We're hearing from tipsters, as well as over on XDA, that HTC has begun the wide rollout of Android 4.1 for a large number of HTC One S devices, all of which seem to be WWE handsets ("WorldWide English"), which are sold by and large in European markets. The software version is 3.16.401.8, and the full update file can be found here, direct from HTC. The size of the update is a staggering 612MB.

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According to XDA, the following CIDs are part of the rollout:


There are possibly more, so if your CID isn't in the list but you've received the update, let us know in the comments.

Firmware Download

XDA, and thanks Michiel!

David Ruddock
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  • http://twitter.com/OleIChristensen Ole I. Christensen

    I cannot update since after download of the entire update, I got the message: The update cannot be installed since it is broken.
    Have tried to restart the phone without any luck.
    Tried to download it about 6 times now with the same result! :'(
    Someone please help! Thanks! O:-)

    • any.

      Try to reset and clean your HTC before update it!

    • Anon

      You don't WANT to update. Spare your phone, the update doesn't bring any positive news. It's just more limitations and loss of functionality.

      • csteele100

        Got to disagree. Got the official ota update and phone performance and batt life much improved.

        • VonTessel

          Can you please point us in the right direction? how you done it with a cidnum listed in the rollout? did u just download the ZIP to your phone and install it? any tip any tip will much appreciated. Thanks

  • http://twitter.com/mimrixmike Frettfreak

    Too bad 4.1.1 battery life is atrocious. U think they would have figured that out in what's that thing called again? Oh yeah testing. S dne with HTC and Bullshit updates. Not buying again.

  • Shaq

    I've installed the update and managed to restore root access by flashing the supersu zip (confirmed with root checker). But when I try to run the supersu app it says "the SU binary needs to be updated" so I click continue but the update fails and my phone reboots.

    Anyone know what the problem is?

    • gil

      HTC added something to the kernel that doesn't allow you to make changes to the system. Whatever changes you want to make have to be done in twrp. It will be like this until HTC drops the source code and devas can disable it.

      • Shaq

        So I have to flash the binary files in recovery? Any idea how I find them, I've tried googling it but I get the idea I'm not googling the right thing. Also do I have to use twrp or can I stick with cwm?

        • hanbeeg
          • Shaq

            Thanks for the link... After reading through the thread it seems flashing the binary files manually also didn't work, just gonna have to wait until people smarter than me sort it out!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dadtomlinson Jonathan Raymond Tomlinson

    wheres the usa one x? damn it

  • csteele100

    Updated yesterday ota. Very please battery life much better as well.

    • Shaq

      Have you had any issues with scrolling on webpages? It seems so much less smooth than it used to be. Otherwise it's a decent (if excessively huge) update although I'm bewildered that HTC took out the JB quick settings.

      • csteele100

        No problems at all spotted yet. Scrolling on webpages seems very smooth so far. Whole experience much improved but maybe I've been lucky!

  • QwietStorm

    Wanted to try it out. Too bad I already sold it.

  • kads

    Hi I've updated and so far so good hopefully this will stop the stuck in airplane mode on switch on one can only hope.

  • Nauman

    my cid is TELUS 001 should i install the jelly bean update which you have provided or not???

  • Nauman R

    i have HTC ONE S cid num: TELUS 001 .. should i install the update which you have given? cuz i haven't got update from about>system updates..

  • jen

    Mine upgraded 3 days ago, I am not impressed. I can no longer do smilies on text messages ( used to have a list on the drop down button) the keyboard is not responsive , the numbers button has moved and I keep hitting the enter key. Browsing is dire and batt life has gone downhill, I'm tied in to a contract sadly otherwise I would get rid!

  • Matt Russell

    Upgraded 4 days ago and biggest downside is battery life, much worse since update, also the keyboard has changed, missing the get rid of keyboard button. Otherwise, it's ok no amazing break thru. Must repeat, battery has got worse, probably the single worse impact for a mobile phone

  • nuke79

    I also have reduced battery life.
    very bad issue.
    performed Hard reset after the update, but nothing changes. Is there a way to rollback to previous version?

  • Vince

    My CID is HTC_102 but after checking many times still not updates available yet. I'm in China at the moment, though that wouldn't make a difference right?

  • MM

    This update is for htc one s with s4 or s3 chip? ?

  • MM

    This update is for htc one s with s4 or s3 chip? PLZ HELP.

  • James

    Completed the update with no problems, however, I now find that Google Maps/Navigation no longer works. It simply keeps crashing, even after I've completed a factory restore and kept the version of Maps the same (didn't apply the maps update), it still crashes on me....

    Others are experiencing this problem with other HTC phones, it isn't just with the HTC One S. Possibly perhaps a problem with Sense 4+ and JB?

  • immu

    Dont Update.... from the day i updated i m getting many errors continously on screen like services are unexpectedly stopped.. force close/report message. U ll get irritated to get out of this message as it popups toooooooooooooo many times. nearly 100+ times.

  • miskostef

    i have dowloaded the file to my phone and now how to update it...from about software i get that there is no update available for my phone!?

  • Pop Cosmin

    Hello. I got downloaded that 'system update" but when i try to install it, the phone goes into recovery mode and it says on the bottom of the screen " Installation aborted". I download it 3 times already and the last time I did a "wipe data/factory reset" and it still wont work. Any ideeas why ?

  • Javanshir

    My phone is HTC One S, CID is 102, but i can’t update, when i check, it says: there is no update for your device.
    but android version is 4, not 4.1 (not jelly bean), and sense version is also 4, not newer.

    i wrote to HTC, 2 weeks ago, also wrote again a week ago, but no one replied yet.
    does anyone knows how can update it by myself? is there any way that, i can update by downloading from the ling above?

    thanks in advance

  • Kristen

    I have the HTC_032, but i still havent got the update! Can anyone help?

    • hunabku

      How about now, are you still missing the update?
      I have HTC_032 and still no OTA

  • VonTessel

    Hi, my CID is HTC_102... I just downloaded the .zip file to my pc... Is it really worth it updating? How can I install it? I dont have any root app nor experience intalling it.. do I need one app? Thanks a bounch!

  • Gramps

    Update 4.1.1, smileys are located on the bottom left of the keypad, (key with smiley) press and hold.

    • http://www.facebook.com/barbara.cheded Barbara Cheded

      Thanks for this. I updated today and couldnt see how to do this.

  • Valentin-Daniel Boca

    Wrong list of CIDs; from the updater-script you will see:

    assert(check_cid(getprop("ro.cid"), "00000000" , "11111111" ,
    "22222222" , "33333333" , "44444444" , "55555555" , "66666666" ,
    "77777777" , "88888888" , "99999999" , "HTC__001" , "HTC__E11" ,
    "HTC__203" , "HTC__Y13" , "HTC__102" , "HTC__405" , "HTC__304" ,
    "HTC__A07") == "t");

    Please update the article, thank you!

    I have HTC__032, no update yet (ville).