If you have Sprint's version of the LG Optimus G, you may want to head into Settings > About phone and see if the latest OTA is available on your handset. The update – which bumps the device up to build LS970ZV9 – is just a small one that brings a couple of fairly minor enhancements to the device:

  • Visual Voicemail update
  • Battery improvements


This just started rolling out today, so don't stress if it's not yet available to you. Give it a few days – Sprint says that all users should have the update "within 10 days."


Cameron Summerson
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  • RocketScience11

    I've heard that this update is unrootable unless you restore back to factory model zv7 with LGNPST. If you want to keep root, there are flashable rooted zv9 roms in the sprint optimus g development section on xda developers.

  • satamusic

    now all we need is jellybean.

    • TheSchaef

      And 4G

  • Jonathon
    • Guest

      And 4g

  • http://www.facebook.com/RJEwing85 Robert J. Ewing

    Is it just me or did the speaker get louder when playing music?

  • Jerry

    I use chompsms and handcent sms for texting. After this update, I can no longer send and receive MMS texts. I have to send and receive with the stock messaging.

    Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

    • kcconk

      Jerry, did you get this figured out? Got the 4.0.4 update this weekend and have the exact same problem.

      • Jerry Stevers

        No I did not. Now today, the screen went black when I was sending an MMS using the stock app. It will not power back on. I called Sprint and they kept telling me to pull the battery. Of course you can not remove it. They wanted me to take it to the service center with is an hour away.

  • paul

    I've just installed the update and now Gmail crashes every time I click the back button on the action bar.