Last Updated: January 28th, 2013

Hey, would-be developers! If you really want to know what's up with coding for Android, but have no clue where to start, this giveaway is for you.

This contest is now over.

The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

Everyone else - keep participating and stay tuned to Android Police so that you don't miss our upcoming giveaway announcements. You can follow AP on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and RSS.

  1. Tyler Winton
  2. Michael Crash Kennedy
  3. Jeremy Granadillo
  4. Nandeep Devendra
  5. Cory Wolfe
  6. Jimmy Baez
  7. Jacopo
  8. Conor Darcy
  9. Javier Oggento
  10. Logan

We've partnered with Treehouse, a leading source in online learning, to offer up ten accounts (which are normally $490 each). With a Treehouse account, you can learn valuable skills in Android development, which include everything from how to get started coding for Android to more advanced things like "how to build a blog reader app." It's not just about Android, either – there are also lessons in several other subjects, like websites, programming, and more.


The "classes" are easy to follow, entertaining, and offer a go-at-your-own-pace layout. Each topic is broken down into several smaller sub-topics – each of which will give you a badge after completion. Within each sub-topic are separate lessons which contain videos and a short quiz at the end. It's all very well thought-out and easy to follow.

You don't have to take my word for it, though – head over to Treehouse and cruise around a bit. You can even preview the lessons!


So, what do you need to do to score one of these accounts? Simple: leave a comment on this post telling us why you'd like to learn how to develop for Android. There are also other, optional entry methods in the widget below – make sure to 'complete' everything you do (including leaving a comment!) for those entries to count.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The contest is open to users across the globe, begins now, and will run for one week – so it ends on Saturday, January 19th at 12:00AM (midnight) PT. 

Good luck!

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • http://www.facebook.com/doc2k Robert Laffey

    I would love to learn Android development so I can create some of the weird app ideas that float through my mind.

  • Fellwalker

    Fed up with trying to find a bird sighting recording app for UK, and could make my own.

  • delesh

    I want to develop something so awesome that Apple steals it.

  • AndroidPenguin

    Omg this sounds awesome

  • AndroidPenguin

    I have just started to learn app development and I would absolutely love to learn all these things. I literally learnt with tutorials off YouTube and this would be awesome, especially when I don't have the money to afford this any other way (student :[)

  • http://twitter.com/the_carologist Andrew Mayville

    I am an engineer trying to delve into the world of coding and this could be the jump start I'm looking for!

  • ChristianAhlin

    I would code the games me and the wife designed for our daughter. Focus is education, smart female role models and fun.

  • Niels

    I would love to brush up on my Android development skills. I have developed a couple of apps already and I'd say I'm at Treehouse's 'intermediate' level, but I'd very much like to learn about the ethics of Android development. Go into more advanced stuff and getting a proper introduction course to the newest additions to the Android SDK.
    This could also help me develop one of my current projects that I'm doing to maintain my development skills while I'm majoring.

  • colin le tissier

    i would like to win as ive got a few ideas for an app but not sure where to start :/

  • WinDroidGuy

    This would be AWESOME!!!

  • Sara O’Neil

    I am an aspiring designer/developer. I have several apps I want to develop that I know will do really well, but I dont have the knowledge to build them yet.

  • http://twitter.com/svil4ok Svilen Popov

    I'll change the world. One app at a time :)

  • Adrian Nutiu

    I have some great ideas and maybe I can develop a very good app.

  • Ilias

    I really want it

  • CrazyAndro

    always wanted to learn this

  • Lucan

    I just started learning java and I would really love to get into app development.

  • http://profiles.google.com/yatmaster Yathushan Sivarajah

    I have always wanted to learn so that it could help pay for my tuition fees.

  • Jesus

    I need it for my future job

  • Ian Kavanagh

    As I student I want to improve my employability and adding Android development to that would be brilliant.

  • Adam

    I'd love to win this because for the past two years I've been in pain from not being able to breathe life into my app ideas. Also, self-teaching is very slow going - I need structure during the fundamentals and this seems perfect.

  • http://twitter.com/zagzag99 ZigZagary

    Wool cool. Just the other day I saw their website. But it was too expensive for me at the time.

