Hide your wallets, folks. Every dang game on the Play Store, it seems, is on sale today. Whether you're looking for a FPS, racing games, or something with the word Zombie in the title, there are plenty of options for you. For example, Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies which manages two out of three of those qualifies at once! Normally, $6.99, this one's been dropped to $2.99. This sale will be going on through January 3rd.

blackopszombies1 blackopszombies2 blackopszombies3

Alright, okay, let's take a break from shooting zombies, shall we? What ever happened to old-fashioned, wholesome street racing? Need For Speed Most Wanted, also normally $6.99, is going for $0.99 worldwide. If you want to grab it for North America, hit the first widget below. For the rest of the world, hit the second widget.

nfs1 nfs2 nfs3

While we're talking about EA games that are 85% off, Dead Space is also on the list. The mobile spin-off of the popular console space horror shooter is available for $0.99 right now. Once again, be sure to grab the correct version from the widgets below the screenshots. The first is for North America, second rest of the world. You know the drill.

deadspace1 deadspace2 deadspace3

Okay, that was a nice reprieve. Back to the undead! Zombie Driver THD combines the heart-pumping action of a racing game with the heart-exploding fun of shooting zombies through the heart. Yet another game that's normally $6.99, this one's been dropped down to $1.75. A fine addition to any Tegra 3 game collection.

zombiedriver1 zombiedriver2 zombiedriver3

Oh, I know what you're thinking. There aren't nearly enough games here to satisfy my entertainment lusts. Well, that's a really weird way to phrase it and I'll thank you never to think that again. However! There are quite a few other games you can nab on the cheap, such as the previously mentioned Sega games sale, the Square Enix sale, Jelly Defense which is down to $0.99, and Dungeon Raid, also only a buck.