The browser wars have seen a strange resurgence in the mobile world, as each platform brings its own-branded browser (Safari for iOS, Chrome for Android, IE for Windows Phone), and competitors see this as a new opportunity to gain more relevance after the desktop arena begins to settle. Mozilla certainly seems to think so as it starts to tease some new features it's currently working on for its Android-based Firefox app.

For starters, private browsing. It should go without saying that whether you're looking for some—*ahem*—discrete fun, or just want to check out a site without storing any personal info, this is an absolute must.  No word on when it will arrive, but it will.

Next up, customization! Firefox was one of the first browsers around to emphasize the ability to change or tweak just about anything in both the app's behavior and appearance. The latter is going to come in the form of themes, just like the desktop version. Additionally, the company wants to let you tweak what shows up on the start page.

Finally, broader device and language support are in the works, which is just fantastic news because I'm really not sure which there are more of in the world now: models of Android devices, or human languages and dialects.

All in all, not a bad round of features. Hopefully we'll see them before too long.

Source: Mozilla

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Rohin Galhotra

    I'm going to say more Android devices than languages.

  • tony

    What about keyboard shortcuts? The only thing keeping me on crappy, crashy Chrome on my Nexus 10 is that it is the only browser that supports a handful of sane keyboard shortcuts.

    Well, kind of. It doesn't have ctrl+shift+t, nor does it have ctrl+r. Huge oversights.

    I ran across one stock-based browser on the market that had all it's shortcuts on the alt key.. but.. ugh.

    Nothing else I've seen has keyboard shortcut support! Opera? Firefox? Dolphin? No!


    • Abhijeet Mishra

      Crappy and crashy? Hmmm, it's sad that Google is pushing a browser that clearly needs work down users' throats like this. On my iPad Chrome works quite good, but not tried it on an Android tablet to see how it compares (on my GNex it's not that good in page loading/rendering as the stock browser). Google has always been a company whose products are always in beta, but Chrome is clearly the most problematic from what I've heard.

    • http://kennydude.me/ Joe Simpson

      Keyboard shortcuts aren't a massive thing on Android because most people won't use them. If you want them either implement it yourself (Firefox is open-source) or submit a bug report asking for it in Android.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

      I use Chrome on 4 different Android devices (2 phones and 2 tablets) without having any issues. No force closes, no significant bugs, and the only devices that suffer from slowness are fairly old (Inspire from late 2010 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 from mid 2011).

  • digi_owl

    I would love to adopt phone style tabs management for tablet, as the current sidebar just gets in the way on tablets in portrait view.

  • http://twitter.com/cthonctic Cthonctic

    Nice, finally I can discreetly search for presents for my family on my mobile browser! ;)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      You could do this with Chrome already.

      • http://twitter.com/cthonctic Cthonctic

        I know, but the incognito spy dude in the top left corner scares me. ^^

      • Demetrius

        Firefox tends to run better than Chrome.

  • David Méndez

    It's good they are improving it. On my phone, is definitely the fastest browser. Chrome is very unestable and the stock browser looks good, but scroll lags on some pages. Firefox, though, works as a charm.

  • http://profiles.google.com/marcusleejh Marcus Lee

    The word you meant to use is "discreet". "Discrete fun" is fun that you have individually, separate from everyon...

    Oh wait.

    Never mind.

    Carry on.