Google unleashed a handful of updates to various apps this afternoon on the Play Store, though don't get too excited - none are particularly groundbreaking.

YouTube for Google TV

Most significant was an update to Google TV, which brings the app to version 1.6, adding a 'simplified player screen,' and the ability to send YouTube videos from your phone or tablet directly to your TV.

Play Movies & TV

Next up was the Play Movies & TV app, but we're not even sure what's changed, because there's no changelog yet (the current one about availability in 11 countries is old).

Google Finance

Google Finance received its first update in six months, and no, it's not the complete and total rewrite the app needs. The update merely ensures "ongoing compatibility with upcoming API changes." Woohoo. Hit up the Play Store to grab any of these updates now.

Google Currents

Google currents got a small update to version 2.0.1, the first since its major v2.0 overhaul, fixing bugs, reducing data consumption, and adding an unsubscribe button to the overflow menu.