Last Updated: January 28th, 2013

At this point, most of you are likely familiar with NFC, what it does, and all the neat things you can do with it. And when you start writing your own commands to NFC tags, the possibilities are nearly endless. You could, for example, have a tag that silences your phone, disables GPS, and sets the screen brightness to 'auto' at night. Or have one for the car that enables Bluetooth and GPS, disables Wi-Fi, and then launches your favorite media player or navigation. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

  1. Jason Fisher
  2. Kees En Linda Folmer
  3. Gerard Lavery
  4. Alex Zychowicz
  5. Torstein Molland
  6. Ali Manasra
  7. Clyde Norman
  8. Matt
  9. Lee Adams
  10. Kevin B.

As useful as it is, though, I've noticed one thing during my time with NFC: I sometimes get tags mixed up with each other. Because they all look the same, it's hard (if not impossible) to remember which ones do what. Our friends at Tags for Droid have a simple, yet effective solution to that quandary, though: stickers. Andy-approved (and adorned) stickers that let you customize each tag with something that represents its function. Brilliant.


Because NFC is so useful, we've partnered up with Tags for Droid once again to get more tags in to your hands. We have ten packs of the following to give away:

  • 5 re-writable NFC tags
  • 1 re-writable NFC keychain
  • 1 page of stickers to customize the tags appropriately

1[5] 2

There are two different types of tags: Mifare and NTAG203. To keep the difference simple, here's the gist: if you have a Nexus 4 or Nexus 10, get NTAG203. For all other devices, Mifare works perfectly. Both types are available for this giveaway – if you win, it's up to you which one to get.

So, how do you enter? Follow the directions in the widget, of course:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway begins now, is available to users across the globe, and will end on Tuesday, January 22 at 12:00 AM (midnight) PT. 

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Maxwell Kozlov

    I would use these tags to save battery by switching profiles.

  • Vishnu Vadlamudi

    These NFC tags would go great with my Note II.

  • Dennis

    I would place them in the livingroom and write my guest wi-fi settings to it. So guests just have to put their phone to it, to have wi-fi connection!

  • http://www.facebook.com/nickkarstedt Nick Karstedt

    Using these to change settings profiles would be pretty rockin'!

  • Sanci

    Now I have an S2, but it will be good for my S4 :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001907162275 Torstein Molland

    One for night mode, one for work mode and one for gaming/video mode.

  • 0xJerry

    hope i win!

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.rushie Michael Rushie

    I would use a sticker to setup my gps and start Sygic Navigation in my car. The key chain would be used as a key to unlock my Nexus 7. Plus I could do a lot with the Tasker app

  • http://profiles.google.com/mark.slavin Mark Slavin

    Could be used to leave contact information on my desk at work for when I'm not there.

  • http://gplus.to/questioncom victor sanchez

    All my friends have nfc phones. Would be great for when hey come over and need to connect to my wifi

  • Michael

    Automatically change settings? Yes please!

  • http://twitter.com/frequency_ K G

    Would love to try these out with my nexus 4!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_IAA4MJPYKQI5XPVKTQC35IP4B4 Clif

    i wonder if i could use it as a password to my password manager as dual authentication

  • Reehan Ahmad

    I would let it unlock/wake my tablet when asleep.
    I hope I win!

  • Brandon Sorensen

    I would love to be able to automate more repetitive settings changes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.danna.733 Jonathan Danna

    I'd set up my N7 and eventually my N4 with car / home tasker tasks. :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001503814148 Peter James Escobar

    I'll use it for my Nexus 7 to extend Music listening.

  • http://twitter.com/ryandrea19 Andrea Lobo

    I would use one it to auto-set my phone to silent by having one tag on
    my books, or something, so im not disturbed. and then have a WiFi
    sticker for when im home, it will automatically turn the 3G off and
    switch to WiFi, and depending on how far this thing can go, i Haven't
    used any NFC function, so if it can, then i would attach one to my
    keys,wallet , and one to my phone, so i can find either with my brothers
    phone :P Since im always loosing my stuff

  • http://www.facebook.com/vasilis.kourtis Vasilis Kourtis

    Cool. I wonder what you can do with the keychain!

