At this point, everyone probably knows that gReader is my RSS client of choice on Android. Of course, everyone should also know that I love pretty apps. I'm actually a sucker for a clean, minimalistic layout, and will often choose what looks better over what's actually functional. Maybe I'm just vain.

Whatever the reason, though, when I laid eyes on Press, it was an insta-buy for me – it's just so pretty I couldn't resist. Turns out it's quite functional, too. Win/win. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Basically, Press is a very nice looking RSS reader for Android. It does things that most RSS readers do, like sync with Google Reader, for example. And it to does it all in a very clean package. Did I mention it's pretty? I seriously can't stop looking at it.

Screenshot_2012-12-19-14-35-24 Screenshot_2012-12-19-14-35-42

Note: The background color actually shows up darker in the screenshots than it does on the device.

It's not just another pretty face, though – Press offers some really nice features to go along with its simplistic approach to reading. For example, if you long-press the favicon in the unread list, it gives you the option to mark everything below the selected article as read. That's awesome! Of course, you can also mark everything as read with the checkmark, too.

Otherwise, it's pretty cut and dry: the pages are swipe-able, you can customize how many days worth of feeds are download, the maximum number of items to sync, and the order in which the articles are display. You can also change the font – don't like the stock choice? No worries, there are five others to choose from.

Screenshot_2012-12-19-14-35-59 Screenshot_2012-12-19-14-36-14 Screenshot_2012-12-19-14-36-30

At $2, I say Press is well worth the money, even if you just casually read RSS. Heck, it's actually a good reason to start reading RSS if you don't already.

Cameron Summerson
Cameron is a self-made geek, Android enthusiast, horror movie fanatic, musician, and cyclist. When he's not pounding keys here at AP, you can find him spending time with his wife and kids, plucking away on the 6-string, spinning on the streets, or watching The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on repeat.

  • Charles Clout

    I'm a sucker for nice RSS readers and this looks great.
    Consider it bought!

    • GuidZilla

      I'll probably jump as well... I always come back to the stock google reader app for the particular function of it, but this definitely looks like it may suit me well.

      • http://www.facebook.com/john.whitworth John Whitworth

        What particular function?

  • srelyt

    Are there some widgets ?

    • Paito Anderson

      Just bought it and no not that I can see.

      • srelyt

        OK thanks. It's quite mandatory for me. Despite the beautiful interface I'll pass.

  • http://profiles.google.com/peter.farac Peter Farac

    Can it handle a large number of RSS feeds/folders well? Most can't (except for gReader)

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      That'd be my primary concern. User of gReader here who contributed a lot of performance debugging to the gReader developer to get it to perform as well as it does now.

  • Leonardo Benveniste

    Just check out Feedly, it's free, full featured, lot's of gestures and it's free. oh, and incredibly beautiful

    • ddpacino

      Love it on mobile and desktop. Chrome extension essentially hijacks Google Reader lol.

    • Matthew

      too bad it'll never update again... they take way to long, loses all credibility imo... my biggest gripe is the way it interacts with twitter and facebook when you share..swiftkey can't access and use predictive typing, really annoying.

  • Drayon

    So far my primary chooses have been feedly for my phone and desktop, and reader hd for my tablet.

    However, this does look really nice, so I might jump.

  • ddpacino

    Nothing comes close to feedly for me

  • http://twitter.com/creggerspoulton Craig Poulton

    The video leaves the impression that it parses the article from the page ala flipboard? Does it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/spencer.pablo Spencer Pablo

    I use Reader HD on both my phone and tablet. It supports swiping AND they just implemented an all-black background for those that have AMOLED screens. It handles my gigantic list of RSS feeds (over 250 feeds and with nearly 26,000 post reads per month). I actually wish that Google Reader, itself, would implement some of the features that Reader HD has.

  • tanknspank

    I love using RSS, but I really don't like websites that require you to go to their website for the full article.. *hint hint*.

