Hey Rogers guys – did you think HTC forgot about you? Turns out they didn't, as the Android 4.1 update is making its way to your variant of the One X as I type this. Exciting, no?


The update – which should clock in at around 635MB – brings all sorts of goodies to the flagship device, including Sense 4+, Google Now, Project Butter, and... some more stuff. Unfortunately, there's nary a changelog in sight so we can't tell you exactly what else to expect. In fact, the OTA is so fresh, even Rogers hasn't updated its OS update page just yet. But c'mon – it's a full OS bump, it can't be bad, right?

Head into Settings > Aboot phone to see if it's available on your device. If it is, enjoy! If not, just wait a bit, it should show up soon.

[via MobileSyrup]

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    I sincerely hope Canadian devices are localized to say "Aboot". Cause they should be.

    • mechapathy

      The EHtchTC One X.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        I approve this.

  • http://twitter.com/Luis_C_MDP Luis Rafael

    Their One X variant is the Evita, not the Endeavor.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Thanks, you're right, changed to One XL / Evita.

  • http://twitter.com/EnriqueTolon Enrique

    what about the AT&T One X ??? AT&T please come on ???

    • Anthony

      Did you check the update feature on your phone today ? Mine says Check back in an hour and 30 minutes. I think it's on the way today for AT&T...

      • Melissa

        I think you are allowed to check for updates once every 24 hours. It just means it's been 22.5 hrs since you last checked.

      • corbin

        That check back in an hour and half message just showed up because the device will only let you check for updates every 24 hours. nothing yet on my att one xl. rogers and att have notoriously updated their phones within days of eachother of keep checking. fingers crossed it shows up very soon.

  • ProductFRED

    This is why I don't buy HTC devices anymore. No head's up. No ETA. Just

    "Oh btw, here's that MAJOR update for your phone...

    ...on another carrier...

    in another country..."

    • http://evildevnull.com/thinktank/index.php?action=collapse;c=14;sa=collapse;d227fb2388ec=9e8bb86861f0686e54bcbaae99929bbd#c14 George Leon

      & how is that uniquely HTC?

      • ProductFRED

        Because when Samsung does it, they roll out their updates in waves to multiple carriers in multiple countries at once. When HTC does it, it's one carrier in one country at a time.

        • http://evildevnull.com/thinktank/index.php?action=collapse;c=14;sa=collapse;d227fb2388ec=9e8bb86861f0686e54bcbaae99929bbd#c14 George Leon

          OK, if you insist, but for me, Sammy sure didn't do it that way with my Captivate Glide, SGS2 SkyRocket, SGS3, or with my Note 10.1. In fact I watched as those updates released country by country & carrier by carrier. I'm not saying HTC is better about updates, if you ask me they are all the same pretty much, unless you settle for a mediocre Nexus device. It looks like Sony & Motorola are maybe learning from this, hence the big interest in a non-Nexus device with Google involvement, the alleged Motorola X device. At least Sony & Moto release update time frames, HTC remains silent & all Samsung will ever say is "we can't speculate on if or when an update will occur". Funny since the Note 10.1 & SGS3 were both marketed as "Next Big Things", yet they receive update in North America, which this piece was about (HTC/Canada), like they were the forgotten things. Sure you can occasionally blame the carrier, but not in the case of their WiFi tablets, which still haven't been updated.
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          ProductFRED wrote, in response to George Leon:

          Because when Samsung does it, they roll out their updates in waves to multiple carriers in multiple countries at once. When HTC does it, it's one carrier in one country at a time.

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  • Dylan

    Now that it's on Rogers, it should be VERY close to AT&T...

    • http://twitter.com/EnriqueTolon Enrique

      I sincerely hope

  • Tim Hunt

    Any news on when the 4.1 update is coming to HTC One S, or Telus?

  • chadstone30

    wow. a 634 MB rom. sense, you are a bloated bloated piece of poo.

  • Cody

    Has anyone noticed on any of the one x JB updates if it implements the unified partition that the one x+ has?

  • Vladimir Cuevas

    So we are still waiting for the ota that was announced in December that would come to AT & T HTC One X, I think it will be until the end of January or beginning of February, just in case!

  • DeLane

    this is the reason i will never buy another htc product again , it was realeased in june? promised

    by oct. received by who the fk knows , i know alot of the stalling is caused by att bloatware ,but htc should have better explained the delay , and if htc falls from being a phone powerhouse because of this ,its there own fault for not forcing the rogers/att/ jb update sooner ,samsung will be my next choice ,i have owned 6 other htc items in the past , so long htc , oh and thanks again for all the promises.