The original Temple Run was a huge hit on Android when it came out, following an already successful splash on iOS. Now, Imangi Studios is hoping it can pull the same feat off again with Temple Run 2. The title just launched on Apple's App Store today. Don't adjust your television sets, folks. Partly because you're probably not reading this on a TV so adjusting it would be silly and partly because, yes, this is still an Android blog. The developer has said that the new game will arrive on Android next week. January 24th to be precise. This does mean we can get an early look at it now:

tr2a tr2b tr2c

The new game will feature a brand new Temple to Run through (I get it!). This one seems to be floating in the sky, which is much more fantastical than that smelly old jungle one. Don't let the lack of earthly foundations fool you, though. This temple also has underground tracks with mining carts to ride. Somehow. Also, one of the key, highlighted features according to the official app description: "Bigger monkey!!!"

Well, that's just fine.

Source: Guardian

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://pctonic.net/ Ashutosh Mishra

    Temple Run runs much better on iOS than on Android. Version 1 ran smoothly on iPhone 3GS while lagging on the more powerful Nexus S. I hope the devs have optimized version 2 better.

    • RocketScience11

      Yeah I even noticed some framerate drops on my optimus g (s4 pro - 2 gigs of ram).That should never happen with such a simple game.

      • fixxmyhead

        LIES!!. runs perfectly on nexus 4 with same specs, never seen it stutter but yea as @ashutoshmishra:disqus said the game lags on old phones. played it on my sisters old school EVO and the frame rates are super noticeably choppy.

        • RocketScience11

          Not a real "stutter" really, just a very slight choppiness occasionally. Usually it's fine. My point is that it's coded poorly for that to ever happen, when it runs smoothly on a relatively underpowered ios device.

  • Kenny O

    YES!! I had been hoping for a bigger monkey in the sequel. The OG monkey was just too small.

  • Sqube

    Well... I hope it's at least as visually interesting as PItfall. I had the game and enjoyed it, but since I decided to support the devs and got screwed I'm not inclined to recommend it to anyone.

    • The_Chlero

      care to elaborate how you got screw'd'???

      • Kenny O

        He got a small monkey.
        He was promised a bigger monkey.

      • Sqube

        I bought IAP because I wanted to support what they were doing. Never received it. Send emails and never got a response. So... yeah. I'm not going to recommend a game that does that.

  • KyleWay

    This looks like Pitfall! with a different skin. They ARE similar games to begin with but hopefully it has some new and different elements to bring me in.

    • Kenny O

      the bigger monkey

    • scuttlefield

      I was thinking the same thing! Pitfall copied Temple Run and Temple Run 2 copied Pitfall!

      • Lars R.

        Well, Pitfall existed years before Temple Run ;)

        • Matthew Fry

          Well.... The original pitfall wasn't like Temple Run :)

  • defred34

    This has turned into a gaming blog again...pfft

    • Kenny O

      It's better to see a bunch of game reviews when "real" Android news is slow instead of the completely ridiculous bs rumors most of the other Android blogs are constantly posting. At least the games are real. "Galaxy S4 rumored to have more cores and more ram...." no sh!t

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Nothing has turned into anything. It's all in your head. Take the green pill.

      • http://www.facebook.com/contest.chris Contest Chris

        Green pill?

        • sam

          Matrix. Hello, how do you not no.

          • KyleWay

            There's only a red pill and a blue pill in The Matrix....

  • defred34

    Temple Run is grossly over-rated. It is a dumbed down game for the masses. Anyone who says it is a good game has been dumbed down, rather successfully.

    • Clgoh42

      It's a good game because it's dumb.

  • GraveUypo

    actually i AM reading this on a tv.

    • Román Rodríguez

      actually i AM reading this on the bathroom.

      • Román Rodríguez

        while pooping. :)

  • Piyush

    I can't wait, I wish Android Police comes up with custom apk.

  • Fathead003

    Cool it'll get the app now

    • Román Rodríguez

      You will have to wait till January 24th.

  • Román Rodríguez

    Subway Surfers > Temple Run

  • Elias

    Too much yellow, too little green and blue.

  • http://www.facebook.com/marcus.blough Marcus Blough

    Looks like the "Temple of Doom" mining car part of it is very similar to Rail Rush...

  • http://www.tech2fetch.com/ Allii Allee

    awesome news much awaited game love this game

  • sandy


  • jackie

    how to download ???