    • Juvenall

      With so many high quality Android blogs around, I can say I don't read Android Police much anymore for this very reason. I only pay attention to app posts, and even then, I rarely make it past the subject line. Blogs that don't support full feeds are not blogs worth reading.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lazrbear Lazer Bear

      Google "full RSS feed", there's a service that creates a custom feed with full text and images articles. Chopped feeds annoy the hell out of me too.

      • Guest

        Thanks for this! Totally worked out with the 2 websites I followed that do this, except for The Verge not having pictures. Still, love having an option like this.

    • http://twitter.com/sam1am John Samuel αΩ

      Blogs exist because they can sell advertising based on page views. So if you're consuming the content the least you can do to give back to the creators is to give them a page view by reading the article on their site. Also, that way you get to participate in the awesome comments section!

      hint hint.

      • Rebel

        Blogs exist because they want to share information with the world. Please don't state it as if advertising and revenue is the core of blogging, because it isn't. If people have the choice, they'd rather not be spammed with advertisements unless they want to have these. In a world where information can be shared nearly instantly with the world, companies shouldn't hang on to old revenue models. It doesn't work. Conservative approaches to the Internet are deemed to fail.

        #Kopimi. Hint hint.

  • JosephMoreno

    This app seems to have better navigation then other RSS readers. Looks like gReader with a better UI.

  • Marat Levit

    I've always used and loved the official Google Reader app but looking at the competition like Press and Feedly it's hard not to use them. I just wish Google paid a little bit more attention to Google Reader and made it on par with the other apps.

  • zevral

    Reader HD is better than Press & also better than Feedly.

    I just bought Press (its not a bad Google Reader and hopefully will get more options) and i can definitley say, that it looks great, but Reader HD is still a lot better!

    Reader HD has a great interface, it looks clean, its practical, fast and easy.

    It also has a lot more options! Plus, there is a free version in the market

    You should definitley try it and review it! I guarantee you, it will be your new RSS Reader of choice.

    I used gReader & EasyRSS in the past, but i switched to Reader HD a few weeks/months back and never looked back!

  • Andrea

    No "swipe to mark as read"? I love Newsrob essentialy for that gesture behavior.

    • ellett

      Yes, I haven't found anything else as good as NewsRob, and I bought the Pro version shortly after I tried it to make sure the developer is encouraged to continue with such a wonderful app.

  • Roberto

    Is there a dark theme available?

  • martyhalpern

    I was using Feedly for Android, and even preferred it over the competition -- but, it freezes nearly every time I access a "read more" link, or embedded link. Freezes nearly every time, ahh, I said that already, didn't I? And to clear the freeze? I have to go into the app's settings and clear *data* (simply clearing the cache won't do it). I've emailed the crash report so many times to Feedly that they probably have a file just for me! The last update was, I believe, in September, so they obviously are not hot on fixing anything. My device is the Nexus 7, by the way. So now, after quite a bit of research I've settled on gReader Pro. I still use Feedly on my desktop (with no probs whatsoever), and gReader Pro on the N7, and as long as everything syncs with Google Reader, all is fine with the world.

  • http://twitter.com/andrewr91 Andrew

    Will it mark items read as you scroll past them, as gReader does?

  • Painless

    +1 feedly. In terms of prettiness, though, nothing compares to Flipboard for me. Tried to like currents, but couldn't stick to it as it won't let me categorize my 65 or so feeds.

  • Julio M

    This reminds me that Google Reader is competitor of Google Current. Sigh.

  • Kristin Aliberto

    gReader's flexibility in how it's handle's different feeds and it's ability to download content for offline viewing make it the king. There are plenty of pretty RSS readers but gReader is more functional.

  • Stanny

    Looks really neat, but has no "swype for next post" function.

  • Michael Wales

    Meh, I like Zite a lot more. It's way prettier, their interest algorithm is amazing and they update very regularly with new stories.

    And free.

  • http://twitter.com/PopeTackler Rob

    Press still isn't up to competing with the more established RSS readers. No swipe between articles and no thumbnails? The latter especially; if I follow an art-blog's RSS, how am I meant to know if I want to read a particular post at a glance?

    I'll stick to gReader. Or Feedly. Or Reader HD. Or one of the many other FREE and more capable apps. Ones that don't count style over substance.