types of downloads. Advanced schedules defined in Download Station can be activated/deactivated from DS download.

DS cloud

Android Police coverage: Synology Releases DS Cloud, Lets You Sync Files From Your NAS For Offline Viewing On Your Android Device

...and a third app allows you to sync files, Dropbox-style. Really, Synology? You couldn't cram all this in the same app?


You must own a Synology NAS to run this app. Only Synology users participating in the Beta programme for DSM 4.2 will be able to use DS cloud. DS cloud is the counterpart to Cloud Station for your Android device. It allows you to choose the folders on your DiskStation which you want to sync to your mobile device and make available for offline viewing. DS cloud also gives you total control over the sync criteria: for each folder, you can set the maximum file size as well as the type of files you wish to sync.


Android Police coverage: MediaFire Releases Android App, Provides Easy Access To Your 50GB Of Free Storage

MediaFire is the online storage system that's been around forever, and it seems to have taken them that long and a little more to create an Android app. You know how this goes: access, download, upload, and share any file in your account from Android.


MediaFire provides a complete and easy to use service for managing your digital stuff. Whenever and wherever you go, MediaFire makes sure that your files are always with you. Never be away from your important files again. With 50GB of free storage, MediaFire lets you access all your documents, photos, and videos from anywhere. Securely store, organize, and share all your data on the web and through your Android device.


Yes, yes, another cloud storage app. In its defense, Cloud works on a variety of platforms, and looks great with Holo style. The files themselves are organized by type, and converted on the fly if necessary. You can move files between connected devices, or publish them from your Android phone or tablets.


Glide connects your devices and cloud services so that you have access to all of your files no matter where they are stored. With Glide you can easily share and publish files and web content from your PC or mobile device. Glide automatically converts file formats when needed for easy sharing with friends and family.


PushBullet is a to do app... with a little more. In addition to simple "pushing" of files from desktops to your device, you can push and sync lists, snippets of text, and the like, and the Jelly Bean expandable notifications are great for anyone who can take advantage of them.


Ever notice that it's easy for other people to get things on your phone (by email, text message, etc), but if you want to get something on your own phone, it can be a real pain? PushBullet solves this problem by making it easy to push to your devices, making them even more useful! Here's a couple examples of how to use PushBullet: Want a file from you computer on your phone? Push it instead of hooking your phone up to your computer. Going grocery shopping? Push the grocery list to your phone instead of writing it on a piece of paper. Need to remember something important? Push it to your phone and it will be there when you need it.

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Cheddar - Todo list

Android Police coverage: Unofficial Open Source Cheddar App Syncs With ToDo Web Service, Has Swanky Holo UI To Boot

Cheddar is a popular syncing To Do manager, but until now, it's been limited to web, Mac OS and iOS apps. The primary developers haven't seen the light, but one independent has, and he released a surprisingly competent Android app for the service. Unfortunately, you'll need to pay for more than two lists at a time, but items are unlimited.


Cheddar is built by and is available for iOS devices and the web. It is an amazing todo list which keeps things simple and is always in sync. Many todo lists have lots of clutter around creating tasks, adding tags, setting due dates, assigning tasks to people, etc. Cheddar is just text. Type in the box. Press return and done. If you want to tag a task, use a hashtag just like you would on Twitter. You can also use markdown in your tasks for extra awesomeness. With Cheddar your tasks are everywhere instantly. Everything you do with Cheddar pushes to all of your devices, so your world is always in sync. It is magical to create a task on your Android phone and have it instantly be on you computer without thinking about syncing.


Microsoft's HelpBridge takes the "I'm OK" alerts from the various Red Cross apps we've featured in the past and lets you separate it into its own service. It also includes donation tools, via text or PayPal, which is too often left out of these things.


HelpBridge is a free mobile app that connects people to their loved ones and opportunities to help in a time of disaster. With just a few clicks, you can quickly send e-mails and texts to co-workers, family, or friends, and post an emergency message to your Facebook wall. All communications can also include your location, if you want. Or, if you’re in a position to help, you can donate money via text-to-give or PayPal, donate goods, or volunteer your time towards relief efforts.

Score It Free

This one's simple: if you need an easy way to score your weekly Canasta game, Score It is, well, it. With dozens of predefined games and an editor included, you'll never need to find the Scrabble notebook again.


No more searching for pencil and paper, and no more math. Score It makes keeping score for card, dice, domino, or other games easy. Choose from a number of predefined games, or create your own scoring rules[*].

