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If you're into massive, sprawling strategy RPG's, HyperDevBox Studio's Spectral Souls, Blazing Souls, and Generation of Chaos are titles you may already own. If you don't, though, now's probably the best time to invest, as HyperDev has slashed prices on its entire library by 50%.


The price drop brings all three of the developer's games down to near as makes no difference to $7 apiece, and all of them are top-quality ports of old JRPG's from the original PlayStation. So you know you're getting games that actually received some serious attention in terms of story, visual, and audio quality, as well as amount of playable content. Hit up the dev page or the widgets below to get them now - the sale ends on December 31st at midnight.

David Ruddock
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  • Redwan Huq

    Don't make the splurge, they're not well-made games at all. Read reviews from gaming sites.

    • http://twitter.com/RvLeshrac RvLeshrac

      They are perfectly decent games of the era. They just aren't good now.

      • http://www.facebook.com/contest.chris Contest Chris

        And which era are we talking about here?

  • Prados

    For a second there I read the title as "Blazing Saddles". Almost wet myself with joy. Then I read it correctly :/

  • Rube

    Spectral Souls was one of the first games I bought on Android. Even though it was a hefty price, I bought it because there wasn't much out at the time, especially for my shitty phone.

    And I have to admit I didn't play it much. The controls put me waaay off. I get it, it's a port of a console game, so the controls they implemented made sense.

    But this sort of game is screaming for proper touch screen controls, ones where you tap your character, then tap somewhere to move or perform an action. It's simply lazy to just slap a d-pad and buttons on the screen and call it done.

    I saw the other two games come up on sale on Appsales, but with the sourness that Spectral left in my mouth, I decided to pass on them.

  • Palmer Nyako

    lol games like vice city and gta 3 are 4$, and these games are 7$+? AAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. hyperdevbox and square enix lmfaoooo.

    • http://www.facebook.com/contest.chris Contest Chris

      SE is worse I think. Just blatant disregard for the wider Android gaming community. How they are the top 10 developers on iTunes and Google Play in terms of revenue is baffling, but judging by that they will see no need in decreasing the prices of their future offerings!

      • http://twitter.com/gnomegineer Justin

        It's all about quality and what people are willing to pay for games.

        As an aside, I own GTA3, I also own all 3 Hyperdevbox games, as well as Final Fantasy 3 on android.

        Blazing/Spectral souls are pretty impressive outings, full sized console quality ports, same with Final Fantasy 3, I feel that they were all worth the price. GTA is probably worth a bit more than what they charge for it, as it's also an impressive port. None of these games are slouches, and offer tens of hours, if not hundreds of hours in playtime. They're head and shoulders above the quality of some of the casual games on the market, and I think they're worth the premium.

  • Llama

    I just want to correct that these games are either PS2 or PSP ports (I can't remember which for each game) but none of those 3 were on PS1 at all

  • Falconator

    I'd love to make the jump but personally, I'm still having trouble playing FFT. I'm no expert at these types of games but the story line is what keeps me going in FFT. That would be a nice move for square to do actually...port that game over to Android.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Patrik-Carlsson/1181990918 Patrik Carlsson

    Those are nische games... Personally I think that Blazing Souls and Spectral Souls are the best games on android (and I have played through almost every gameloft title, ff3, etc). Don't trust the negative reviews, because in the time it takes to do a review of these games there's only time to scratch the surface. But I guess you have to be a certain personality to like tjrpgs. I find most games shallow and simple compared to these, and not as rewarding. That's just my opinion though.