  • acsauk

    I'd love to have the knowledge to make an app for my confectionery business - an android Willy Wonka type app where people can actually order their creations...

  • HellG

    I'm a student and i know C#,VB.net and a bit of PHP and i really want to get to a higher level programming and i'm an android fanatic (check my post count in here lol)
    I believe this giveaway will really open the way for me for a lifetime opportunity to fulfill my dream of being a successful programmer along with my love to android which is already..huge haha

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


  • http://www.facebook.com/tushar.gupta07 Tushar Gupta

    Osum :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/emil.omir Emil Omir

    I am a student with eager to learn to develop for my favorite platform.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1025940490 Vivian Lobo

    I need to have one, have some good ideas...but need more training..

  • hyperbolic

    For years I wanted to learn how to develop for Android but I never found a guide that actually teaches you the object oriented (java) of Android.
    In addition, since I am a student for engineering I never have enough time to understand it, maybe with this guide I can finally start developing and save time, also I want to add that I have so many projects I want to start developing.

  • Teodor Iankov

    I regularly have ideas about apps but I never quite figured out where to start from...

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001724258448 Baron Daniel

    I've always wanted to learn some of this stuff. Great giveaway!

  • Josef Berg

    Simply because it would be much more comfortable than reading a boring book about android developing... :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/jeff.dell Jeff Dell


  • ConorD

    Would really love to be able to make apps for people and with this subscription I could finally learn how!

  • Ali729

    Amazing and productive!

  • Mārtiņš Belte

    Good one.

  • Sagro

    I want to learn it to put my ideas on Android :D

  • Kevin

    I would like to win a one-year gold account because next school year I am going to study programming and it would be great if I could already start learning.

  • Bob

    Wanna wanna...!

  • http://www.facebook.com/niwasiuk Nelson Wasiuk

    I love tech, and I want to learn how to make good apps. I have many ideas and can't make them. So I want this!

  • http://www.facebook.com/apo.donas Apo Donas

    Mememememe please:-)

  • Alwin Crasto

    I'm still a college student so I don't have a source of income other than my parents. Programming has always been an interest for me and I do believe Android is a very promising platform for a developer and it's so much more fun than the programming courses in colleges. I do have some knowledge of making an app but the confidence of making an app worthy of being on the Play Store is still not there and hopefully this could change it.

  • compupolis

    I would like to learn Android development so I can make cool useful apps for my friends and me to use.

  • http://twitter.com/punitvthakkar Punit Thakkar

    For my final year engineering project, I have started planning on making an app that shall contain all the information that the students who study my branch (Electronics and Communication) might need. Me and my friend have already made Photoshop mock-ups, and the response has been positive so far. The problem is, being students, there isn't much we can shell out to learn android, which we are determined to do on our own. So this competition is a great opportunity for us to learn android programming, and java (which we haven't learnt, being students of Electronics). Here's hoping i win. And go ahead to make a great app that helps all Electronics and Communication students. :)

  • James Jacobs

    Looking for something to do after retirement and this would provide an opportunity for me to learn another trade.

  • W. Kumeling

    I have lots of ideas for new, great apps. The only thing is I can't put those to reality, since I haven't got an idea how to do that.

  • Sean R.

    I'm ready to learn.

  • robertlwalters

    This would help me get started and able to contribute to the best community.

  • Andrei Dudau

    I'm still in school, and i think this kind of skill will help me improve.

  • http://www.facebook.com/whatsthataboot Hibbah Nasr

    I've been wanting to get into Android development for ages, would love to win one of these and start contributing to the community.

  • Amer Khaznadar

    I've been slowly trying to learn Android development using whatever free sources I find but with limited time it's proving to be hard to find decent free resources that are consistent enough.

  • androidlover

    i've always wanted to learn to program and since i have three android devices and most of my peers do as well, it is a logical choice :)

  • TheKaz1969

    I want to learn because I run into apps that are aaaalmost perfect, and I know I could make them better. Also got a few new app ideas banging around my head

  • Josh Nichols

    I just transferred back home for university - it is the third college I have attended. At my two previous schools I was shooting for a B.S. in Psychology as well as a B.S. in Computer Science. Well, things went south with my family at home while I was away at school so I transferred back home. Somehow, the school I transferred into does not offer degrees in Computer Science. I just picked up a second job and haven't had time to register and commute to another school to finish my Computer Science degree. While I do not expect something along these lines to replace a Computer Science degree, I do believe it will be helpful towards my overall end goal of both degrees, and it will allow me to work on and practice coding at a pace that fits better with my schedule given my two jobs and since I am still a full time student shooting for my B.S. in Psychology.

