Don't say we don't love you, United Kingdom readers. Those of you rocking an HTC One X on the O2 network should check your settings menu, if you haven't gotten the update already. HTC representatives have taken to Twitter to announce the arrival of Android 4.1 to the former flagship handheld, and users on the company forums have confirmed the upgrade to software version It looks like a nationwide rollout this morning afternoon, so warm up that wireless connection if you want some Sense-flavored Jelly Bean.


Unfortunately, neither HTC nor O2 have graced us with a changelog, so we've only got users' word for the changes at the moment. Adjustments seem to be in line with the international version: you'll be given a smaller update (1.29MB) before the full download. Changes to Sense include a new keyboard with emoticons, new themes, and panoramic photos for the camera app. A few users have reported difficulty with the Contacts app, which clear up after deleting the data and restoring them from a cloud backup. Enjoy!

O2 Community - HTC One X Jelly Bean Update

HTC UK Twitter

Jeremiah Rice
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  • http://www.facebook.com/dadtomlinson Jonathan Raymond Tomlinson

    wheres ATT usa's update? damn it

    • NotHappy

      See above and let me know your opinion please

  • Bobby Tables

    O2 Germany also started to send out the update today. The download is awfully slow but it is the long awaited Jelly Bean infusion for the HOX O2 Germany. Maybe you could update that in the article.

  • http://twitter.com/EnriqueTolon Enrique

    where is the ATT usa's update?

  • dylan84

    So the rest of the world (pretty much) has the update...but not a word from AT&T. Great.

  • Vladimir Cuevas

    AT&T usa update how much we're waiting?

  • tony

    It's not att is HTC I have spoken to them directly and they have not released the update to att what we all have to do is never. purchase another HTC device and go nexus they get the updates right away

  • wahab

    upgred android 4.1.1

  • Manny

    Rogers still hasn't gotten in this update and I'm getting very impatient htc one x jelly bean

  • hak

    I have the international version but no update yet for me help plz

  • Nahid

    I am facing some problem after updet..mY HANDSET IS htc ONEx..After update i can not connect internal storage with pc...so,i can not transfer song e.t.c.& my beats audio also not work. please give me a idea for helpfull me.

  • Framob

    HTC One X cid h3g_001 still waiting

  • Jaaan

    H3G_001 Update now available for 3 UK.

  • Sid UK

    Weehee. Update finally arrived for HTC one X on Three UK (H3G)

  • NotHappy

    We got it here in the Usa and after all the waiting it sucks, battery life is way worse and ram consumption is over 800mg even with the new Google + and Google Now turned off, the phone was much better on ICS, the browser is much slower regardless of stock or Chrome and the only noticeable difference is 4 new apps / bloatware added by att and several by Google, I personally will be looking to revert to ICS, until I get the new aluminum Htc One or Samsung S4 or 3 which no doubt was their intention