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Terry Cavanagh, the mind behind VVVVVV and Don't Look Back, brought Super Hexagon – a game already lauded among iOS, Mac, and Windows users – to Android, with its minimalistic, addictive gameplay intact.

The game, for those who don't know, is about as minimal as it gets – you control a small triangle on the outside of a central hexagon. In sync with a groovy beat, walls will quickly flood in. Your job is to avoid those walls for as long as possible. The game's trailer demonstrates the concept perfectly:

For added difficulty, the triangle is controlled not with gestures, but by tapping and holding. Holding your finger on the right side of the screen will cause the triangle to rotate right, while tapping the left side will move the triangle to the left.

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Between its rhythmic beats, color-infused geometric visual style, and surprising control method, Super Hexagon is a devilishly difficult game, but one that's just difficult enough to frustrate you while still keeping you coming back for more punishment.

Those interested in picking up the game would be well-advised to do so soon – it's on sale for just $0.99 in celebration of its launch. Just hit the widget below to grab the download and spend the rest of the night navigating an insane loop of hexagonal walls.

Liam Spradlin
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  • Kevin Aaronson

    The Store and Cavanaugh say it doesn't work on nexus 7, but it runs better than on my gs3. Total bummer for those that only have a nexus 7.

    • defred34

      So works for yours? What firmware are you on?

      • Kevin Aaronson

        4.2.2 stock rooted. Just sent a titanium back up. No lag, input seems more precise than phone.

        • defred34

          Well now you can get it for your Nexus 7 directly from Google Play!

    • Spittie

      Now you can available for the nexus 7 on the play store too: https://mobile.twitter.com/terrycavanagh/status/292769151980810241
      working perfectly on mine.

  • Andy

    i got dizzy just watching it......sweet
    /high as fu**

  • defred34

    Please, please, please - I beg you to go to Google Play and get this game. There can be no other option. Hands down the perfect-est game I have played - so f*cking hard but not unfair. If you lose, it is always your fault (or you can always blame that itch on your nose or elbow!).

    Can we have a best times list please? I am Top 10 in Hyper Hexagoner for now...

    • dextersgenius

      Seriously? O.o

      My best time was like 10 seconds. Are you playing it on a tablet? Because that would give you an advantage.

      Now I wonder why did I even bother paying for a game that I can't play for longer than 10 seconds. :(

  • Sascha Heid

    best game i played in the last 20 years.

  • Alberto Hamade

    I can't get past 5 seconds. SGS3 CM 10.1

    • defred34

      Imagine poeple getting >400 seconds on the sixth difficulty level then! It took me about 3-5 hours total playtime to get past the first level, so don't lose heart man.

      • Román Rodríguez

        I can't even get to the second level because I don't resist 20 seconds. XD

        When the red things turn yellow I don't know what to do. It's so difficult, but not frustating, it's very fun and addictive..

    • Joseph Cascio

      Keep with it. I wasn't able to see clearly or get past 5 seconds for a while. But after a couple hours off and on I finally hit the 30.18 mark.

  • CeluGeek

    Best game EVER. A game that's too fricking hard, yet not frustrating... This is genius!

  • ChainsawCharlie


  • Adam

    If it goes that fast I've no interest. :P

    • defred34

      That, my friend, is just the beginning. The first level is called HARD. The last is called HARDESTESTEST!!!!

      • Adam

        Ha! I'll pass, then. My reactions are TRAGIC. :P

  • NeuroDougal

    This is an odd game. After a few hours it starts to feel more like a test for your brain than anything else. The way your brain just takes over for you is an experience no other game can make happen like this one. An absolute must.

    • Forcemaker

      I fully agree. I got bad reactions in general and ultra-fast games are not my stuff. But this one gets me every 1-2 days to give it a try again. It stimulates every neuron in ma' slow brain of mine and it actually gives me headaches BUT THIS IS a crazy good game.

      I really really really like it even if it fracks me... Addictiveness!

      What I do not like to much is the controls as they are somewhat unprecise... I often end up putting my "cursor" right in the middle of the to hex fields and hitting the wall too often. I wish it would be more digital than analog: just place the "cursor" on predefined slots within a hex range and not at any angle. (hope you get what I mean.) Even if it makes it less harderererer.

  • Chris

    Anyone else think that just the hexagons would make for a sick live wallpaper?