  • redacted

    I will be graduating soon, in a tough economy. I love the Android platform, and developing on it would let me give back and perhaps even start a side-business

  • http://www.techblitzblog.blogspot.com Daniel Herzig

    Just got my Nexus 4 and I'd love to make an app for my blog.

  • Shawn Suther

    I've an idea. For an app. Sadly, my coding skill were stunted at BASIC in 1978 on my Atari800. (With a smattering of HTML thrown in over the years...) Help me, AP. You're my only hope.

  • androidkin

    This would be a really useful skill to learn and know

  • default

    i have great idea for an app

  • Mr. BS

    Want to learn app development to make multiple phones better and more useful with a user friendly ui. Hope I win :-D

  • fabian

    i wanna learn android coding to make money.

  • Jaime Larios

    I have tons of ideas for good apps, and I have been trying to learn Android programming for a couple of years. I have made some basic apps but I would like to improve my skills and make the next big thing.

  • http://profiles.google.com/scott.nutting Scott Nutting

    I want to be a developer! I have some great app ideas and I practice as much as I can, but it's coming slow. I love the idea of creating something for everyone to use.

  • jsimp78

    I have some really good ideas for apps that I think would be very cool and useful. This online training course would help me get the android development expertise I need in order to make my ideas into actual apps.

  • virjog

    I seriously need to teach me some android app development skills.

  • chase w

    being flash happy and liking to try out new apps and roms, i have really been wanting to learn how to create my own to see what i can come up with that is new and innovative. this would be the perfect way for me to learn as i dont have time to go to regular classes due to my job.

  • Jason Bailey

    I desperately need more skillz

  • mertbba

    I want one

  • nandeep devendra

    man would love to win this, i would really love to learn programming, heard this online course is really good.

  • Jacob

    I love android and would love to build apps for it

  • Rodney Guy

    I need to win one of these accounts. I have an idea for an excellent app but i have no idea how to develop it.

  • Billy Kent

    why learn this? Why would you not want to continue to grow and learn.

  • Ian Ranson

    I use Android and would like to write apps for it, plus I need a new challenge after learning HTML and PHP

  • Andrew Townsend

    I really enjoy how my brain starts to work when I work on coding projects.. I haven't done it for years.. and programming for Android would be a great way to get back into it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/david.klein.1614 David Klein

    Always been very interested in creating android apps but have not been able to get the training to do so.

  • Jason

    Werd to Big Bird...

  • Garrett

    Always been interested in apps but never found a way to learn :]

  • Chandra Sekhar Kandru

    I like Coding, I would like to see my work running on my phone & Tablet.

  • ppritcha

    OK then.

  • LennyM

    I've always wanted to learn Android development but never found anything that teaches you to code beyond the fundamentals and rules of development, this looks like it takes you through the practical development stage, but I'm broke :)

  • Denny

    I like coding, self-taught .net and java but didn't get anywhere, really helpful if got a good tutorial to start.

  • Zach Daily

    I am a computer science student in my senior year of university. I took a class sophomore year to learn Android, but the teacher was awful and other students wound up grading our work. Half-way through the semester, after learning nothing and doing little work (and still holding an A), I dropped the course to focus on more important things. Since then, I haven't been able to pick up Android with how busy things have been. I would love access to something like this and I truly believe it will help me immensely and allow me to be more versatile come March when I am looking for a job!

  • striders

    I have so many ideas about Android apps but one thing that hinder this effort is the learning curve. Hopefully by watching videos, instead of reading book, I can learn faster AND better!

  • Andrew Wilson

    Nobody else makes the apps I want.

  • Guest

    An app that automatically syncs my app data(game scores, app accounts, app preferences) accross all my Android devices. It really is a pain in the ass to play Angry Birds on my tablet and still not have all the unlocked levels on my phone.