  • shmuelp

    I'd probably save two for the car: one to enable bluetooth and disable screen lock, and another to toggle between music and navigation. I'd put a vcard suitable for sharing on the keychain. The others would probably be set up for nighttime use (e.g. dim screen, disable gps?), arrival at home and the office.

    So far, I've found that the more NFC tags I have, the more I can find uses for them.

  • http://twitter.com/AgentMulder_ AP

    I would use it to automate everything!

  • dewa made

    i want that

  • http://www.facebook.com/DLuChiu Dave Lu Chiu

    ill use one in my room and the keychain one to bring along to school :D the others i'll have o find other uses for them :D

  • http://komorkomania.pl/author/michal-brzezinski Michal Brzezinski

    Awesome application (for my visitors) would be connecting to my Wi-Fi using this NFC sticker.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tushar.gupta07 Tushar Gupta

    NFC :D

  • gagan

    I want it

  • PudgyPanda

    seeing how much I sleep

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=7001731 Parker Martin


  • Junilm

    Haven't tried nfc on my galaxy nexus and hope to try if i win this.

  • http://twitter.com/alekhkhanna Alekh Khanna

    NFC <3

  • n4owner

    i really want some tags to create some tasker workflows for my N4

  • Aaron Miller

    I'd love to try out some nfc goodness!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lukas.bendikas.1 Lukas Bendikas

    I'd use a pair in the car for music and navigation, one for sleep, one on enter/exit home and last one for work time management (work mode, break mode)

  • Apekaas

    Oh nice! I would use a wake-up one to launch train-traffic info and set all settings like sound and connection. No need for an app then to do that automatically anymore and be wrong on occassions when you sleep different hours :) Same goes for a good-night one, because having it automatically set things is annoying on a night out!

  • Bram Bonné

    I'd use them to switch profiles: enter airplane mode when my phone is put next to my bed, enter navigation & music mode when put in the car, enter silent mode when put on my desk at work.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BelenCebrian Belén Cebrián Sánchez

    Wow! Thanks for the giveaway! I was planning to get one of these soon, so it would be nice if I win one instead of buying it =) I would use the tags when I go to sleep, for enter the airplane mode and activate the alarms, and when I wake up for deactivate them.

  • Welker Costa

    I'll put one on the nightstand to activate airplane mode when I go to sleep :D

  • http://www.lauriedesautels.com/ lauriedesautels

    I would first connect my NFC tag stereo which launches Google Music, begins playing, and gives a pop up to launch Navigation which I use all the time. I would give the rest to a friend of mine who just bought the S3 after having an iPhone...

  • http://www.lauriedesautels.com/ lauriedesautels

    Thanks for the fun giveaway! NFC tags are still so new to folks and this a fun way to learn and share ideas ;)

  • Rohan

    Oh Man this is so cool. Using these tags to create context/environment aware tasks would be awesome. Please let me win these :)

  • Stefan A

    Haven't really used NFS a whole lot on my Gnex, so it would to win these!

  • Stefan A

    NFC* I failed so bad in my first post, sorry for 2 posts! But I would one of the tags to change all my settings for school, for example silent mode, darker screen for longer battery life etc. and another tag to change it all back when I get home! :)

  • Sven Enterlein

    NFC is very useful. Was skeptical in the beginning but I've learned to appreciate it. I use them everywhere I go (office, car, home, nightstand)

  • http://patmahoneyjr.com Patrick Mahoney

    Alarms, navigation, and silent mode. Plus maybe a near-airplane mode for when I'm inside a building with thick walls.

