Last Updated: December 27th, 2012

We've selected the winners. Congrats to:
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  • Matt B.

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It's time to wrap up our NVIDIA Tegra holiday giveaways here at Android Police, and we've saved what we think is the best for last. We really like the One X (color may not be white as shown below, just FYI), and by relation, we also really like the One X+. So we're giving away one of each today, courtesy of NVIDIA, both with a little deal-sweetener right in the box, in the form of a $25 AMEX gift card.




What's so special about Tegra 3? Well, for one, you can get exclusive visuals in games like those found in the Tegra Zone. You also get NVIDIA's unique 4-Plus-1 technology, with four processing cores for heavy lifting, and a fifth battery saving core for everyday tasks.

The One X is the original Tegra 3 smartphone, powered by Android 4.1 with HTC's Sense 4+. If you're familiar with the X's various iterations, you may know that means we're giving away an unlocked GSM model - meaning you can get your ROM on (subject to the standard 'voiding your warranty' warning) using HTC's developer unlock tool. Same goes for the X+ - GSM unlocked (that does mean no LTE), meaning you can take it to any compatible GSM carrier you want. The X+ is the first smartphone packing NVIDIA's extra-quick T33 Tegra 3 chip, too, and is loaded with 64GB of onboard storage. Not bad. We're giving away one of each of these devices, with the previously mentioned $25 AMEX gift card included with both.

How To Enter

This contest is open only to entrants in the United States (does not include Puerto Rico, US territories, or outlying islands). Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget below. The contest will be open only until December 24th at 11:59PM PST (meaning it ends on Tuesday, December 25th at 12AM PST).

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