Let the battle of super-high-res phones begin! HTC may have started something with its 440PPI-packing Droid DNA/Butterfly, but it certainly won't be the last to do it; in fact, we've already seen other offerings start to pop up. The newest leak comes to us from Russian site Mobile-Review, and it highlights basically everything you could possibly want to know about Sony's upcoming 1080p flaghship, internally known as the Yuga.

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The specs prove that Sony means business with the Yuga, as it's definitely nothing to scoff at:

  • 5" 1080p display
  • Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro
  • 2GB RAM
  • microUSB, micorHDMI, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, NFC, and LTE
  • microSD card slot with support for up to 128GB cards (!)
  • Android 4.1.2


Sound like something of interest? Mobile-Review went rather in-depth with their hands-on, so you can hit them up for a closer look at the device. Otherwise, it's likely that Sony will officially unveil this beast at CES next month, so we shouldn't have to wait long to get a better look at it.

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Thanks, Michael!

Cameron Summerson
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  • Pierre Beaudoin

    " Android 4.1.2 " Child please

    This smartphone hasn't been realeased and he is already aged, I think that sony is kidding us

    • http://twitter.com/TurboNegro7791 Tyler Hills

      normally i'd agree but with all the reports of lag and random reboots on the 4.2 Nexii devices maybe it's a good thing?

      • DaKiLund

        Couldnt agree more, regrets that I updated my GN several times a day.

      • Kenny O

        I was going to avoid rooting and flashing with my Nexus 4, but I grew tired of the occasional rebooting issue and battery life was subpar. I flashed one of the CM 10.1 nightlies on Saturday and it's much, much better and even faster than before

        • http://twitter.com/TurboNegro7791 Tyler Hills

          Agreed. Just flashed CM 10.1 on my Gnex and it's crazy smooth. Pretty impressive for some outdated hardware.

          • Greyhame

            So is CM10.1 4.2 based?

          • Ryan Wallace

            Yes it is 4.2.1 to be exact

          • Greyhame


  • Kenny O

    Am I the only one that hates "tabs" on ports

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

      Absolutely not. In fact, I may have even cringed a little when I saw the pictures.

      • http://jasonhowell.net/ Jason Howell

        I absolutely cringed. The Droid DNA reinforced my hatred for those fiddly little annoyances. I suppose thats what they make razor blades for. SNIP

    • https://plus.google.com/u/0/108482452903817442299/posts Andrew Bone

      I think most people do, I know I sure hate 'em

    • TY

      What if they are there to make the phone waterproof?

    • atlouiedog

      I used to, but I haven't had a device with tabs in awhile. In a few years if nearly 100% of my headphone use is bluetooth (it's already getting there) and wireless charging takes off I would welcome tabs. It's only annoying when you're constantly opening and closing them.

    • Sqube

      I don't like them, but those things look seriously well-designed. Maybe even over-designed. I'm wondering if they might not be there for water resistance.

    • Wam31

      On a similar note, the specs are really great, but am I the only one who hates the horrible very squared design ?
      With a 5", that's gonna be hard to hold. And I have big hands.

  • leenephi

    That is many memories.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aayushjainenviro Aayush Jain

    And not to forget, this is waterproof too!!

  • crankyd00d

    Is that i see a trigger for that shooter?

  • http://twitter.com/Myhai91 Mihai

    let me guess: 6-700 dollars

  • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

    I wouldnt mind the port covers if they were never used, like if it had wireless charging. Because then you can cover it and not worry about it but if its on a port that is often used its more annoying than anything and will break in no time.

    • Mental_Moose

      It might not have wireless charging, but notice the contact pins right below the MicroSD slot.
      Should solve the charging annoyance with port covers :)
      Also: If the port covers are a trade off for water resistance, it's worth it IMO.

  • http://twitter.com/TurboNegro7791 Tyler Hills

    So if this has a battery in the 3,000 mah ballpark and it's removable, is this phone currently king of specs?

  • yankeesusa

    I do like the idea of an external access to the memory card. Just makes it easier. But I'm also getting used to not having one as it is a little more secure if your phone gets stolen.

  • Matt

    good looking phone with awesome specs, lets see if sony messes up the software/updates though for people that dont root and flash custom roms like myself

    • Ryan Wallace

      What OEM is good with updates? lol just about all of them suck at getting stuff updated and out... then you run into problems like carriers not sending the update to the end users/customers

      • Paul

        Certainly not Sony. They drop update support as soon as they start to sell a new lineup, except for their last year flagship phones.. maybe.
        Their strategy for mid to lower range phones is: "You want an update? Hahaha, screw you, you've got to buy a new phone again, give us more money!"

