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We've lamented the various restrictions on NFL Mobile's streaming audio and video before: the fact that it costs extra even for games on public broadcast, the fact that you can't use it with HDMI output, and most of all, the fact that it's only available on Verizon. Today the app gets a little less restrictive, at least assuming that you use Verizon FiOS for your home Internet connection. The latest update indicates that FiOS subscribers will be able to access NFL Mobile live streaming on their tablets for free. I guess they figured that they've got enough of your money.

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The update text reads as follows: "Now Verizon FiOS customers can enjoy Live video on Android Tablets." We don't have a connection to test, but we suppose that means that WiFi tablets are fair game for streaming, so long as you have a FiOS account. Whether or not the streaming video itself is restricted to your home network isn't specified; while it would be nice if you could get NFL games from your tablet anywhere, it wouldn't be the first time that such restrictions have been placed on live TV. If any of our readers are FiOS customers with an inquiring nature and have a tablet handy, drop us a line in the comments section or via [email protected] with your results.

The update text mentions some bugfixes, but also indicates that tablet streaming will be coming to other internet service providers. That probably includes Comcast's Xfinity broadband, which has a business relationship with Verizon Wireless outside of the FiOS subscriber area. 

Jeremiah Rice
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  • http://widescreen.org OAR_John

    I'm a FiOS customer. I tried to download the app to my tablet on my FiOS WiFi; however, Google Play came back with "This item isn't available on your carrier."

    • Tim Parsons

      I see the same thing. I'm a FiOS customer, but don't have Verizon as my cell carrier.

      • http://widescreen.org OAR_John

        I could only download it to my phone when I disabled the phone's WiFi and switched to cellular, so it seems that this is being restricted to Verizon tablets with 3G/LTE connectivity. Jerks.

        • http://www.techmansworld.com/ Michael Hazell

          Well what can you expect from a company like Verizon?

  • Michael Neese

    I'm a FIOS customer and when I open the app, I get an error message saying that's it's only available to VZW customers. I have both but it doesn't give the opportunity for you to log in to prove it. So, the whole tablet thing doesn't seem to be working yet.

  • mog386

    Yeah, it doesn't work on my Nexus 7. I have it installed, and I am a FiOS subscriber. Comes back with the message "NFL Mobile is a exclusive service for Verizon Wireless Customers"

  • Kenny O

    slightly off topic, but speaking of Verizon Fios - since the update to 4.2 on both my Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 the Fios Remote App seems to be broken. When it asks for my User/Pass, I enter it and it always says it's the wrong credentials. I know my user/pass is correct as it is the same on the Fios web page, and that one always works. I had no problems with the app prior to 4.2. Anyone else having this issue?

  • James Jacobs

    Stupid, stupid Verizon..

  • Randy Magruder

    Verizon Fail. Same error here. Even if I tether to my phone's data connection, I get the error that it's only for Verizon customers. Can't Big Red do ANYTHING right?

  • http://twitter.com/Frawlz Frawlz

    Doesn't work on Xoom... Fail Verizon!!! Huge Fail!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=37526435 Clint Marchand

    I have a Nexus 7 and I cannot access the videos. I don't see why you shouldn't be able to watch NFL.com highlight videos (which I can watch on my PC for free) anywhere I have a wifi connection. And I live in an area where FiOS is not available, f*k me. Thanks to companies like Comcast, Verizon, etc. for signing these exclusive contracts that makes access to sports more restrictive and costly.