Following its unveiling last month, HTC's confusingly named One SV has made its way over to British shores, and is now available to purchase SIM-free from Clove for £349.99.

For your money, you'll be getting a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB RAM and a 4.3-inch display to play your favorite games and watch a few movies on. Unfortunately, the display only has a resolution of 480x800, so it won't be the sharpest looking phone out there.


The One SV is also 4G capable, so if you've been looking forward to trying out the new EE network in the UK, you can do so without tying yourself down to a 24-month contract. Instead, you can buy the phone from Clove and then opt for a SIM-only deal from EE which starts at £21 a month.

Source: Clove

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