Game Play Features:

  • Continue where you left off
  • Track the current dealer
  • Restart a game
  • Edit scores already entered[*]
  • Save a history of completed games
  • Easily replay a completed game with the same players

Crazy Blind Date (by OkCupid)

If you're an OkCupid user, it's a fair bet that you'd like to meet someone special. The service's latest app pairs you with anonymous (but still personality-matched) members of the opposite sex in your area. Yeah, it's a little bit creepy, but it's got to be at least as good as heading for the singles bar again.


Crazy Blind Date—a new dating app from OkCupid—is the easiest and fastest way to go on dates. You just tell us when and where you’d like to go, and we set you up with one of our millions of awesome singles. The app maintains your privacy while finding you the perfect match behind the scenes. With just a few taps, you could have dates every night of the week.

BT SmartTalk

Who'd have thought that stodgy old British Telecom would hop onboard with the whole VOIP thing? The new SmartTalk app allows users of any Android phone, on any mobile service, to use their home phone number to make calls. This may be cheaper than using your mobile number, especially if you're roaming internationally.


BT customers can save money when making expensive calls from their mobiles using the free BT SmartTalk app. If you’re a BT home phone customer you can now make calls for the same great value as if you were using your BT calling plan, all through your smartphone’s Wi-Fi connection. You can save money making calls to 0800, 0845 and 0870 numbers. You can make calls back to the UK from abroad for the same price you’d pay if you were in your living room. You can make great value calls without having to top up your Pay-As-You-Go credit.

Jongla - Instant Messenger

There's no reason to use Jongla above Google Chat, or any other chat application, for that matter. But if you and your circle of friends uses it (for whatever reason,) you've now got a shiny Android app to do so on the go.


Jongla IM is a fast and reliable instant messaging service for smartphones, PCs and tablets. Connect instantly with your real friends around the world. See when others are online, offline or even typing back. The application uses push notifications, so you can instantly receive messages from your friends. Jongla works all over the world – and the best thing is it’s free.

Saving Memories Forever

If you are your family's designated archivist, you can find a use for Saving Memories Forever. Create profiles for all your family members, then get them to record their memories, like the time Uncle Frank went to prison in uncertain circumstances surrounding a cop car, fifty pounds of eggs, and a rabid gerbil. Recordings will be saved to the web, where they can be retrieved or shared.


Create your family history through audio recordings with the help of this special Android App from Saving Memories Forever. Have a story to tell? Wish to share it with current and future generations? Tell it in your own words, exactly as you remember it, and use this App to upload it to the Saving Memories Forever website. The App and website will allow you to record as many stories as you like, then share them with whomever you wish, as you create your own audio family album.

This app is only going to be useful for those who regularly need to hire voice talent, or would like to become it. Even so, it's pretty neat to see real sample tapes from voice actors.


With the official Android app, you can tap into a network of 75,000 voice-over talents from around the world, making finding the perfect voice for your next audio or video production easy. for Android lets you:

  • Browse the Top 100 voices or search our global network of voice actors by keyword, language, gender, location and specialty.Visit talent profiles and listen to voice over samples. While you are there, learn more about a talent and view their feedback ratings and reviews.
  • After posting your job, talent responses will arrive within the hour.
  • Review responses by comparing voice samples, proposals and price quotes. You can "like" an audition to help create a short list of talent you might work with.
  • When you've found the voice talent you want to work with, simply tap "Award Job."

Inaugural 2013

Obama's second inauguration might not be the million-strong party it was four years ago, but those depressingly patriotic individuals who choose to make a political pilgrimage to Washington D.C. will still appreciate a guide to the event and the surrounding hoopla.


Don’t miss a moment of the 57th Presidential Inauguration with the official mobile app. Get a front row seat at the ceremonial swearing-in with the app’s built-in live stream, find events near you, and stay connected. No matter where you are, you can join President Obama and Vice President Biden in being a part of history.


If you've ever wanted to see your office blown up by aliens, this is the app for you. FxGuru records a little video, then enacts some pre-rendered destruction on the scene and outputs it to a local file. It'll even clean up the scene with some clone stamp-style effects. Too bad that most of the effects require some pricey in-app purchases.


Amazing Special Effects for Mobile Video. Lights Camera Action. Add the fun and excitement of big-budget Hollywood special effects to any video with FxGuru. FxGuru offers groundbreaking features for you to blow-away your friends. 3 FREE effects included. A wide variety of other effects are available for in-app purchase.

McElligot’s Pool - Dr. Seuss

The latest app to enter Dr. Suess's celebrated Android library is McElligot's Pool. It's got the same kid-friendly display, narration, and follow-the-bouncing ball reading help as the books featured in our previous roundups.


