As we move past CES and ever closer to MWC (Mobile World Congress) at the end of February, the internet leak factory isn't giving us much of a lull in production. Today's story comes courtesy of evleaks at UnwiredView, and let's be honest: it's a tantalizing one. Take a looksee.


This is supposedly a rendering of HTC's upcoming flagship phone, widely thought to be codenamed 'M7.' As evleaks points out, though, there are a few discrepancies here which are noteworthy.

First, the front of the phone lacks any HTC branding. HTC phones have typically worn the HTC (or carrier) logo below the top speaker grille, making this mark-less front fascia something of an oddity. I'd argue that this isn't necessarily a cause for skepticism. HTC's bold styling on the One series last year was polarizing, and the face of the One X is already one of the least conspicuously branded on the market. Given that HTC's CEO Peter Chou is putting additional focus on the company's image this year, I wouldn't put a small rebellion like ditching a front-facing logo past HTC at this point. They've always been willing to get bold with styling, and it's an idea I can certainly get behind, even if it will inevitably draw Apple comparisons. Another possibility though (one that seems quite plausible, actually), has been pointed out by a commenter on UnwiredView, who made a display-on mockup. Check it out here.

Next is the lack of discernable screen edges. This, I agree, is more of a concern. But the context of this particular image is a SIM insertion tutorial - not a press shot. And if it's not going to be used in advertising, the rendering guys can get a little fanciful about things like 'bezels' and 'reality.' But this shot isn't pretending to be more than it is, and having that context makes me significantly less wary of these flaws.

And in regard to the screen, it may at first appear as though it's just a solid black rectangle with a thin outline - which just looks a bit fake to our eyes. But zoom in, and you'll see this image isn't lacking for detail.


As you can see, there's what looks to be shallow beveling around the edge of the entire phone (I don't mean the silver bordering), and it's particularly visible when contrasting against the white chassis. However, look closely, and you'll notice the beveling continues along the black glass area - a little, almost imperceptible detail that I doubt a faker would bother to get right.

This is a pretty clear evolution of the "waterfall display" design language found on the One X, which has a display whose edges seem to simply "fall into" the side of the phone. Something you probably noticed more immediately was the pair of speakers that are on the front of this device - will HTC's phone have stereo front-facing speakers? That'd be pretty awesome.

Overall, I have to admit, it looks like the kind of phone HTC would build. Which is to say, it doesn't really look like anything else out there (yes, the front does sort of look like the back of an iPhone 5). The real question is when we'll be seeing this phone in the flesh, and all bets seem to be on Barcelona at this point. Let's hope that timing pans out, if only for HTC's sake.


David Ruddock
David's phone is whatever is currently sitting on his desk. He is an avid writer, and enjoys playing devil's advocate in editorials, and reviewing the latest phones and gadgets. He also doesn't usually write such boring sentences.

  • ArberBeq

    is it just me or does this look like an iphone 5?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      It looks a bit like the back of an iPhone 5 (because of the 'striping' design language) but doesn't really resemble the front of one at all. When the display is on, I'm pretty sure that mental association will be a lot weaker.

  • Evan

    And by "flagship" they mean there will eventually be 13095713 permutations on the one phone, rendering their claim to focus on quality over quantity moot?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dustin-Lehman/1321902066 Dustin Lehman

      unless they wisen up and do what Samsung did with the S3 and relase ONE design worldwide on every carrier, its cheaper on marketing, less confusion about what model to buy and would provide HTC an easier way to provide accessory support. The exclusive crap should be limited to just colors not designs, if Apple could get away with it, why not Samsung (which they did) or even HTC?

      • Evan

        I really hope they do. I thought they were going the right route with the One X/V/S route. It made sense (ha..) to just put out 3 phones for upper, mid, and lower end price ranges and have them be uniform across all carriers.

        Instead they put out roughly 17 different android phones, most of which had minor tweaks to be "carrier exclusive". Hopefully they will right the ship and focus on fewer quality phones so they can get some traction in the market. Right now, just like people think all Android phones are called "droids" people seem to think all larger phones are "Galaxies".

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjamin.pavel Benjamin Pavel

    There is no FREAKING WAY a HTC would release such ugly a*s phone.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dustin-Lehman/1321902066 Dustin Lehman

      In white, yes, its not that good looking, but in black it could look gorgeous, especially in person with those curved screen edges

      The black bezel around the screen would blend into the design perfectly almost making it look like a black mirror finish when its turned off, (Galaxy Nexus blends nicely with its front glass)

    • bluevoodo

      Ugly? I dont think so, I think its just butt hurt haters, that are
      bitter 'cause HTC keeps setting the design bar for Android very high.

    • oesjmr

      I agree, that is one of the ugliest phones I have ever seen!

