What's that on your phone? Gorilla Glass 2? Psh, I guess that's alright for 2012, but Corning is about to make 2013 one whole digit more durable with Gorilla Glass 3. As is the tradition, Corning will be on hand at CES with Gorilla Glass 3 samples for the assembled press to beat up as a demonstration of its durability. How durable is it? Corning thinks it's pretty alright.


Corning's new strengthened glass has been tweaked at the molecular level to slow the spread of cracks and make scratches less visible. Corning calls this property Native Damage Resistance (NDR). Corning claims NDR will make devices three times more resistant to scratches, while offering a 40% reduction in visible scratches.  So if your phone takes a nasty little tumble, the damage should remain localized rather than spreading out in the form of device-spanning cracks. Damaged sheets of Gorilla Glass 3 will also retain 50% more strength, which can be the difference between a visual nuisance, and a junked device.

Gorilla Glass 3 should make its way into the manufacturer supply chain later this year. In the mean time, look upon your Gorilla Glass 2 screen and weep for its comparative weakness.

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Ryan Whitwam
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  • Kenny O

    This sucks. F-you Corning. I just got Gorilla Class 2, now you are already putting out Gorilla Glass 3?? It's not fair.

    • mgamerz

      Oh yeah cause corning will be all like 'just mail in your devices and we'll upgrade it FOR FREE. No cost to you. We'll even pay shipping.'

      • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.richesin Jordan Richesin

        We will even hook you up with a $20 gift card for your inconvenience and suffering!!!

      • prism

        what happen if I want to downgrade ?
        maybe not happy with GG3 and wanna back to GG1 :)

    • Bryce Mrozinski

      Effective Troll is Effective.

      • http://twitter.com/RaspberryDuff Matt

        I don't think this can be classified as trolling. It's pretty blatant sarcasm.

    • Konstantinos

      Are you an idiot? Hahahaha this comment is so f****g tragic. I actually loled. xD

      Why don't you download Gorilla Glass 3 with your Internet?

      HAHAHAHA 2013 seems to be a good year. xDDDD

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Someone didn't get the sarcasm.

      • Kenny O


    • Blizzard22

      Jokes beside here you can download more RAM even for your Smartphone!


    • TK


    • JoeMama

      get a clue kenny...yo

      • Kenny O


    • Nick Hoffman

      I've never broken a Class 1 screen. I have broken the Class 2 on an S3 and i feel thats due to it being thinner over a larger area and the "button hole" from which the crack originated. You're trolling is pretty lame btw. The company I used to work for works with corning on a few projects and they're actually a pretty fantastic company who's soooo forward sighted they're too busy changing the world to worry about a phone you bought 9 months before the new product even came out. Maybe instead complain to phone manufactures to make screen glass more modular so it can be upgraded?

  • Jacob Pope
    • http://twitter.com/HairoR Hairo R. Carela

      Better with something like: "now nothing can rustle your jimmies"

  • joser116

    A better tagline would be, "He's been working out."

  • Drayon

    Hadn't they already announced something like this that was called lotus glas?

  • http://www.facebook.com/tarek.elghazaly Tarek El-Ghazaly

    Meh. Gorilla Glass 2 was anything but uncrackable. Corning knows the end is nigh with Samsung's imminent flexible and UBP displays making appearances this CES.... Nobody needs Corning's false promises anymore.

    • Stian French

      Hurray for plastic screens again...

  • GraveUypo

    i want glass that DOESNT GET SCRATCHED BY SAND.
    gorilla glass is about as good as an 'almost-bullet-proof glass' right now.

  • http://www.facebook.com/phmotofanboy Moto Rola

    what's next? Gorilla Glass 3G? Then Gorilla glass 4 then 4S? :D

  • Dr Amit Johari

    My Note 2 Screen Broken from 2 ft height drop when it was encased in AMZER Shell with Holster, will this CG 3 save this problem from happening on newer mobiles ???