Young Marco casts his fishing line deep in McElligot's pool and imagines the curious sea creatures that might bite. "I might catch a fish with a pinwheel-like tail. I might catch a fish who has fins like a snail." Follow along as his imagination takes him around the world, seeking wild creatures with unusual habits.

Talking Angela

How can you make Talking tom Cat even more annoying? If you replied "make him a female French café-browsing princess," congratulations, you're right.


Join Talking Angela in Paris, the city of love and style. Wow her and treat her like a princess because let’s face it, she IS a princess. Chat with her, buy her presents and choose her wardrobe. You can even smile at her or show her your tongue (but that’s no way to treat a lady). She is not alone in the city though, you may see a familiar face pop up here and there but in a completely different role.

Live Wallpapers

Ubuntu Live Wallpaper Beta

Canonical isn't all that interested in Android itself, though they're more than happy to piggy-back on some Nexus hardware. If you want to proudly fly your off-mauve colors (and add a little functionality to boot,) this unofficial Ubuntu wallpaper is for you.


Are you a fan of Ubuntu? Waiting for Ubuntu Phone? So are we. :) If you can wait no more, we have small substitute for your android phone. You can enjoy a live wallpaper that is similar to Ubuntu Phone ‘Welcome Screen’ from Canonical. Pure fan project. From fans for fans.

WTF Apps Of The Week

Tractor Pulling Demo

Believe it or don't, tractors are a big deal in gaming... or at least they are for the strange, disturbing people who keep buying the Farming Simulator games. This one will let you try out real tractors from brands like John Deere and Farmall, in the Stock, Pro, Super, Two and Four Wheeled, Pro and Super Semi categories. Try to contain your excitement.


Tractor Pulling for Android, with over 500 events and 20+ tractors. This is the DEMO version. You are given only two tractors, from the Super Farm and Limited Modified class. Purchase the full game to unlock all the tractors. Tractor Pulling is the first 3D tractor pulling game for the Android OS, with over 500 events and 20+ tractors. Uses OpenGL ES and jPCT for 3D Graphics and high quality sound effects to place you directly in the seat of the worlds most powerful tractors.

Llama Unicorn vs Rainbow World

I suppose a Llamacorn is a llama with a horn. Why it's running through the Incan Empire trailing a rainbow (a la Robot Unicorn Attack) I couldn't say.


PLAY LLAMA UNICORN. try yourself win this challenge agains the Rainbow World. Take Charlie the Llamacorn for the run of his life. You are the 8 year old Princess Bia. Your magical pet Llamacorn named Charlie is stuck in your dreams. You need to help Charlie race to the end of Rainbow World Dream Land so he can come back to reality with you. This Llama Unicorn Adventure has amazing high quality graphics and addictive gameplay.

Love n Lol

This is a game that includes basic quizzes about making... relations. Doin' the deed. Whoopie. Baby making. The beast with two backs. Rolling in the clover. Sewing seeds. Sex, is what I'm getting at here.


Love'n'lol is a really funny game about sex. So how much do you know about doing it? Will you fall for common myths or show your skill and win the games? So the question is, are you a noob or a sexpert? Time to find out.

Brian Blessed Alarm Clock

If you don't know who Brian Blessed is, he's the guy who played Prince Vultan in the 1980 version of Flash Gordon. Apparently, he's also an incredibly prolific actor of stage and screen (you might have tried to forget his voice performance of Boss Nass in Star Wars Episode I). And a complete nutjob. If you'd like to know what it's like to be awakened by an insane Shakespearian with a beard fit for King Lear, try the alarm app below. Check the video, it's a must-see.


Yes, finally Android users have no excuse to be lazy boned slug-a-beds and they too can wake up to the stentorian tones of our favourite bearded national treasure. Featuring: 30 alarms (more to come) with a mix of shockingly bad Shakespearean hacks, silly songs and motivational encouragement. Special bonus hypno Blessed on the Moon to lull you gently to a marvellously restful sleep* Optional Brian on a rocket alarm for when you need that extra boost to get you out of bed.

*not scientifically proven.

Synergy Blade

If the film Falling Down was a video game made by the same Japanese guy who thought up Mr. Mosquito, it might look a lot like Synergy Blade. If you need to blow off some steam for an abusive boss, this might be some good (and entirely fictional) escapism.


Hack your way through endless waves of middle management. It's just you, your boss, your boss's boss and your sharp-edged ergonomic keyboard. Slice 'em repeatedly with our multi-slice technology.


-Slice bosses in half.
-Slice bosses to shreds.
-Slice bosses with cigars.

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