Breathing new energy into Mike Singleton's 1984 classic the Lords of Midnight, Chris Wild has brought the game to Android. The game, for those unaware, is an epic adventure game – first enjoyed on the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64 – that takes players (along with three other characters) on an adventure to destroy the Ice Crown and defeat Doomdark, with the option to recruit lords and troops to defeat Doomdark's minions. In the process, players will venture through enchantingly retro environments.

Besides being one of the first games of its kind, Lords featured a graphic technique called "landscaping" to create more convincing perspectives within the game's vivid 2D universe, a technique that's been updated for Android. Singleton, the original's author, described the game in '84.

The Lords of Midnight is not simply an adventure game nor simply a war game. It was really a new type that became known as an epic game, for as you play the Lords of Midnight you will be writing a new chapter in the history of the peoples of the Free.
You will guide individual characters across the land of Midnight on vital quests but you will also command armies that must endeavour to hold back the foul hordes of Doomdark, the witch king. Yours will be no inevitable victory.

The game's Android revival was developed in partnership with Singleton, and released as a tribute to the industry veteran, who passed away in October 2012. Along the way, the game was touched up, refined, and enhanced for the platform while retaining its epic nature.

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The game has a fantastically retro feel, and sticks close to the original. If you're a fan of the original, or just want a nostalgic, colorful, truly epic experience, Lords of Midnight will be well-worth your $4.99 (£2.99 / €4.49) purchase.

Source: TheLordsofMidnight.com

Liam Spradlin
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  • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.richesin Jordan Richesin

    I'm sorry 1998 called. No joke here, that's just the year I was born. What the hell was a Commodore.

    • what is a Commodore?

      Try using the internet to look it up. Seems people are getting dumber. Android didn't spring up out of the ground like magic. Shit had to be built first that was a little less complicated.

      • Pickering Joel

        Not only does it seem... People are just dumber...

    • http://twitter.com/homncruse Aaron Burke

      If you were born in 1998, you're part of the Google generation. Use that skill. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=commodore+64

  • korg

    any difference from zx spect version ? because I can play LoMidnight 1&2 on zx emulator..

  • John_Merritt

    Not to sound too negative, I loved the game in my youth on my ZXSpectrum, but this doesn't look much better than running a Spectrum emulator with a good/clever software graphic filter - obviously without the added touch screen additions.

    I know they wanted to keep the charm of the original, but it's not like we have a colour palette limitation in 2013. And for £3, I don't know.

    • Funem

      You can run this on Marvin (Android Emulator) and get the game free off World of Spectrum (legally)

      • http://twitter.com/icemark Chris Wild

        Yes you can. And if you don't want to pay for this version, then please do play the emulator version.

    • MikeG

      That may be true, but people buy apps like this for the convenience. Time is valuable, and it's easier & takes less time to pay $4.99 than set up an emulator on your phone and search for the ROM.

      • John_Merritt

        Have a read of the reply above you. Like Funem said, you can download the free "Marvin" emulator and it will automatically connect to WOS website and you can legally download Lords of Midnight directly in the emulator. You can then save progress of the game in your own convenience - Save states, something the real hardware never had, but really helpful if you have little time per day.

        • Funem

          Indeed, Marvin as an emulator is great. LOM the app has bugs in it and is 30mb for what was a 48k game you can run on a 1mb emulator, 30mb seems a tad overkill. Not to mention Marvin can play a host of other games... all for free (legally).

    • bumper

      well at least I don't have to remember those cryptic keyboard shortcut..

      G Yes
      J No
      1-8 Look direction (N-NE-E-SE-S-SW-W-NW)
      Q Move forward
      E Look
      R Think
      M Select char
      U Night
      T Choose
      S Save
      D Load


    • http://twitter.com/icemark Chris Wild

      It does have some new features, grouping, and mapping, the interface etc. But yes it should essentially be the same as the original. So by all means play the emulator version instead. I decided to leave the game as is when Mike died, because he wasn't here to finish the game as we planned. The graphics are new hand drawn high resolution versions that intentionally look like the original. And there will be alternate graphics sets released in the future. Not to mention new features will be added to the game over time.

  • Funem

    Does Mary still reset your game if you swear to much ? Have to F@~?*&ng try that.

    • G

      I think that was in Valhalla

  • Peter Warrior

    It costs £3 because it costed £3 back in the late 80s I guess. By the way, while reviewing this game I knew that Mr. Singleton passed three months ago. I'd like to honor his name, not only for LoM but also for his (IMHO) best game: War in the Middle Earth, which is (IMHO) the best LotR game ever made.

    • http://twitter.com/icemark Chris Wild

      £9.99 in 1984.

      • Peter Warrior

        It was a little fortune for a child then. Thanks for pointing it out.