  • http://twitter.com/Gehim Rehan Ahmed

    Android is awesome, programming is awesome, that is why I'd love to develop for Android.

  • Slighter

    Life is a classroom I am a sponge feed me

  • Dips

    working individual in a still tight economy, learning another skill such as Android dev would be most helpful

  • http://techotrack.com Venu

    I want to be an Android developer

  • Guest

    I love coding, and I love Android. and a new language/skill not bad to have

  • iboalali

    I love coding, and I love Android. and a new language/skill not bad to have

  • adam

    I have some fun ideas for apps that would be fun amongst certain people.

  • Scott Haggerty

    AP has always been the most Android informative page I follw. I don't know if I could creat the next big thing for Android, but I would love to learn how to understand code.

  • Vidur Paliwal

    the first line of the blog describes me well.. this might turn out to be quite usefull..

  • http://twitter.com/jjclemens jjclemens

    Android is the future. It's a good place to be, no?

  • Gurbhupinder Sahota

    I want this!! Totally need it!

  • kJani

    I really want to improve my Android skills, because this is the most important mobile platform

  • Mr. Mark

    i will use this to bring dumbledore back.

  • http://twitter.com/b0nes Douglas Harry

    I have always wanted to program, I remember back in the day I used to copy stuff out of a Commodore 64 magazine and get it to run. I have a lot of ideas for cool apps but no way to test these ideas out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/petar.ivanov.988711 Petar Ivanov

    Android is the future of the mobile devices! It is the best mobile operation system.

  • Michael

    I have been trying to learn android coding by myself for about a half a year now, have made a couple apps but I am missing the core fundamentals that come form just making things yourself and this could really help me out. This is something I would truly use and if I don't win I might just get this anyway I never knew about it. But pick me I could really use this! :) Thank you

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002865719233 Noah Fitzsimmons

    i want to learn android development because im going to be making games and would like to also know android dev

  • Zain

    As a teen, I would love to learn to code for android applications because i have a passion for programming

  • subramanianv

    Been trying to kick start my new app, I had in mind for sometime. This will be a good chance to learn about some web technologies as well.

  • Logan

    I want to learn how to make Android apps because I think it's a valuable skill. And I'm slowly learning it, but this would help a lot!

  • Dennis Cai

    I'm a high school student and I would like to learn Android Development as a side project, since I have always been interested in programming and I love Android. Getting a Treehouse Gold account would be awesome!

  • Aidan Wood

    I am a teenager still in my secondary schooling with many innovative ideas for potential android apps. I am eager to learn and having access to a high quality learning resource would be extremely helpful, as my school does not cover developing.

  • AJ Najera

    A skill set I can do something with.

  • Sameer Memon

    I m young and want to to learn about developing because it will really help me in my future and I have wished to learn developing from a long time but haven't got any good guidance up till now

  • http://www.facebook.com/jesse.landin Jesse Landin

    I want to combine my passion for technology with my passion for Jesus Christ. I want to create a social prayer app for Christians across the world to help pray for each other, for starters. This contest would be a huge blessing!!

  • Wendell

    I want to learn more about technology as a tech enthusiast I think is time to take the next step and start leaning about programming.

  • http://twitter.com/Bawb333Robert Robert

    I never look for handouts or even enter in contests like this unless I honestly feel like it would make a difference for me.
    Right now I'm unemployed and have long been considering getting into app development. This would be a prefect opportunity for me and could even help change my life with the knowledge, and access being given away in this contest.
    Regardless it's a great opportunity for anyone that wins, good luck and thank you!

  • http://twitter.com/jasone Jason

    Ex-computer engineer needs to keep his mind sharp :)

  • MJ

    I like to learn a new skill and love Android so Treehouse looks like a great way to get started in app development...

  • Alfredo Pérez Grovas

    I would really like to get to learn android programming. The company I work for is starting to do quite a bit on the Android space and I haven't learned much beyond doing a simple "Hello, World" program in Android, so this would be REALLY useful for me.

  • Woodson Hansell

    Ideas, it would be great to be able to make the program. I cannot afford this quality of education, so this would be great.