  • Kie

    Have been looking into these tags a lot recently, and Tags For Droid looked liked the best place to buy them (Android branded and keychain!). This would be great. What I wanted them the most was to change my phone into a "car" mode when i got in the car. Change volume levels, launch a car dock app, turn off wifi. Just want that to be a simplified experience from what i'm working with now

  • http://www.facebook.com/davor.gricar Davor Gričar

    NFC, NFC!!

  • Alex.impacts

    Never really had a chance to use NFC yet with my new phone but this certainly looks really useful. Would be perfect for switching modes in the car or home

  • Ryan M

    I could use NFC to automate phone tasks.

  • Javier Oggento

    One in the car for bluetooth, one on my nightstand for silence time.....one on each room of my house I guess :)

  • gabriel banateanu

    I would use to stick it on my laptop to put my nexus on vibrate while in the office

  • Carola

    I would like to tag all the materials I use in my workshop

  • http://twitter.com/fejorca Fernando Orozco

    Nice giveaway, I've never used NFC but I can't wait to do it

  • Ferdy Kwee

    Shave those seconds on switching wifi on/off, silent-ring-vibrate mode. Make a NFC personal contact card to share with would-be friends. Make a direct facebook fanpage of my online shop, so that new customers (physically, duhh) can 'like' my page to get a discount.

  • Amy

    Having just got the HTC One X+, I'm still learning where all the functions and settings are. Having these tags would make it so much easier for me to truly figure out my phone!

  • George Jones

    Haven't managed to make use of the NFC on my S2 yet, would be cool to try!

  • Aitor

    I would love to have thos, to use them to develo more NFC applications :)

  • Jason Hall

    I would program tags for my CyanogenMod profiles and use NFC secure by r2doesinc to protect my device!

  • Trevor Edwards

    I already use your tags to simplify the ride to work on my motorbike but I would also like to simplify rides to other places and within the home and in work to send messages when I arrive and leave to set the phones different functions and to open and close my electric shutters on the garage by showing my phone to the waterproof tag and so many other things! The list just goes on as the use is only limited by the imagination!!!

  • Esteban Cruz Trujillo

    Just got my first car, NFC for Bluetooth settings would be great.

  • Jesslyn Hendrix

    I need one for work, car, bedside and home. That leaves two extra for maybe travel and meetings. I love NFC and so does my new Note 2

  • Pkmmte

    I recently got a few tags from a friend and it's amazing how useful they are!

    I'm thinking of new ways to use the tags and winning some would be perfect for my testing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexslx Alexandre Leites

    I really need this NFC tags, my xperia tags is very limited.

  • Istvan Vaik

    I would use it with my gnex that I just bought last week :) thx

  • Oscar

    Nice giveaway. I'll use them to change profiles, specially to activate airplane mode when I go to sleep.

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjammin09 Ben Marchant

    Yep yep, its good stuff!

  • Freak4Dell

    I is in.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bassowl Ben Bootsma

    I use two cars, one for work and personal use, so a couple of these tags would save me continually switching between different modes and profiles on my One XL!

  • Clyde Norman

    I love NFC I use it everyday when I get into work and return from work

  • ArKay

    NFC tags... those would be handy. A keychain might even be more fun. But hey... I'd love to have some to experiment with, please.

  • http://profiles.google.com/mathias.christensen Mathias Christensen

    Maybe use it for silencing the phone at night

  • http://twitter.com/VishalSheth83 Vishal Sheth

    This would be amazing to have. Sign me up for the contest for sure!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=827893699 Geovanni West


  • http://twitter.com/chrisfl1963 Chris Taylor

    nice can't wait to try them out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cosmin.bontas Cosmin Bontaş


  • Robin

    Dreamt about NFC but never bought some though. Its time now :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevinvrancken Kevin Vrancken

    I hope I win a Mifare tag, great contest :)

  • peter steffek

    nfc is awesome :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/Rudytg1 Rudy Antonio Lacosse

    I'm definitely a fan of NFC, as a student and being able to silent my phone without having to go through the menu setting would be awesome. With the additional NFC tags, anything is possible.

