Winning a $450 bounty and the hearts of Droid RAZR/MAXX users, Dan Rosenberg has found a successful root method for the phone's 4.1 JellyBean OTA, which began rolling out last Christmas Eve.

Some readers are likely familiar with Mr. Rosenberg's work, as he's rooted everything in sight from the Droid RAZR/MAXX HD to the RAZR M, all the way back to the LG Spectrum. As a security researcher, he's even given (and published) a helpful presentation on rooting and modding for the security conscious.


Not only can Droid RAZR/MAXX owners now root their Jelly Bean powered handsets, they can do it with ease – the process is as simple as connecting the phone and running a .bat file. For the full instructions, and to keep up with the discussion, check out the DroidRZR thread below.

Source: DroidRZR

Liam Spradlin
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  • DJ SPY

    I Hope he releases a way to root the Maxx HD on jellybean without having to go back all the way back to ice cream sandwich.

    • http://twitter.com/mattlgroff Matt Groff

      You have a method you are just lazy.

      • Findus

        It's not so much a matter of the effort necessary to root. What I would really appreciate is the possibility to root (the xt925/ razr hd) without unlocking the bootlocker. and thereby loose warranty. Doing this was super easy on my old Sony Xperia phone, actually I didn’t really see any reason to unlock the sony as modding/installing roms etc was perfectly possible and easy with locked bootlocker. That said, I love my Razr HD for tons of other reasons!

  • digi_owl

    Honestly, companies should just provide a official way that would leave some sort of non-reversible indicator that they could void warranty on if they so want to.

    Oh i wish Archos would make more pocket sized Android devices. That and properly equipped featurephone and you would have all the benefits of a smartphone with none the silliness that is jailbreak/root...

    • Martin Dolan

      Well, 90% of the warranty statements for phones say the warranty covers the hardware not the software, That is so you can't ask for replacement/refund if there is a software bug.
      It is also a 'get out of jail free card' if they say the warranty is void if you root the phone - which is changing software.
      And yes, myself and others have successfully used this argument.
      None the less, if you have paid for the phone, it's a computer, you should be able to load what ever you want on it.
      Fair enough, if you break it doing this, you should NOT get to claim warranty.
      Some people exploit this, however so do manufacturers. as in "My volume button is broken" or "There is dust under the screen" or "My WIFI does not work unless I squeeze the phone and I have read online there is a manufacturing fault with the wifi antenna"
      to which the manufacturer replies "Ahh, the phone is rooted, the warranty is void"
      Clearly total BS...

  • Sootie

    As an australian, where the phrase "rooting" means "to fornicate" I find most of this post very entertaining

    • http://profiles.google.com/marcusleejh Marcus Lee

      You made me read the article again :|

      • Elias

        "...as he's rooted everything in sight..."

        "As a security researcher, he's even given (and published) a helpful presentation on rooting and modding for the security conscious."
        Yeah. "only root using condoms". Security, and all that.

    • Martin Dolan

      I guess us Australians will die of laughter if a "fanny pack" (we call it a "bum bag" ) contains rooted things then... Because a fanny in Australia is the "female front pocked" if you know what I mean.

      • Sootie

        Worse when your trying to find things in the fanny pack and your "rooting around for them"

      • http://twitter.com/wiredwithout Garret McGraw-Hanson

        Make me think of Aunt Fanny from the movie Robots

  • Martin Dolan

    This guy needs to get working on the HTC One X There was a $4.5k kitty for the person who sorts that one out....

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  • Gregory Campbell

    Does this root work for Motorola droid 4 jelly bean?

    • Nate

      Yeah my phone updated to Jelly Bean and I have the droid 4 and ran the bat. file and it didnt work for me.......Cant find anything but old info on droid 4