  • eindbaas

    I have some good ideas, but no coding background. This would help a lot I think.

  • enomele

    I would love to learn how to develop for android. I've always wanted to start, but recently my best friend wad laid off, and now we have to get him some sort of income. Unfortunately he is good at coding and I am not so I have somecatchng up to do.

  • Andy

    I want to learn android development because I have a mobile development club at school and would like to be able to teach other students better, while also being able to develop for the app ecosystem on the platform that I love!

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjammin09 Ben Marchant

    I would love to learn to develop, especially on Android. I am attending a technical school for computer support, but would do more training in this area if I had the money! Please help me out! :)

  • Connor Brinton

    My phone is not designed for me, but I want it to be. I want to be able to create apps that make my phone *mine*, and Treehouse training would enable me to do so. For example, I would love to create an alarm clock app that you can't turn off until you turn on the light in your room, but I need to learn how first.

  • ScottB

    I would like to learn about Android Development because the platform represents a large portion of the market that has great potential and is something that unfortunately not focused on in my college courses. This type of learning center would allow me to continue focusing on my school studies while giving me the opportunity to learn more about a subject I am interested in and woud go hand in hand with my current knowledge of web development and design.

  • Mauricio Vazquez

    Android is the future, and developing for android is an important skill that will be needed.

  • Ziontek

    I have quite a few more advanced android app ideas that I really want to make!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tstartek Tim Startek

    I have a few more advanced app ideas that I would like to be able to make!

  • Serhio Takini

    I want to improve my code skills

  • christofforson

    this would be awesome

  • David Larsen

    Wow, that's really cool. I've actually been looking into getting into Android development for a while now, but most of the online (read *free*) tutorials aren't too much help. I'd love to be able to develop apps for Android, as a hobby, as a learning experience (I'm a beginning Computer Science major), and as a possible means of future supplemental income. This would be an awesome bridge to that. :)

  • HR

    Technical / Medical apps need to be designed by a professional. I can't think of anyone better to do this!

  • http://twitter.com/Raoull Raoull

    Got to start learning to program somewhere right?

  • http://twitter.com/Enderdroid Matthew Masters

    I've been trying to teach myself programming (multiple languages) and its not working out that well so maybe with an official training course material hopefully that would be the thing to push me over and Android is the future and made me love open source software. It would be great to finally get my first step into the official dev world of Android!!!

  • banksj17

    I would love to learn android.

  • Jsouth

    I would love to win this! awesome.

  • ej_knight

    Knowlegde is $$

  • http://www.facebook.com/bilal.shaikh.395017 Bilal Shaikh

    I am a teenager who loves android, and would love to one day make a career out of working with it!

  • vremennyi

    I'm PC software developer. I like programming. I like good UI. There is many uncomfortable apps in Google Play and I want to fill it with simple and useful apps. I want to know how build good apps with good UI and make money) =)

  • http://twitter.com/echoes2099 echoes2099

    Awesome. Need to brush up my Android skillz

  • uin

    I'm not a money grabber, lets put some more (decent) free apps in the market! :P

  • Vance Roque

    Ive been a fan of android since day G1 and I have always wanted to learn how to start coding for android from scratch :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/deepumukundan Deepu Mukundan

    It is the most evolving platform of the century...so Hell Yeah for Android....

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Vincent-Veenbrink/100001280120470 Vincent Veenbrink

    would love to try this

  • Hien Nguyen

    very nice contest - I'd love to learn the basics for game and app dev especially around big data/analytics

  • Sherk

    This is interesting, I've always wanted to code for Android but I tend to struggle finding the best way to self-learn something.

  • thatdorkjordan

    So I finally build the app I've been putting off.

  • Adam Staggenborg

    Looks like a great developer resource

  • Tim McCarty

    I want to make apps that help people track their moods.

  • jachos

    I'm long overdue in jumping from web development to mobile. I need the help.

  • Gerardo

    I want to learn Android development to develop my first Android app =)

  • btod

    I wanna create apps to help health science students with their national exams.

  • John

    I've been looking in to development for the past week, but I'd like another source to expand my knowledge.

  • Luis Martins

    an extra income it would be nice to have doing something that i love