  • Eric Archer

    NFC tags are pretty awesome! Makes my day much easier!

  • Franco


  • http://www.facebook.com/nicolas.cuellar Nicolas Cuellar

    Would be nice to have one

  • hoboy

    'will use this to toggle car mode on and off!

  • Cody Lusk

    Blog post done. Hope I win.

  • Jonathan Nakhla

    I would have a link to my app on the play store :]

  • vhick

    I will use this tags manly for customized profiles. I will set some commands that take action while phone is silent and enter to a certain area.

  • rap

    I would use it set a home profile (volume up, screen lock off (if possible)) and silent locked mode for when going places

  • http://twitter.com/anantha Anantha

    I'd love to get these to use to turn on my bluetooth and answer a call with minimum fuss when I'm in my car. I would use another one to just silence the phone with a tap when I am in a meeting and/or send an auto "will call back later" text.

  • hvzf1zr

    i'll use it to simplify my life. just a touch and my phone will do what i want

  • http://about.me/BenRogersWPG Ben Rogers

    These would be amazing! Thanks all!

  • Hector Acevedo

    I love nfc tags. Been turning people on to them since I started using them.

  • MJBigDeal

    track my sleep patterns

  • Aki I.

    always wanted to try some of these in the car and at friends house

  • w5t1h7

    please! ive never seen an nfc tag in my life Dx

  • Ben

    NFC for my next phone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SamarthRajeev Samarth Rajeev

    I would use them as my Bike's Key Chain!

  • Emil

    Would love to actualy try the NFC

  • http://www.facebook.com/ivan.najgrozniji Ivan Grozni

    Gimme one! :P

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1393278219 Jachym Kokesh Lukes

    Turn the WiFi off on my bicycle to save some juice

  • Hieu

    I would like to use it to turn on my HTPC :)

  • JBobea

    Very convenient tags system, they should be everywhere!

  • Pallav

    I would use the NFC tags for changing my phone profiles and the different Wi-Fi networks (home and office) automatically.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001164647091 Szabó Krisztián

    NFC is the best with arduino/raspberry pi for home automation

  • kellett23

    I'd have one in my car to turn off wi-fi and turn on navigation and one next to my bed to turn phone on silent and set the alarm

  • http://twitter.com/duanemck Duane McKibbin

    I would use them to clock in and out at work using Timesheet with the NFC addon.

  • Max

    Unlock phone, change audio profiles, change mobile and wifi settings

  • http://twitter.com/yash1229 Yash Bhatia

    Would love to win these so that I can use them while driving. Would also be pretty useful for toggling profiles while entering my workplace and home! :)

  • Nigel

    I like playing with NFC, but yes, it can get confusing (especially if you don't use a tag for a while)

  • http://www.facebook.com/kazutaka.muraki Kazutaka Muraki

    I would be my life better, when i get to work, and forget to put the phone silent XD!

  • http://www.flexlabs.org/ Artiom

    I'd love to get my hands on some of those NTAG203 ones :)

  • Tammy


  • Tammy

    It would be great to change my wifi settings and audio profiles.

  • http://www.facebook.com/attila.ujjobbagy Ujjobbágy Attila

    Create a lot of profiles, Home, Office, Car, etc.

  • Eric Jones

    I already use them in my car, at home, at work, I even have the key chain set as my contact card. If I had more, I would share some with friends to get them hooked on NFC tags as well.

  • Erik G

    I can't wait to automate my house using these... A tag to say "I'm home" which will start up my computer, play music, turn on lights... a long way to go, but that's the dream.

  • http://about.me/pinter mpinter

    I'm trying profiles with CM10.1 on my Gnex. I'd like to try to see if these NFC chips could allow me to change the profile automatically at home at work or in the car.