  • http://www.brandonvincent.net Brandon

    "Sort of" looks like an iPhone 5? This looks exactly like an iPhone 5. And I'm not an Apple fanboy by any means.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Yes, like the *backside* of an iPhone 5, as opposed to the front, which it looks nothing like. I don't really think you can say it looks like an iPhone 5 - it looks like part of the iPhone 5. The similarity is also a lot more prominent because the display is off in this picture.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dustin-Lehman/1321902066 Dustin Lehman

        now it looks like a concept phone, the kind that are gorgeous but never make it to production. maybe that is about to change

      • http://www.brandonvincent.net Brandon

        Still looks like the back of an iPhone. We can agree to disagree, but the design is still there.

    • mechapathy

      If by "exactly" you mean "not exactly," then yes. This looks EXACTLY like an iPhone 5. Obviously it's very similar. Creepily similar. But exactly? Not exactly.

  • Kokusho

    No mention of the Stereo speaker? This is a first you know ?
    And the front HTC logo isn't there cause they often change it for the carrier logo (look at AT&T One X) so they have to switch it dynamicaly..

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      Good call on the speakers. I don't know where they'd fit a logo on this, though - it's usually below the speaker grille, and there's no room for it there. There isn't really room above, either. I'm really thinking they got rid of it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dustin-Lehman/1321902066 Dustin Lehman

    4 words

    10 year Apple Agreement

    Could that have anything to do with this design? I think so

    • HebeGuess

      The answer was No, the agreement doesn't covers design patents according to disclosure part of it on Apple vs Samsung lawsuit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/DaATXMan Danny Davis


    • Elias

      Agreed. Also, if these grills on the front aren't some seriously loud speakers, even worse.
      Might look better in black, though.

  • http://twitter.com/Myhai91 Mihai

    maybe the lack of the branding is because it's a nexus htc? :P

  • Ian Kavanagh

    I have to totally disagree with 'it looks like the kind of phone HTC would build.' I've always thought HTC phones were the nicest looking until the Nexus 4 but this mockup is ugly and even with the screen on the phone is still ugly, I really hope this is a fake or a very very very old mockup which any new HTC phone will not resemble.

  • fixxmyhead

    its the ifone 6 lol

  • Bryce Mrozinski

    Seriously, if the next HTC phone looked like this at all I would start throwing blank checks at them immediately. Sadly it won't, and there's going to be some kind of bezel... Why does there have to be bezel?!

    • http://twitter.com/kfestus kfestus

      Agreed. Bezels are pointless. Look at what LG did to the Nexus style vs the LG Optimus G style. Not saying either one is a beauty queen, but I think thick top/bottom bezels are wasted space. I'd prefer if every phone took its design cues from the original HTC EVO (narrow bezels and kickstand included), but those days are probably gone (at least until Apple copies/invents it, then it will be the hot new thing).

  • Wam31

    More importantly, that would make it the first HTC phone with no hardware buttons !!! At last !

  • Joe

    The reason this thing looks ugly, even with the screen-on mockup, is because of those straight cut bezels on top and bottom. That was the difference between the beautiful One X and the fugly Ego 4G LTE. If the bezels curved with the body lines it would look much nicer. I'm hoping this is just an early design render.

  • Niels

    Not really sure I like the bottom grill... I like the speaker grill on the One-series much more than these in-your-face versions...

  • JeffColorado

    Never again...I have a Rezound; This is the last HTC product I will own unless it is a Nexus device. Sense cannot die fast enough for me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wrg25 Will Gonzalez

    so HTC next phone is an iPhone running Android with sense UI......!!!!!!

  • SD

    Reminds me of the speaker grills on transistor radios from the 70's! Looks like the UnwiredView logo got some bubblegum stuck in it...

  • cheetose4

    Make sure to include an sd card slot this time.

  • Frank Lin

    SD Card - unless you root you can't put your apps onto an SD card.

    Removable battery - Yes this is very important if you want to use it outside all day without a charger, but as many people as there are complaining about it, only Samsung is constantly putting it in their phones. It also has to do with durability. HTC One X is built like a tank. Glass might shatter if it falls from a high spot, but you battery and any internals stay held inside - not that you would intentionally drop a smartphone. Note 2 had good durability compared to the S3 but its battery and cover still falls apart quite easily if dropped.

    I won't be surprised if HTC doesn't include either, although I was disappointed at how the DNA only had 16 GB and perhaps under the influence of Verizon they decided to not have a microSD slot...

    I think MWC is a bad idea for HTC. At the time people were wowed, Samsung's just gonna repeat last year and announce the S4 AFTER.

    Either way I'm happy with my One X+.

  • 1bmwdrvr1

    I don't understand all the complaints about HTC developing and releasing better phones. I too would like the best a company has to offer but I can't expect them to quit releasing new phones untill I'm ready to replace mine. There will always be new models, or just buy an iPhone and know that your phone will always look new!