One hundred million – that's a pretty massive number. And it's one that Samsung can now tout as a sales figure for the Galaxy S line as a whole. That's a combined number for the entire series: the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, and Galaxy S III; no other Galaxy phones, like the Note, are included.

The original Galaxy S made its debut in June of 2010, with the Galaxy S II arriving just 10 months later – in April of 2011. Thirteen months after that, the GSIII – Samsung's most popular Galaxy S phone to date – was released.


And now here we are – 2.5 years and 100 million phones later – and Samsung has been clutch in putting Android on the map in a big way. The Galaxy S series could perhaps be some of the most influential Android phones of all time, with many other manufacturers scrambling to keep up, innovate, and compete with what's definitely Android's top-dog.

Congratulations, Samsung – here's to 100 million more.


Cameron Summerson
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      lol i was thinking the same thing

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        Than someone turns on the TV and notices the hot Chinese girl flying over trees and beating up guys ;)

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    Congrats Samsung

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    "And in unrelated news, Apple's share fall to an 11 month low while they cut iPhone 5 parts orders by 1/2 with their suppliers"


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    Token black guy :)

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  • Matthew Fry

    I am 4 of those! Got the Epic 4G, replaced it with an S3, it got stolen, replaced it with an S3, got my wife an S3. Well done Samsung! Now get rid of TouchWiz! jk

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    Wahooo! Galaxy S1 and S3 owner here, doing my fair share of contribution! :D

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    Go Sammy! Note 1 back in April and told vzw to go diaf at the same time and now a new sexy marble white note 2!

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    all those sold and i still want one but can't afford to join in ..oh well enjoy.