If you're a last minute Christmas shopper, and on the lookout for some tech deals to give to your loved ones, T-Mobile's 'zero down sale' may be the answer you've been looking for. Starting today, the network is offering a selection of 4G devices for $0 down payment with its Unlimited Value and Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan.

The offer lasts until December 31 and includes a number of Android devices, such as Samsung's Galaxy S III, the HTC One S, and the LG Optimus 9. The Nexus 4 was previously listed on the offer as well, but has since sold out on the store and is now unavailable.


If you want to see a full list of all the devices available under the deal, they're all listed over at the T-Mobile website.

Source: T-Mobile

John Thompson
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  • SEJ326

    How is this $0 down? According to the fine print at the source link, you have to put down a down payment (which varies by phone), then you'll eventually get a mail-in rebate for the amount of your down payment. But you have to put down a down payment when you buy the phone so the $0 down they're promoting this sale as is misleading IMO.

  • kenjab

    The phones are $0 down*.

    * - after mail-in rebate of up to $200

  • Cuvis

    Doesn't look like this is available for current customers. Not that I'd particularly want it if I can't get the Nexus.

  • http://twitter.com/s99nj S. Ali

    The Samsung Exhibit 4G they are selling is $180 on Amazon (off contract), they are selling it for $299 on-contract! The LG Optimus l9 is $249 (off contract) directly on their site and they are selling it for $399 on-contract!

  • http://twitter.com/aosmitty andy smith

    I think this is where we explore the difference between a promotion and a deal. This is more of a promotion, and less of a deal.

  • Anon

    >$0 down payment
    >Unlimited plans

    Don't fall for this.

  • JG

    I've got a couple questions about T-Mobile's service, hoping someone might be able to assist...

    While researching for a possible switch from Verizon, I noticed they have a $20 plan to get rid of throttling. I was wondering if that would be per account or per line. Mom & I would be getting a family share account - so would we pay $20 or $40 to get both phones unthrottled?

    Also, is it worth it? When do they start to throttle? Again, is it per account or per line? If I were to stream a couple Netflix movies, would it just be me throttled, or would mom get zapped to, even though she's probably never touched her data?

    Would I be able to set it up so the $20 anti-throttling is only applied to the account as needed? I think I've only breached the 1GB threshold maybe a half dozen or so times in the 4 or so years of having a smartphone, and only made it close to 2GBs like once... I'm usually more in the 500-750MB range. So, unless I suddenly become addicted to mobile video calls/hangouts once I finally get a phone with a front facing camera, I probably wont need it every single month. But it'd be nice to have set up so when I may hit the 5GB mark, or whatever their threshold is, like if we have work done on the house & we have to stay at Grandma's again, where there is no internet, thus forcing me to rely on the phone's connection to let me reach out to the civilized world, I don't have to worry about speeds getting knocked down, just gotta pay an extra $20....

    And how severely do they cut back in speed when they do throttle? I mostly just email & look up stuff online while I'm out, so I could get by with lower speeds, but if they cut me back to like 56k speeds....

    • enoch861

      It's per line. All data features are per line. So If your mother doesn't use a lot of data, put her on the 2gb data tier and get yourself on the unlimited tier. And you can always switch between the different data tiers as you see fit (except for the 200mb one) instantly from your phone.

      You can't automatically set it to apply the $20 "anti-throttling" data feature. You either add it or you don't. It up to you. You can switch on the fly though. If you think your gonna be using a lot of data (without tethering) I'd say just get the $20 truly unlimited feature and forget about ever being throttled again. If you wan't to tether, Then your gonna have to choose one of the other data tiers that support tethering.

      I have never actually hit the 2gb limit on mine, so I can't comment on how bad they throttle you. As far as I know, they throttle you back to 2G speeds which would mean that the max you could get would be 1Mbps. That's not terribly slow if all your doing is checking email and visiting the occasional website with a lot more text than anything else (this is from an iPhone experience)..

  • Swagey

    Is it for online or for in store?

  • Bargain Hunter

    Costco has fantastic deal on TMobile's classic plan. 0$ after mail in rebate from Samsung and Tmobile (you pay taxes though). Got 2 of them on the 20th. Don't fall for the savvy "Value" plan if you want the latest phones. You have to shell out $20 per phone for 20 months. The value plan is worth it if you bring your own device. Get a cheap galaxy S2 and go for the value plan. Else, shop for free S3 and choose classic without texting or hotspots but unlimited (upto 10GB 4G data). Use Whatsapp for texting.. :)

    • Bargain Hunter

      I forgot to mention the phones were Galaxy S3 with Jellybean updates!

  • joseph

    this is no deal... don't be fooled... its a rip off.. you pay an additional 20.00 a month for the phone plus their most expensive plan. mail in rebates suck. if you have never used one don't start on this supposed deal.

  • David R

    Really people... 0 Down payment means no money down, they have the same offer all the time i purchase a galaxy s 3 down pmt 150.00 mail in rebate 150.00 that was in september, now they said no money down and when you get to the store they said that is after mail in rebate , how stupid you have to be to find this a new and great deal, they have been doing the same thing but with a diferent name, and some people said wow this is a great deal, cool you are getting your money back ,and is the same sh... so is no new offer they are just playing with the customer that is false advertising because you still have to pay a down payment.. 0 down payment means NO MONEY UP FRONT..