  • EH101

    Looks as uncomfortable to hold as the RAZR series.

  • DavidEssex

    Hello. I know most folks might just pass by this comment, but I'm really curious and have searched around a bit. Are there any new Android phones coming out in January or February? Finally, after 2 years with what was already an outdated phone (Samsung Fascinate) I can upgrade. I'm just curious if something BRAND spanking new is coming out in either of those months.

    • http://twitter.com/salpairodice SalParadise

      I doubt it - most "new" devices come out around mid-year & later - everyone shows off what they have at the trade shows in winter, then they go through carrier testing - all that adds up to months before things get to market.

    • EH101

      SalParadise is right. Basically, the only new phone on any platform that will be released in the next couple of months is likely to be the new generation of BlackBerry. Essentially, get whatever you like best that's out right now, or be ready to wait until at least early summer.

    • Ryan Wallace

      if you want to wait till about mid summer some new stuff might launch out. Usually stuff pops out about early-mid summer and then again around the holidays (obv.)

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

      Almost nobody releases new products in the post-Christmas timeframe. There will probably be a couple of mid-range devices that get refreshes in that time, but if you're even smart enough to ask this question, you're probably looking for a flagship phone.

      EH101 is right, the new Blackberry OS 10 devices will be announced on January 30th in NYC. This is an announcement, not a release date (contrary to some overzealous bloggers). The publicly available information hints at a hardware release sometime in Feb or possibly March. Of course, you're on here, so probably not looking at Blackberry ;)

      HTC is expected to officially announce the M7 at MWC 2013 in February. With the One X, the announcement was at MWC 2012, international launch was in April, and the AT&T launch was in early May. I would expect a similar schedule with the M7, though, I've got a feeling the US launch will happen a bit earlier this time around.

      Unless Motorola sneaks out with something at the last second, nobody else is likely to release any compelling hardware until early summer. Basically, you're looking at the first and second worst months of the year for new releases.

      You should have been eligible for an upgrade a few months ago, so you should either do the upgrade now and grab the One X+ (just released Nov 16th), Galaxy S3 or Note 2...or wait until roughly April/May for HTC to release and about that time the Galaxy S4 rumor mill should be in full effect, which could help you make a decision. Final option, you could skip out on AT&T as your direct provider and pick up a pre-paid option like StraightTalk (which has an option to use AT&T's towers) and grab the Nexus 4 ;)

  • http://twitter.com/GitMuny Ciroc Obama

    Damn all these huge phones.

    • Ryan Wallace

      I said that about my OG EVO .... now im like damn what a small phone... i like my 5" DNA it doesnt feel like its a big phone

    • omegavesko

      5" isn't that big if the bezel is small enough. Depends on your definition of 'huge' though, I suppose.

      • http://twitter.com/GitMuny Ciroc Obama

        Yea true true I'm thinking 4.5" is plenty big. I know it's all the rage these days.

      • http://www.facebook.com/archercc Ryan Stewart

        For me, after getting a tablet, 4.5" with smaller top/bottom bezels of the GNex would be as big as I would want to go. Im guessing the people driving the push to 5"+ devices are ones who are using the phone as their only mobile device and want to watch movies on them.

  • http://twitter.com/salpairodice SalParadise

    Can someone tell me how Russia gets so many scoops on new devices? I can see this kind of thing coming out of any of the Asian countries where these things are developed & assembled - but Russia? I don't get it.

    • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

      A LOT of device and network technology testing occurs in Russia. The first scaled network tests that HTC did with LTE took place in Russia. I believe that I read somewhere that early testing for WiMax was also in Russia. I suspect they have very relaxed laws about radio frequencies outside of their major cities, making it easier for companies to use large chunks of land where they can simulate special conditions. As a side effect, it would also be a great place to send prototype units to perform stress testing on their radio capabilities.

  • Paul

    Looks like a nice device, if you don't mind getting no more updates in 2014 anymore.

  • scuttlefield

    Someone tell Samsung that this is how you spec a 5" phone!

  • reverend_house

    English fail! Title should be "bares" as in reveals, not "bears" as in honey loving forest dwellers.

    • Lucan

      I think it's a play on the cartoon character "Yogi Bear"

  • http://youtube.com/user/CurelessSyn CurelessSynergy

    Nice design. I sense a lawsuit in near future.