  • Daniel Wu

    I use NFC to simply my life in my car!!!!

  • Andrew Kachaniwsky

    This is awesome, I need that NFC!

  • Kevin C

    Never played with NFC tags before, this would be a cool way to start :)

  • Steve Giralt

    I have a few NFC tags around, but this looks like a great idea!

  • http://twitter.com/jeepnie1 Jeffrey Wright

    to turn on the drive mode in my car. to make notifications quiet when I goto bed. thousands of things

  • Ali AlAli

    I'd use it for my friends when they visit me, first thing, "what's the password for your wifi?"

  • Rod

    It would make it easy just switching between modes when moving around home, the office and Car. It would simplify a lot of things I do on my phone

  • John Wolf

    I've been wanting to give NFC a try to automate my phone settings between car, home, and work.

  • mikeym0p

    Having NFC automation in my house would be an amazing gift.

  • buckingm

    I would use it to ensure that the phone went into a bluetooth / handsfree mode when I got in the car

  • Andrew Do

    I would keep one on my night stand, for "sleep" mode, and another for "weekend" mode

    The key chain one would be use for toggling work mode, where I would restrict access to certain apps. It would stream line so much.

    I would also pair one with an QR code so accessing the wifi in my home wouldn't be a hassle for any guests.

  • http://www.facebook.com/yo.mamaa.908 Yo Mamaa

    I would put two tags n the car, one silent all for going to work, and the other one to enable all things going home, same goes night dresser, silent all - enable all - This would minimize an additional app running in the background to do these tasks for me.

    I would also set one tag for your podcast and update your social media, since you guys rock!

    Keep up the good work - Long time AP fan! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/slacker57 Brandon Woo

    I'm not sure how I'd use these yet, but I know I haven't been using NFC to its full potential, so winning this would get me started in the right direction. :)

  • kJani

    I would use them on my router to share the wifi password with my friends. And also i want to start develop an NFC NFC app on self idea.

  • Paul

    I love using NFC tags. I've got 7 throughout my house and car... And I need more!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/agg3l0st Agelos Petheriotis

    Never had a change to try note 2 nfc capabilities. Hope I win so I will be able to use nfc alarm :-)!

  • Vincent

    I really want these to have a play around with these and experiment, they seem brilliant for day-to-day routines without having to do any of the work.

  • heiti

    wow amazing

  • http://twitter.com/KikooKubus Kristián Kubus

    One of possible uses - setting up an alarm clock.

  • http://twitter.com/KomeilKarimi Komeil Karimi

    the keychain would def be for getting my HOX into car mode as soon as I sit in

  • ChumbleSpuzz

    in combination with tasker, automate settings by placing on the nightstand, car, desk art work, etc

  • Aaron Douglas Charlong

    One tag for every different setting, home, work, car, running

  • http://www.facebook.com/yohanes.niko Yohanes Niko Yang

    I imagine placing a tag near my bed to put my phone on airplane mode / silent at night, placing one on the cupboard door to put my phone ready for the day (turn on data, sound, vibration, etc), placing one in the car to turn on GPS and launch map app on my phone, and put one on my office desk to put my phone on silent while I am in office.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pardyou Pablo Acevedo Rtpo

    I waaant it , it will be so useful for me :D

  • Andrew Jay

    Really want to get some of these.

  • Robert

    These would be great for automation and automating things - just tap my phone on a tag, and have it change a profile, or perhaps integrate with IFTTT, which would be really cool.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003826140059 Daniel Garmo

    I would love to win. Having a nexus 4 and 10 but no way to use NFC makes me sad. All I know is I would use the hell out of these tag at school, work, home, WHEREVER

  • http://www.facebook.com/lazrbear Lazer Bear

    I'd put one near my bed, one at work and one on the door at home to automate Wi-fi, ringer and sync settings!

  • ewilliams1009

    To track my sleep and time at my desk

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Winners posted - congratulations!