Thinking about switching to a prepaid carrier? As the fifth-largest U.S. cellular provider, MetroPCS should certainly be on your list (at least if you live in an urban area). Today they've shuffled up their tiered service plans, adding in some more full-speed data at the lower tiers and consolidating the highest tier into a single plan. For those of you who want the genuine article, don't worry: the $60 plan remains, with real unlimited 4G LTE data. The only stipulation is that you gave to have one of MetroPCS's LTE phones.

mpcs plans

At the $40 level, customers can now access the network at LTE speeds for up to 500MB, after which customers are throttled to 3G speeds. Previously full-speed data was limited to 100MB. under the somewhat nebulous label "multimedia streaming." The $50 plan gets a similar bump, from 1GB of unlimited LTE data up to 2.5GB. The two $60 unlimited plans, one for Rhapsody music and the other for MetroSTUDIO video, are now consolidated into a single $60 option. Customers will not incur overage charges no matter how much data they use, and voice minutes and texts are unlimited on all three plans.

As a method of limiting LTE data use, MetroPCS has an elegant solution: no one will find themselves suddenly cut off, and no one will find a nasty surcharge on their bill, while those who really need unlimited access to high bandwidth can pay a little extra to keep it. A generous bump for the lower plans probably means that MetroPCS wasn't using all of its available bandwidth in the former plans. Let's hope these affordable options stay on the table once the T-Mobile acquisition is complete later this year.

Metro PCS 4G Plans

Jeremiah Rice
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  • hyperbolic

    In Israel, unlimited calls/sms/internet for only 13$ a month.
    Maximum price for this plan in other carriers is 25$.

    • Greg Sanders

      These stories are magnet for "In my country, it only costs ____!"

      Great for you. Driving from one end to the other in Israel takes roughly as long from DC to NYC in US(which we consider short). Our geography is a liiiiittle different. :P

      • hyperbolic

        I know how big we are son ;)

    • Cheeseball

      Yeah, shitty carriers in the US. :(

    • TransWarp

      In the US, we don't have to pay 83% VAT on new cars :) (fyi, I've been to Israel. It's an amazing country)

      • hyperbolic

        83%, you got that right :

  • Andrew

    This has been this way for a few months now. I have the $50 plan and got throttled at 2.5gb about 3 months ago.

  • Paul

    "that you gave to have one of MetroPCS's LTE phones" maybe reword to "that you must have one of MetroPCS's LTE phones"

  • Paul

    The $50 a month plan that gets you 2.5gb at LTE speed seems like a perfectly reasonable average and even some heavy duty users. My AT&T on contract phone only gets me 3gb of data transfer and I rarely exceed 1.7gb and I use my phone a lot.

  • Tim Harper

    "from 1GB of unlimited LTE data" if it is 1GB shouldn't it say "limited"?

  • sm hossain

    I've $65 plan with samsung 4g phone but when i go utube for 5 minutes video it takes almost an hour.... What is the matter.?

    • partypooper101

      You're using a Samsung, and Metro PCS

  • William

    Just want to let you know i got a 4g phone from MetroPcs, its not a 4gLTE phone and I was able to get the $60 unlimited plan.