While I can't say I know anyone that has a Padfone 2, if you do, and you have a WWE or Hong Kong version of the device, you can get the official update to Android 4.1 right now. You can grab the full firmware files (V10.4.5.36) here. The changelog, below.

1. Upgraded to Android OS 4.1.1
2. Improved USB Internet Sharing to avoid disconnection
3. Improved the device’s audio quality
4. Enhanced camera's focus and photo-quality features
5. Optimal GPS function
6. ASUS Studio image editing feature
7. PinPal, BuddyBuzz, and Floating Widget applications
8. Optimal streaming quality for playback smoothness
9. Added Asus Quick Settings function

An update to Jelly Bean had previously rolled out for the TW, CHT, and RU variants of the Padfone 2, but this particular firmware version is actually a slightly newer revision. The new WWE firmware update is only provided to users of firmware versions: or WWE

So, start hitting that check update button, or get flashing that full firmware file.

ASUS Support

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  • http://twitter.com/bankkung Asani Viriyaakavuthi

    Padfone 2 in Thailand (TH) also got upgraded to 4.1.1 since Wednesday. But this may never goes public since they're not officialy avaiable in the store (Mine is testing product)

  • http://twitter.com/Lidenburg Richard

    The Padfone 2 probably won't come out in the states, the 4G frequiencies of the phone are not the same as the frequiencies used there.

    • L boogie

      Kinda sucks that this all in one device won't venture to the states, would luv to put this phone/tablet combo through its paces in either black or white....

  • Nex Unit

    I thought he mente wrestling when he said WWE so I clicked!

  • Andrew

    I forgot this thing existed. Is it actually any good? It's an intriguing concept, I'd love it to be great.