There's no denying that Square Enix makes some of the best RPGs in gaming history. They also make some of the most expensive games on the Google Play Store, and usually, they're one in the same. If you've been holding off on buying classic titles like Chrono Trigger because of an admittedly high price tag, now's the time to grab them: a handful of Square's games are greatly discounted in the Play Store right now.

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The biggest titles are certainly Final Fantasy I and Chrono Trigger, which are now $4.99 and $6.99. That's a savings of roughly 30% on both. If you're looking for an RPG made this century, Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega are both priced at  $3.99, down from $12.99 each. Crystal Defenders is also $3.99, about half off, and Countastic and the Dragon Quest Slime live wallpaper are both a buck each.

These prices will be in effect until January 3rd. Even on sale, some of these games are pretty pricey, so check out our reviews for Chrono Trigger and Chaos Rings Omega. Also check out Sega's game sale, with considerably bigger savings on Jet Set Radio and Sonic the Hedgehog games.

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