ASUS, in a bid to sell to "several emerging markets," has just announced the MeMO Pad – a seven-inch tablet sporting ASUS' nearly-stock Android 4.1 Jelly Bean experience, a 1GHz VIA CPU (with Mali-400 GPU), a 1024x600 display, 1GB RAM, and up to 16GB internal storage with a refreshing microSD slot available for expansion.

Just like the Nexus 7, the MeMO pad just offers a front-facing camera, though it's a 1MP shooter with a back-illuminated sensor. On top of Android, it comes with ASUS' pre-installed apps, and 5GB of free ASUS WebStorage space (if you don't have enough cloud storage accounts already).

Otherwise, there's not much to say about this plucky tablet that straddles the line between mid-range and low-end.




To be sure, the MeMO Pad isn't headed for the top of the spec charts, but it seems like a solid budget tablet, even if it is only $50 cheaper than the Nexus 7's price of entry. The tablet is expected to launch in "select markets" this month, with a US launch set for some time in April. For more info, just check out ASUS' release below.

Liam Spradlin
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  • LjHe80

    The only 7" tablet I have is the original Galaxy Tab. And if I got a new 7" tablet it would definitely be the Nexus 7, but I think this is pretty cool. Prices coming down more and more.

  • http://www.facebook.com/YAYSAVERGN Eric James Salcido

    What ever happened to the MeMO 370t? I was insanely excited for that thing. This looks like a run down version of it.

    • TylerChappell

      Well naturally they're not going to create a device with the same internals as the Nexus 7 while only adding a microSD slot, so they simply nudged down the specs to able to reach a lower price point.
      And the Nexus 7 IS the MeMO 370T, just look at it's model number: "ME370T"

      • http://www.facebook.com/YAYSAVERGN Eric James Salcido

        But they were also advertising a built in Stylus and this "direct touch" ability that allowed for better touch responsiveness. Wouldn't they want people to experience that?

  • mgamerz

    World class support... That's a bit... far fetched. While they do support their products, Asus does not have 'world class' support. It's irritating and annoying to use.

  • anamika

    $199 nexus 7 was released at $400 in India. If it comes here doubt it would be priced at $149.

    • http://twitter.com/sagarmakkar Balvinder Makkar

      correct..it was launched here for 19000 INR.
      but if they keep that 149 usd price for india it will be a sure shot hit.

      • Akshay

        Fingers crossed!!

  • Goldenpins

    what is wrong with some of these vendors? Im starting to think there just throwing anything out there. You look at your cell phone and tablet screen pretty much all the time. Make the screen nice so when people take a glance at it lures people.That really helps the user experience.I know they want a 7 inch market , but just cranking out 7inch weak tablets tends to flood the market with crappy looking tablets making the system weak might save money but also associate's there name with a "bad looking and laggy device"..

  • mldi

    For the ones complaining about the specs, this is really just a competitor to the Kindle Fire. Same resolution and everything, except you get Google Play with it. So, bonus.

    • Goldenpins

      I think most who own android agree its just a competitor, but people are getting fed up of seeing Android constantly being tied to laggy or questionable screen. There reducing the price by cutting corners but user experiences suffers. If a mom and dad bought a cheap tablet based off price, it can ruin the fist experience. Ive heard a few say that Android sucks in making tablets to only later find out its a cheap 150 tablet or bad looking screen like there first moto tablet.I returned that tablet for the same reasons others did. It felt to dark or not as bright. the first generation transformer brought me back to Android tablets. Since than I own a N7 and GNexus.

      • mldi

        You do make an excellent point. I'm also tired of Android being given a bad name because people expect a budget tablet to perform the same as the $600 iPad they tried out somewhere else. But, there's also a need for budget tablets that don't suck terribly, and I feel like this one fits the bill. What would you rather people buy? This or that $150 POS Coby? I say better this than the other options for $150.

        • Goldenpins

          I agree, but my point is more towards quality of the screen not "lets beat the N7" in terms of price. It seams like manufactures are in competition in terms of price with the Kindle and N7. Why not $300 or $400 if they can add a decent screen and budget duel core.When i look at my friends S3, I notice bright clear screen and life like colors. My GNexus gets compliments all the time based on bright colors and inky blacks.I know its a personal preference and some say the GNexus over saturates colors, but in a real world scenario every single person has made a comment about how it "attracts your eye" or they can "see the HD".Hate to sound like a fan boy, but screen wise its like VHS-DVD.They should focus the budget more on screen quality since your always looking at the screen which translates to a pleasant experience visually. I would kill just to have an N7 with Super AMOLED.lol

  • defred34

    Acer's tablet offers more for less.

  • http://twitter.com/nirvanaman_1985 sam

    The Alcatel 7 HD is way better, that has 1280x800, dual core 1.6ghz, quad mail 400 mp4 for the same price.

  • Brandenlee

    There are always other tablets that are better, but Google's Nexus 7 is a pure android tablet.