You know, if I'm honest, I feel a little sympathy for Archos. While they don't usually stand out as a manufacturer of the best tablets, they've gotten a decent reputation as being good for the low-end. Then the Nexus 7 came out and redefined what "budget tablet" means. Still, the company has to make money somehow, and putting its custom video player on the Play Store is as good a way as any, right?

archosvideoplayer1 archosvideoplayer2 archosvideoplayer4

The player is decent enough as a video player. Cover art and meta data is aggregated to create a pretty nifty-looking library with slick animations. It also includes a host of extra features, including playback from network storage, hardware acceleration, and subtitle downloads. It's a pretty good setup, though for $5, it's kinda pricey. Especially when things like RockPlayer are out there for free. Still, you might find it worth your time (and money) if you're a stickler for setting up your own local movie storage and want a nice-looking interface for your collection, you could do worse.