Are you just getting home from work and looking to unwind with some tunes? Maybe you want to rock out to the music on your phone – oh, but that crappy little speaker just won't cut it. The Monster ClarityHD, however, can pump out much more sound, and it's on sale from Best Buy. Yes, you might actually have a reason to buy something from Best Buy.


The Monster ClarityHD connects wirelessly to most Bluetooth 2.0 compatible devices. It packs a rechargable lithium-ion battery for around 5 hours of wireless playback. It also has microphone support so you can take calls hands-free while your device is synced with the Monster ClarityHD. If Bluetooth isn't feasible, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack for wiring yourself in old school.

The Best Buy site doesn't list any reviews for this speaker, but the listing on Amazon paints it as a solid device. It's selling for $80 over there, but there are over 600 reviews that place the Monster ClarityHD at a cumulative 4.2 stars. Remember, this is a single-day sale. If you want to snag this deal, you'd better make a call.

[Best Buy]

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Bobomb

    Ha, I was intrigued... until I saw it was Monster. No. Thank. You.

    • bobhadababyitsaboy

      What's wrong with monster in the audio department? They actually make pretty solid headphones (esp the diamond tears - sound quality, not look lol - as well as the DNA's)

      • bobomb

        Trademark bully and patent troll. And they are not that great. Overpriced for fair to middlin products.

        • bobhadababyitsaboy

          Their HDMI cables are over priced, I agree with that, not sure if I agree with the headphones being over priced. They sound much better than beats, as an example, for the same price. Also the Sony x10's are over priced. However, I still prefer my Bose QC15's over anything I've tried at the same price.

  • David Z

    Listing on Amazon says it's $65 now. I wonder if prices fluctuate this quickly all the time.

    • RyanWhitwam

      Still shows $80 for me...

      • Wolf

        nope 64.95 it is!

      • Guest

        That is very odd. Here's a screenshot I just took showing the price still as $65.95

        edit: one sec while I blot out my name from the screenshot

        • David Z

          well that's odd, I "deleted" the comment but now it shows up as guest. anyway the picture's updated.

  • Stephen

    I like how they have free shipping all over there site, yet when you go to actually buy it, shipping is greyed out. Best Buy sucks and I was just reminded of why. Can't wait to see them go the way of Block Buster.

    • bobhadababyitsaboy

      As far as I'm concerned, they're one of the last major electronics stores out there. And every order that ive done on their website for the past like 2 months have been free shipping.

  • Veronica

    Monster's own eBay store sells these, refurbished, shipping/tax free for $39.99. I bought three, including 2 for my kids, for the holidays. We like them a lot.

  • eleazar

    Bah, I missed it :( Would've been perfect for my $60 gift card