Of course it wouldn't be a new month without a roundup of last month's very best games. December, like most months, saw the launch of plenty of great titles. Checking out every last game that debuted in a month can take a long time, though (besides racking up a pretty hefty total). To that end, we have – as always – compiled a short list comprised of six of December's best offerings. No matter what kind of gamer you are, there's something on this list that'll suit your taste.

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery is, in a word, awesome. It's a point and click game with some action thrown into the mix, but that's not all. The art style is beautiful, probably embodying the phrase "pixel art" better than any game I've yet played. The building blocks are simple, but the game's complete scenery is stunning. The game also features a great soundtrack – it's a game that pretty much requires headphones. Breaking up the at-times-chill-at-times-intense gameplay are hilarious touches like the main character's interaction with Logfella, pictured below.

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The game costs $1.99 (for now), and it's worth every penny. If you appreciate a smooth game with artful execution, waste no time in hitting the widget below.

Contre Jour

Adding another entry to the list of games that are perhaps more art than action is Contre Jour, a "hauntingly beautiful" game, the visual style of which is based on the interplay between light and darkness.

In the game, you'll guide the main character, a small, one-eyed glob, through over one hundred levels, using intuitive pull, swipe, and tap controls. This game too has a well-executed soundtrack, enhanced by headphones. To add interest, players can unlock a variety of achievements throughout the game.

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If you're among those who appreciate a good "chill out" game and you've got $1.99 to plunk down, hit the widget.


Many readers may remember the classic Pitfall! game from Activision. This is not that. Activision's Pitfall! re-work, released in December, is based on the original only in that players will be challenged to traverse various environments while controlling Pitfall Harry, swinging on ropes, jumping gaps, and dodging trees. That's where the similarity ends, but the re-work is actually a great game.

What separates this endless runner from established names like Temple Run is that it's more dynamic – the graphics are more pleasing, there are multiple environments, more customization, and – above all – more action. In other words, Pitfall is a contender, and it can do more than duck, jump, and turn.

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If you like Temple Run but want a better endless runner, or if you just need a great game to kill some time, Pitfall is for you.

Icy Tower 2

Free Lunch Design, creators of the hit endless jumper Icy Tower, brought the game to Android last month with Icy Tower 2.

It's true that the jumping game genre is a little crowded, but Icy Tower 2 manages to set itself apart – it's got colorful, dynamic graphics, plenty of action, and powerups that help make it more interesting and fun than just about any jumper out there.

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Besides just jumping around, players can upgrade the tower, perform stunts, customize their jumper, and collect coins that can be spent in the in-game shop.

If you're looking for a great time waster, Icy Tower 2 is worth checking out. Did I mention it's free from the Play Store? Just hit the widget below.

Pudding Monsters

Adding another stylized, colorful entry to our list, we've given Pudding Monsters a spot as one of December's best. Pudding Monsters is a puzzle/adventure game from the minds behind the insanely popular Cut the Rope series, and brings all the colorful, cartoony action you could hope for.

In the game, players will work through 75 levels in an effort to save fellow pudding monsters from "the cold-hearted fridge owner." To do this, they'll need to stick together various monsters, each with their own roles and abilities, and attempt to become a mega monster.

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If you liked Cut the Rope, you'll likely enjoy Pudding Monsters – it's got a familiar puzzling vibe with cute, googly-eyed pudding blobs that will melt even the iciest fridge-owner's heart.


Finally, we've got Yesterday, a game that came to Android last month with all the noir adventure of the original point-and-click game in a neat mobile package.

The game relies on "an innovative interface based on innumerable blow-ups," and will take players through the story of three different playable characters, including Henry, a young volunteer, his friend Cooper, and the titular John Yesterday as the three attempt to solve a mystery surrounding a seemingly serial chain of murders throughout New York.

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Yesterday is definitely geared more toward adults, and it has plenty of thrills and spooky gameplay elements, enhanced by its reality/comic crossover art style. If you're in for a creepy point-and-click journey, or if you were a fan of the original Yesterday, hit the widget below. The full version will run you about $6.50.

Final Thoughts

Whether you like colorful puzzles, endless jumpers, thoughtful mysteries, or masterfully executed interactive art, December had a game for you. If, somehow, you can't find a game you love on this short list, keep an eye out for our larger semi-weekly roundups.