Describing it as "a wireless omnidirectional outdoor speaker," Scosche today unveiled the boomBOTTLE – a wireless speaker for your bike that's roughly the shape and size of an average water bottle.

Powered by Bluetooth, the boomBOTTLE fits in your bike's water bottle holster and promises "rich, deep" audio courtesy of dual 40mm drivers in each unit. The device also has an integrated passive subwoofer with a ported enclosure.

boomBOTTLE release image - low resBMBTL_closeup1 BMBTL_closeup3

Of course, one of the biggest questions about this device will be its durability. Scosche answers that question with a shock-proof, weather-proof TPU housing and hidden charging/audio ports (the audio port is for devices without Bluetooth connectivity).

Speaking of charging, the boomBOTTLE claims an impressive battery life allowing for up to ten hours of continuous play. Oh, and the boomBOTTLE also has a microphone, for those times you really need to take a call while biking.

If you're a biker who's been wishing for a way to play your tunes without pesky wires and you're willing to sacrifice your water bottle's usual home, the boomBOTTLE may be the device for you. At the time of writing, though, Scosche hasn't revealed when or for how much it can be yours.

Scosche boomBOTTLE Delivers Wireless Tunes While You Ride

LAS VEGAS – January 8th, 2013 – Unveiled at CES 2013, boomBOTTLE is a wireless omnidirectional outdoor speaker with weatherproof housing, designed to fit in most water bottle cages for streaming music while biking,hiking, camping and more. The Innovations and Design Award Honoree connects to iPhone, iPod touch, iPad,Android devices and more via Bluetooth to deliver remarkable sound on the go.

Dual 40mm drivers produce rich, deep audio with amplified acoustics for even the loudest of outdoor environments. The integrated passive subwoofer features a ported enclosure for enhance bass performance.

boomBOTTLE’s built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 10 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. A wireless range of 33 feet eliminates the need for unruly wires and tangles.

The one of a kind speaker was designed with a durable, non-slip and shock proof TPU exterior, strong enough to withstand drops or vibrations caused from rough terrain riding. The large rubberized buttons make it easy to skip tracks and adjust volume even during active use.

The IP4X rated splash proof casing protects boomBOTTLE from unexpected weather, sweat and other moisture.A top flap opens to reveal safely hidden charging and audio ports.

The easily portable boomBOTTLE also makes for a great media speaker in the gym, garage or dorm room. It delivers the same impressive acoustics when playing movies, TV shows, or games on a connected mobile device.

The dynamic speaker also includes a built-in microphone, for use as an enhanced speakerphone, capable of delivering crisp, clear echo-free phone conversations. A 3.5mm auxiliary input is also included for use with non-Bluetooth enabled devices.

boomBOTTLE will be on display along with all of Scosche’s award winning products and apps in the North Hall, Booth 3806 at the Las Vegas Convention center January 8-11th, 2013.

Liam Spradlin
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  • Edward Rubio

    Hmm.. i wonder if this would be good enough to use while tubing.

  • Adam

    "Now you too can piss off pedestrians with your god-awful taste in bass-heavy electronic music!"

    • Sootie

      Which will sound like distorted ass (more so than usual) thanks to a crappy plastic bottle with tiny speakers

  • hopes

    will anybody ever make anything for motorcycles? or am i just not finding one? I thought by "bike" you meant motorcycle :-(

    • Sootie

      Senheiser HD300 II's fit under your helmet easy and dont annoy the whole neighborhood (thats what the exhaust is for...)

  • mechapathy

    I bike a lot in the summer. The fact that this was designed to fit in the water bottle holder is awesome. Although, now that I think about it, water is pretty important.

  • Amos

    Just what society needs. I can just picture the ads (and disclaimers.) :)

    A new way to aggravate people for your pleasure! And now it can be done in remote locations that your ridiculous car stereo and drilled muffler can't get to! Those tranquil pathways are full of people who are missing out on your bombastic presence! Make them notice you rain or shine! Buy today!!!

    (All sales final. Using the device while riding may result in injury. Bicycles don't have doors to protect you and people who have snapped may be able to catch you on foot. Consult a physician before use.)

  • atlouiedog

    Suddenly, for the first time since I moved out of San Francisco, I don't want to go back.

  • Meherwido

    I have one of these from iHome that I got as a Christmas gift FIVE YEARS AGO. But these guys painted it yellow so now it's a thing.